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quarta-feira, julho 20, 2016

Minas Gerais, estado parceiro da campanha da ONU Livres & Iguais, lança vídeo com mulher transexual como protagonista
As famílias têm um papel fundamental na proteção dos direitos das pessoas LGBTI e no enfrentamento à violência ou discriminação com base em orientação sexual ou identidade de gênero, real ou percebida. Emocione-se com a história de “O amor transforma preconceitos”, lançada nesta semana pela Secretaria de Direitos Humanos, Participação Social e Cidadania do Estado de Minas Gerais, com o apoio da Livres & Iguais, a campanha da ONU pela igualdade LGBTI.

La barba me dio la razón: aunque me criaran como una niña, yo era un niño
A los 18 años fui al médico y por fin me diagnosticaron: nací con órganos intersexuales

Transgender prisoners get pop-up shop so they can order women's clothes and make-up
Littlehey prison in Cambridgeshire has set up a “shop” where inmates can browse Avon and Very catalogues and place orders

'I was born a girl - but I always knew I was supposed to be a man'
For Liam Klenk, now 40, undergoing gender reassignment surgery has saved him from a life of unhappiness

Transgender athletes could represent Team GB in Rio Olympics
Two transgender athletes who were born male could make history by competing as women in the Olympics next month.
Two transgender athletes could make history at Rio Olympics

Scottish Free Church will ‘resist’ Sturgeon’s plans for LGBT-inclusive education in schools
The Free Church of Scotland has rallied against LGBT-inclusive education in schools, claiming it violates human rights laws.

Transgendered woman ‘advised not to donate blood’
Issue arose after Aoife Martin, who has given blood for 20 years, sought to change details

Trans people in Norway can now legally change their gender with just one form
A new law takes effect in Norway this weekend, enabling trans people to legally change their gender with just one form.

Transgender people talk about changing sex and life in China
June was LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Pride month when people around the world demonstrated, celebrated and appealed for more acceptance and tolerance.

Social stigma follows transgenders even in toilets
In the din of Swachh Bharat publicity, a cry of distress is getting drowned. At a time when the entire nation is witnessing a high-profile campaign over the need for construction of toilets in every nook and cranny, transgenders, a stigmatised class of our society, are silently bearing the pain of lack of separate restrooms for them.

Transgenders accuse Kochi police of assault
As the protestors refused to back out, the police were forced to use force to disperse the crowd.

Launceston's Abbey Boon reveals true self
Abbey Boon can’t explain how she knows she’s a girl – she just is.

Canadian government considering gender-neutral ID
A review is underway to create identification that doesn't exclude those outside the 'binary standard'

What Drives Transgender People to Serve Their Country?
When U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced on Thursday that transgender men and women could serve openly in the military, Captain Jennifer Peace was overjoyed.
Will the military see a surge in transgender troops? Not likely
National Review’s David French: Lifting The Ban On Transgender Military Service Will Result In “Thought Control”
White House: End to trans military ban ‘updates outdated policy’
Transgender People Can Now Serve Openly in the Military, and It’s About Time
EXCLUSIVE: Clinton ‘proud of’ decision to end trans military ban
Obama's transgender policy 'devastating' military
Baptist leaders decry transgender troop ban repeal

KKK calls for boycott of transgender people
Some people in Central Alabama are in shock after finding KKK propaganda scattered across their neighborhood. CBS 42 News found several flyers littering neighbor’s mailboxes off Pump House Road in Mountain Brook.

Study: Arizona has more transgender adults than U.S. average
A new study shows that Arizona is among the 20 states and Washington, D.C., that have a higher percentage of adults who identify as transgender than the national average.

Sacramento diocese allows Catholic parish to show transgender activist film
A Catholic parish recently screened a film spotlighting “gender identity,” the presentation of which its diocese says did not controvert Church teaching.

Cis woman caught perving in the ladies’ locker room at a fitness center
A cis woman (a woman who was born a female) at a Los Angeles area fitness center took photo of a naked woman and posted it on the internet. Had this been a trans woman doing the same, headlines across the country would be screaming TRANS PERVERT, playing into the fears trumped-up nationally by the religious right and hate groups.

Would California bill infringe on religious liberty of Christian colleges?
The legislation, passed by the state Senate in May and taken up by the state Assembly Thursday, would, among other things, allow LGBT students to sue religious educational institutions.

Transgender nominee for Congress: 'It's about damn time' politics got inclusive
Misty Plowright is the first transgender nominee of a major party for the US House of Representatives – win or lose, she’s changing perceptions

Candidates discuss transgender student rights
Candidates for the superintendent and School Board races recently weighed in on transgender students’ access to bathrooms, an issue now at the front of the LGBTQ rights battle.

Pulled from the shadows: Georgia transgender students hope for positive change
Rose wore what she thinks of as her “mask” when she accepted a high school diploma in May.

Federal transgender-bathroom directive affects Georgia politics
The federal directive in May telling school systems to accommodate transgender students in bathrooms and locker rooms has created a political backlash.

Guam schools to comply with federal transgender bathroom requirement
Guam public schools receiving federal grants have started looking into how to comply with a federal guideline requiring campuses to allow transgender students to use bathrooms consistent with the gender they identify with, or risk losing U.S. Department of Education funding.

Mississippi Attorney General says public was ‘duped’ into supporting anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bill
The Attorney General in Mississippi, where an anti-LGBT bill was recently struck down, said the public was “duped” into supporting it.
Sorry Mississippi, Your ‘License To Discriminate’ Isn’t Starting Today After All
Judge blocks enforcement of Mississippi ‘religious freedom’ law
Federal Court Blocks Implementation Mississippi HB 1523
Supporters of Mississippi anti-LGBTQ bill take fight to a higher court

Progress NC Action: ‘HB 2.0 is more like 1930s Germany than North Carolina in 2016’
When is an HB2 “compromise” not a compromise? When it’s even worse than the original.
North Carolina lawmakers adjourn after leaving transgender law largely unchanged
Lawmaker: North Carolina LGBT Law Will Largely Stay Intact
Bipartisan coalition to pass HB2 changes fell apart amid pressure from Roy Cooper
Pat McCrory Would Rather Defend Discrimination Than Protect North Carolinians From Zika
N.C. legislature adjourns without undoing anti-LGBT parts of HB2
Anti-LGBT Discrimination Remains The Law In North Carolina As Lawmakers Adjourn
N.C. Amends HB 2 — So It Doesn’t Impact Straight People
Clinton's Choice For First Event With Obama: North Carolina

Transgender issue comes before commissioners
The Richland County Commissioners have been drawn into the transgender discussion although the issue does not involve the current debate over restroom use.

Local woman reacts to Pentagon’s decision allowing transgender people to serve in military
How most people view Independence Day is no different from the view of Tara Allison.

Lifeguard placed on leave as city investigates incident at Tuscora Park pool
A Tuscora Park lifeguard has been placed on paid administrative leave as the City of New Philadelphia continues its investigation.

Erie-area schools work to preserve rights, opportunities for transgender athletes
Until about a year ago, Millcreek Township School District Superintendent William Hall hadn't given much thought to how the district might accommodate transgender student-athletes.

South Middleton School Board plans to work on transgender student policy this fall
When it meets again in August, the South Middleton School Board could begin work to develop a policy regarding the non-discrimination of transgender students.

Reaching out: Transgender intern at Smokies committed to showing park’s diversity
The National Park Service's centennial slogan is "Find Your Park" and that's just what Logan Boldon has done.

'I was a bit awed': Utah Democrat Misty K. Snow could become first transgender US Senator
In February, a grocery store cashier in Utah watched as Senator Bernie Sanders celebrated a stunning victory in the New Hampshire presidential primary and felt inspired to enter politics herself.

If transgender student uses boys’ bathroom, others would withdraw from school, district says
A Virginia school district claims that allowing one transgender student to use the boys’ bathroom would cause community uproar and could force some parents to pull their children out of school.

Transgender bathroom initiative already a hot debate in Washington state
I-1515 faces a Friday deadline to qualify for the November ballot
Initiative would enable bathroom restrictions by biological gender
Transgender activists said the initiative, if enacted, would have harmful consequences

Marcha pide cambiar ley a través de referéndum
Una multitudinaria marcha, denominada por la vida y la familia natural, pide la abrogación de la Ley 807 de Identidad de Género. Se declaran en vigilia permanente

Aprueban reglamento para rectificar identidad
El Tribunal Electoral inicia en julio los trámites para agilizar los cambios de nombres y de género
Temen que 'rechazo' a ley de Género cause violencia

Tamara asume como defensora adjunta
Una activista del movimiento LGBT y un afroboliviano se convierten en colaboradores cercanos del defensor

Corte ordenó medidas para proteger a reclusos de la comunidad LGBTI
El alto tribunal le indicó al Inpec que debe proteger la vida e integridad los miembros de esta comunidad que se encuentran privados de su libertad.

Esta es la agenda prioritaria LGBTI: Unión civil, identidad trans y ley antidiscriminación
A juicio de Quiteria Franco, en Venezuela no existe impedimento legal para reivindicar y consagrar los derechos de la población no heterosexual

Tamara Adrián solicitó debate en la AN de ley contra la discriminación LGBTI
La abogada también exigió la publicación en la Gaceta Oficial del Día Nacional contra la Homofobia, Transfobia y Bifobia, aprobado por el Poder Legislativo en mayo pasado

segunda-feira, julho 18, 2016

Cultura de afectos - Parte II
Apesar deste post ter o título de parte dois da cultura de afectos, acaba por ser mais uma reflexão e um recordar de situações que mostram o contrário, ou seja, os desafectos da minha vida até agora.

Conheça Anyky, a travesti que enfrentou a ditadura e sobreviveu a 50 anos de prostituição
Idosa conseguiu retificar o nome de nascimento no RG e agora é reconhecida pelo Estado

Professora universitária e doutora travesti combate o preconceito no interior do Ceará
'Se não der abertura para as diferenças, vamos continuar reproduzindo essas violências', diz Luma Andrade

Por combater torturas em presídios, funcionária transexual Maria Clara de Sena é finalista de prêmio
A funcionária pública transexual Maria Clara de Sena, de 37 anos, é uma das três finalistas da categoria políticas públicas do tradicional prêmio da revista Claudia 2016 – que visa "valorizar histórias memoráveis de mulheres excepcionais e atuantes na sociedade brasileira".

Travesti é agredida e tem cabelos cortados com facão em Piracicaba
Jovem afirmou à polícia que também foi ameaçada de morte por grupo.
Vítima foi levada amarrada para usina; crime ocorreu a mando de cafetina.

Eram os índigenas transgêneros?
Estudos recentes revelam: alguns povos originários das Américas classificavam seres humanos segundo cinco gêneros distintos. Redução aos opostos homem-mulher veio com europeus

Transexual 'crucificada' na Parada Gay denuncia nova agressão em SP
Conhecida por representar Cristo crucificado na Parada LGBT de 2015, a modelo transexual Viviany Beleboni, 27, denunciou ter sido espancada por cinco homens no final da tarde desta segunda-feira (11) em uma rua do centro de São Paulo.

Miss São Paulo Gay 2015: 'Vou virar transexual'
Valentina Isler deu dicas para sua sucessora: 'Tem que ter beleza, cultura e postura'.

O corpo da jovem encontrada morta na manhã desta segunda-feira no Parque da Fenarroz é da Rainha da Diversidade, a transexual Nycole Rocha, 19 anos.
De acordo com a Polícia, a vítima pode ter sido estrangulada, já que o cadáver apresenta marcas no pescoço e no ombro.
Adolescentes são suspeitos de matar transexual na Fenarroz

Travesti é encontrada morta ao lado da cama na Vila Industrial, em Dourados
Donizete Rodriguez Silva, 48 anos, moradora na Rua Guia Lopez, na Vila Industrial, em Dourados foi encontrada morta na manhã de hoje (7).
O amigo de 23 anos, que mora há três meses na mesma casa que a travesti, acordou por volta das 09h30 e percebeu que Donizete não estava ao lado na cama, ao conferir, viu que a mesma estava caída ao lado da cama, encostada na parede. De acordo com informações do amigo, Donizete parecia estar morta.
Vizinhos encontram travesti morta dentro de casa em cidade de MS

Crueldade: Mulher é morta a pauladas na zona rural de Venda Nova
Uma mulher foi morta a pauladas às 15h deste sábado (9), em Lavrinhas, zona rural de Venda Nova do Imigrante.
O crime aconteceu próximo à entrada da matinha. Diane Dias tinha 33 anos e atualmente trabalhava como cuidadora de idosos, mas era muito conhecida por já ter exercido o cargo de agente de saúde no município.
Mulher é morta a pauladas em Venda Nova do Imigrante no Sul do Espírito Santo
Homem que matou mulher a pauladas se entrega à Polícia Civil em Venda Nova do Imigrante

Corpo de travesti é encontrado com mão decepada na BR-101
Na manhã desta quarta-feira (13), os moradores do Bairro das Indústrias, zona Sul da cidade de João Pessoa, encontraram o corpo de uma travesti, às margens da BR-101. A vítima foi morta com aproximadamente 15 perfurações provocadas por arma branca e teve uma das mãos decepada, segundo a Polícia Militar da Paraíba.
Travesti é morta a facadas e tem a mão decepada em João Pessoa

12-year-old trans kid attacked with a rock
A 12-year-old trans kid had a rock thrown at his head as he was bullied for his gender identity.
The un-named young person was walking home from school when the attack happened.

Transgender people win major victory in France
Trans people given wave of new rights after National Assembly vote - Read more at:

Milano, Lite tra due trans per gelosia, una di loro finisce al Fatebenefratelli ma si suicida
Il 'caso' viene affidato ai carabinieri di via Moscova per competenza territoriali, una formalità anche se non ci sono dubbi sulla natura del gesto

Firenze, Sollicciano: detenuta si toglie la vita, aveva 3 anni
La giovane, transessuale di origini peruviani, si è uccisa a pochi giorni dalla scarcerazione, Lássociazione Pantagruel: ?I segnali c'erano tutti?

Man held for killing transsexual and woman in Florence
An Italian man has been arrested for the murder of a Brazilian transsexual prostitute and a Dominican woman friend of hers in central Florence

Utrecht council goes for ‘gender neutral’ toilets
Utrecht city council has become the first in the country to vote to introduce gender neutral toilets throughout council-owned buildings.

Istanbul Trans Pride: TGEU calls on Turkey to protect basic human rights
In the wake of the banning of both Trans and LGBTI pride in Istanbul, Transgender Europe calls on Turkish authorities to make demonstrable efforts to effectively protect the rights of trans people, sex workers, and other marginalised groups in the country.

[New Zealand]
Success for Marlborough Girls’ College trans teen
The transgender high school student who was told she could not use the female bathrooms at her school has had the decision reversed.

[New Zealand]
Marlborough transgender student's bathroom battle brings about change
A transgender student in Marlborough is allowed to use the girls' bathroom after her school sought advice from the Human Rights Commission.

Transgender British Columbians Face Years Of Waitlists, Uncovered Costs For Life-Changing Surgeries
Four years ago, James Gardner was playing road hockey with some male co-workers. They put him in as goalkeeper — what they considered the safest place for a woman.

Canadian Blood Services places restrictions on transgender donors
Complex new policy, to begin Aug. 15, is discriminatory, activists say

Thousands gather for ‘biggest trans march in the world’ in Toronto
A crowd of thousands gathered in Toronto last night for what is believed to be the biggest trans march in the world.
Canada still needs a Trans March: advocate

Brothers Series hottest FTM show on the indie circuit
Brother Series Interview with Director: Emmett Jack Lundberg and Producer: Sheyam Ghieth

Histories of Sexuality and the Carceral State—Part 2
We invited Regina Kunzel to moderate a three-part roundtable on histories of sexuality and the carceral state (check out part one). Critical prison studies has understandably foregrounded questions of race in an effort to expose and understand the dramatic overrepresentation of incarcerated people of color, revealing how the growth of punitive practices and policies have maintained and hardened racial hierarchies. We know far less, however, about how the policing of sexuality has contributed to the growth of state mechanisms of surveillance and incarceration, and how sexual policing might have worked, alongside and often in collaboration with punitive racialization, to drive the larger carceral turn. In this second post, Sarah Haley, Elias Vitulli, Jen Manion, and Scott De Orio discuss the multiple ways that race, gender, and sexuality intersect in order to shape policing and imprisonment.

Business Marketing 101: If someone makes a mistake, don’t come out and admit you’re transphobic anyway!
This is certainly one of the more bizarro incidents to cross my desk. Here we have representative of a company, who as far I know, did not engage in any prior transphobic activities or business practices, yet after being contacted by mistake, openly fessed up to a reporter that they think trans people are deserving of hate.

From the courtroom to the boardroom: trans attorney leads rights group
“The handwriting is on the wall,” says attorney Jillian Weiss, newly named executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund. The tenured academic, trial attorney and scholar was named Tuesday to lead the trans rights group at what she tells LGBTQ Nation is a critical turning point in the movement.

Sports Illustrated's Caitlyn Jenner Cover Story Shows The Importance Of Transgender Visibility
Cover model Caitlyn Jenner reflects on her athletic career, winning gold at the Summer Olympics 40 years ago, and role of recent reality TV star and transgender icon in the summer issue of Sports Illustrated. The story allows Jenner to tell her own story, while also highlighting the positive impact of transgender visibility in the media, pointing out that her story helps transgender people and their families battle intolerance and isolation.

EEOC: Landmark Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Settled
A landmark lawsuit alleging sex discrimination based on sexual orientation has been settled for more than $200,000, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced Tuesday.

“Her Story” about #GirlsLikeUs gets Emmy Nomination
What can one say about “Her Story”, a youtube crowd-funded transgender led web series getting an Emmy Nomination alongside productions receiving major network finance and resources? You can only say one thing. It’s pretty dang good. Not just good in the usual sense but barrier breaking, first of a kind, amazing and the accolades just go on and on!

Laura Ingraham Suggests People Wear Diapers Rather Than Share Bathrooms With Transgender People
Oh we have a new transgender update for you as well.

Pentagon Ends Ban On Transgender Troops in Military
Transgender people will be allowed to serve openly in the U.S. military, the Pentagon announced Thursday, ending one of the last bans on service in the armed forces.
Pentagon Lifts Ban On Transgender Servicemembers
Pentagon lifts ban on transgender military service
Pentagon lifts trans military ban ‘effective immediately’
Pentagon on Trans Troops: "These Are the Kind of People We Want"
Pentagon Lifts Transgender Military Service Ban
Family Research Council Criticizes Pentagon for Transgender Policy Change
McCain wants hearings on lifting of military's transgender ban
House GOPer pledges review in Congress of trans military service
The "Add-A-Dick-To-Me Procedure": Rush Limbaugh Mocks Transgender People After Military Lifts Ban

The American Transgender Population Is Larger Than We Thought It Was
Determining how many transgender people there are in the U.S. has been challenging for a number of reasons, but a new study from the Williams Institute estimates that there are approximately 1.4 million of them — twice as many as were previously estimated. That’s 0.6 percent of the population.
Updated estimates show 1.4 million adults identify as transgender in the US, doubling estimates from a decade ago

Texarkana repeals nondiscrimination ordinance
Texarkana voters Tuesday repealed a city non-discrimination ordinance by a vote of 3,409 to 881.
A Whopping 80% of Voters in This Arkansas City Endorsed Anti-LGBT Discrimination on Tuesday
Voters in Texarkana soundly reject anti-discrimination law

Meet Christine Garcia first Transgender San Diego Police Officer
Today the City of San Deigo announced Officer Christine Garcia’s transition with a heartwarming video and story on Inside San Diego which is an extension of the official City of San Diego website.

Report: Transgender students more likely to be disciplined
Nearly half of transgender students in grades 6-12 have been disciplined at school, a rate nearly 20 percentage points higher than their peers, according to a new report from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Transgender woman attacked by 3 men outside bar in Aurora
A transgender woman is dealing with cuts and stitches after an attack outside of a bar in Aurora. The incident occurred at 1:45 Sunday morning at Shepes’s at 1725 Peoria Street.

July 4 shooting leaves trans woman on life support
A 25-year-old D.C. transgender woman was being kept alive Wednesday on a breathing machine at Prince George’s Hospital Center after she was found unconscious and suffering from a gunshot wound in the neck about 6 a.m. on July 4 in the 200 block of Division Avenue, N.E., according to a D.C. police report and transgender activist Earline Budd.
Transgender woman on life support since July 4 shooting dies

Transgender woman settles case against hotel that got her jailed for eight days
Meagan Taylor was arrested last July in Iowa while staying at Drury Inn with a friend after staff called police to report ‘two men’ engaged in prostitution

Trans woman Shauna Patricia Smith admits to voyeurism at an Idaho Target
Transgender woman Shauna Patricia Smith was charged with felony video voyeurism at an Idaho Target store Tuesday. According to the news is authentic.
An affidavit of probable cause states the 18-year-old woman was trying on swimwear at the Target on 25th East when someone in an adjacent fitting room held an iPhone over the top of the barrier and began taking photos or video recording.

Suspect arrested in Sunday First Avenue shooting
A 26-year-old man was arrested Monday after being accused of shooting a transgender woman in the head Sunday afternoon.
Gerald Duane Lewis faces preliminary charges of attempted murder, robbery with serious bodily injury and carrying a handgun without a license, according to jail records. He was booked into the Vanderburgh County jail just after 7 p.m., where he's being held without bond.

Confusion for transgender people and others registering to vote
As election offices across Kansas prepare for upcoming races, there's a scramble to make sure everyone is registered properly.

HoCo tackles trans issues at roundtable
Howard County Executive Allan H. Kittleman convened the third LGBT roundtable discussion of his term on June 20, focused on transgender issues. Fifteen people attended, including representatives from the executive’s office, LGBT individuals, a deputy police chief and the director of the Department of Corrections.

Taylor among mayors opposing bathroom restriction legislation
Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor recently joined with more than a dozen mayors from across the state of Michigan to voice their opposition to Senate Bill 993 and House Bill 5717, which seek to restrict the use of public bathrooms, changing facilities and similar shared spaces used for private activities based on biological sex.

To Transgender Movement Leaders, Activism Is an Antidote to Violence
"All trans lives have to matter," she says. "When we start to devalue people based on their moral beliefs, we start to dehumanize people. Only when our lives are valuable will one murder spark mass chaos and people will say 'No more.'"

Activist for Transgender Community Darnell Jones Dies of Cancer
The LGBTQ community lost an ally and an activist Wednesday as Darnell Jones, Vice President of Gender Identity Network Alliance, died due to complications from cancer.

Smith urges Koster to join lawsuit opposing transgender bathroom rule
Attorney General Chris Koster should join 11 other states in suing the federal government over its transgender bathroom guidance, U.S. Rep. Jason Smith, R-Salem, wrote in a letter to Koster signed by the other five Republican members of Missouri’s Congressional delegation.

Here's What's Wrong With North Carolina's 'Fix' to Transphobic HB 2
Republican legislators are offering a Band-Aid approach to calm the North Carolina business community's panic over House Bill 2, but LGBT advocates aren't buying it.
HB2 opponents deliver nearly 10,000 new petition signatures to lawmakers
How North Carolina’s idyllic hipster haven is being hurt by the “bathroom bill” boycott
Lawmakers Consider Boosting Funds to Defend LGBT Rights Law
NBA won’t support revision to North Carolina anti-LGBT law

N.H. governor bans anti-trans discrimination in state government
New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan on Thursday issued an executive order that bans discrimination in state government based on gender identity.
GLAD Applauds NH Executive Order Prohibiting Gender Identity Discrimination in State Government

NYC Mayor Signs Gender-Neutral Bathroom Bill Into Law
Single-occupant restrooms at restaurants, bars and other public places in New York City will all be gender-neutral under a new law signed Tuesday by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Will DA produce its certified Morris records?
A judge last week upheld a state agency’s order that the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office produce certified records relating to the Nizah Morris incident. But additional litigation may be necessary to ensure the records are produced.

SEPTA: We're pro-LGBT civil rights
A SEPTA spokesperson this week said the agency supports LGBT civil rights, even though it doesn’t want to fall under the jurisdiction of the city’s Human Relations Commission, which enforces those rights.

PA senator pegged as roadblock for LGBT nondiscrimination
LGBT-nondiscrimination protections in housing and employment were expected to reach the Senate floor for a vote this week, but were blocked and look likely to stall for the rest of the summer.

Snyder: State leaders persist in opposing transgender policies
Texas' top political leaders have missed few opportunities to denounce local and federal efforts to accommodate the needs of transgender students in public schools. They're still at it.
Texas Attorney General Wants Schools To Out Transgender Students To Their Parents
Texas AG Doesn't Understand It's Illegal to Out Trans Students

'We're not alone': Survey shows more transgender Texans OK with coming out
More Texans and Americans are openly identifying as transgender, a new analysis shows, a trend that LGBT activists call heartening and politically meaningful.

Will a transgender woman be Utah's next senator?
Misty Snow just won Utah's Democratic primary. She will challenge incumbent Sen. Mike Lee (R) this November.

Gloucester asks judge to delay injunction while transgender case is appealed
The Gloucester County School Board has asked a federal court to place a preliminary injunction on hold that requires the school division to allow a 16-year-old transgender student to use the boys' restroom.

Transgender JBLM soldier: Pentagon action evokes ‘an incredible feeling’
Capt. Jennifer Peace is intelligence officer at Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Decision “had a lot more impact than I anticipated”
Action should bring fair treatment for transgender people, she says

Wyoming Schools Look for a Middle Way for Transgender Students
When the debate over allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice rolled into town like a high-plains thunderstorm, Laramie’s school board took its own multiple-choice test.

We Need to Talk About Anti-LGBT Violence in Brazil
As the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Games approach, a number of crises are plaguing the host nation of Brazil, including a troubling escalation of brutal anti-LGBTQ violence. Brazil’s ongoing political and economic turmoil, with the suspension of the country’s president, a recession, and the Zika virus scare, have been hogging news headlines. But much of the the coverage tends to gloss over a highly worrying trend for the country and its LGBTQ community: Levels of violence are rising dangerously, including anti-LGBTQ attacks marked by exceptional viciousness and brutality.

Murdering Transsexual Brazilians an Olympic Event
Aggressions, suicides and murders: the Brazilian trans reality Part II

Na Venezuela, mulheres trans são parte da cultura da tribo Warao, desde a era pré-colonial
Entre os índios Warao, mulheres transgênero são consideradas 'dois-espíritos', mas assumem papel social feminino.

domingo, julho 10, 2016

Travesti baleada pelas costas em Macaé desabafa: "Me sinto vulnerável"
Vítima fazia programa no local quando foi atingida por disparo

Travestis sofrem tentativa de homicídio na Zona Norte
Duas travestis foram baleadas na madrugada desta quarta-feira (6) na Avenida João medeiros Filho, na Zona Norte de Natal. De acordo com a Polícia Militar, um veículo modelo Voyage, de cor preta e placas não identificadas, passou frente a um ponto de prostituição que fica próximo a uma loja de electrodomésticos, onde estava a dupla.

Inspecção detecta insuficiências na única unidade pública de mudança de sexo
Auditoria da Inspecção-Geral das Actividades em Saúde diz que é "insuficiente o tempo afecto à equipa multidisciplinar de cirurgia" e recomenda a criação de uma consulta e de uma lista de espera específicas.

My Life as an Intersex Activist
As far as I know, I’m the first out intersex person in Portugal. My coming out was my first day in the Portuguese parliament as an intersex activist. Intersex people are those that have a diversity in their hormones, chromosomes, or genitalia that doesn’t conform to the medical society’s male-female binary. In many countries, including Portugal, doctors perform mutilating surgeries on intersex children to make them fit society’s binary.

Sex swapping soldiers have a hidden a-gender: Extra 5 weeks off if they ask for op
Soldiers are claiming they want sex-change operations to grab an extra five weeks’ leave.

UKIP member charged with ‘fiddling travel funds and money laundering’
Britain’s first sex-change parliamentarian played with her travel expenses and laundered money while in office, a court has heard.
Transgender ex-MEP Nikki Sinclaire in court over expenses fraud charges

EastEnders star Riley Carter Millington praises fans for the response to transgender character Kyle
The Stretford-born actor became the first transgender actor to play a transgender character in the BBC One soap

Transat accused of refusing to let transgender woman board plane
Canadian airline Air Transat has been accused of refusing to let a transgender woman board her flight from Glasgow to Toronto, Canada.

Swapping sex to be the real ‘you’
Sharon was about 50 when she knew. There was no moment where it just ‘clicked’, but she started to become aware that what she felt “had something to do with transgenderism”. Ten years on, she’s helping others going through a sex change do so without losing their job and livelihood at the same time.

The rainbow honeymoon has ended in Turkey
Once celebrated for its Pride parade, Turkey is no longer safe for LGBT people as police attack Pride yet again

New fatwa allows transgender marriages in Pakistan
Tanzim Ittehade-i-Ummat Pakistan issued issued a religious decree (fatwa) on Sunday, stating that Islam allows transgender men to marry transgender women.

Lesbians, gays, bisexuals are not third gender, Supreme Court clarifies
The Supreme Court on Thursday refused to modify its 2014 order on transgenders while clarifying that lesbians, gays and bisexuals are not third gender.

Melbourne's first transsexual brothel for sale
Holding a real estate inspection at a brothel is quite similar to showing potential property buyers around a doctor's surgery, Dixon Kestles director Simon Regan politely explains. There are just some rooms that are, well, off limits.

Indi votes: Fear grab over Safe Schools and transgender children
Transgender children have become the latest targets of a scare campaign delivered to Indi’s letterboxes.

[New Zealand]
Former NZ Idol runner-up Nikki Lee reveals gender confirmation surgery
Former New Zealand Idol runner-up Nikki Lee says she "had a good life as a guy" but always knew deep down that she had another side she wanted to explore.

[New Zealand]
Transgender hairdresser wins employment case
A transgender hairdresser has been awarded nearly $13,250 after the Employment Relations Authority ruled she was forced out of her job when she revealed to her boss she would transition to living as a woman.

How Jack Saddleback is reclaiming queer and transgender Indigenous identities
Jack Saddleback remembers growing up on his home reserve of Samson Cree Nation, Alta., as "a time of pure happiness."

Ontario introducing gender-neutral driver's licences, health cards
Ontario is introducing gender-neutral driver's licences and health cards.

James Dobson: Obama's Transgender Rights Guidelines Are An Effort To Sow Chaos And Impose Tyranny
James Dobson dedicated his radio program today to railing against the guidelines released by the Obama administration advising public schools on the rights of transgender students, asserting that it was part of an effort by President Obama to sow chaos so that he can impose tyranny upon the country.

Summer camps open bunks to transgender Jews
Albeit some more than others, institutions make efforts to welcome all children — regardless of sexual identity

Obama Names Stonewall National Monument; 1st for Gay Rights
President Barack Obama created the first national monument to gay rights on Friday, designating the site of the Stonewall riots in Manhattan where the modern gay rights movement took root nearly five decades ago.

Renée Richards faced spotlight’s glare, in court and on the court
All eyes were on Richards when the transsexual tennis star teamed up with Ilie Nastase for a mixed doubles match at the U.S. Open in 1979.

'Transgenderism' shaking up America's schools
As so-called “transgender rights” continue to stir up major controversies for schools and parents across America, at least one conservative commentator is questioning how such a tiny group of people can be allowed to create such havoc for the entire nation.
NEA: Oust religious freedom, welcome 'transgenderism'
Now national parks join transgender mania
Quietly, schools take compassionate look at transgender rights

The 4 heroes of the Stonewall riots you didn't learn about in history class
The four people your history books didn't tell you about, but they probably should have done

Remember That Time Suicide Girls Was Really Transphobic?
I like porn. I think that pornography isn’t something that people should be ashamed of, in the same way I don’t think sex or masturbation should be made to be seen as shameful. Most people enjoy sex and masturbation, and porngraphy is a great way of exploring both of these areas as well as expanding your own views and opinions.

Stonewall, 47 Years Later
Today marks the 47th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which have long been considered the beginning of the modern LGBT movement. In fact, the U.S. celebrates Pride Month in June to pay tribute to this historic event.

Gordon Klingenschmitt Says Transgender Student Athlete Is Possessed By A 'Demonic Spirit Of Cowardice'
On a recent episode of his "Pray In Jesus Name" program, Religious Right activist and Colorado state lawmaker Gordon Klingenschmitt weighed in on the controversy surrounding Nattaphon Wangyot, a transgender student in Alaska who recently competed in the girls' track and field state finals.

Two women become first transgender candidates to get major party nominations to Senate, House
Two women have become the first transgender candidates to gain a major party nominations to Congress after Democratic primary wins.

How a Transgender Woman Could Get Pregnant
The uncharted territory of uterus transplants is sparking patients’ interest, but surgeons and endocrinologists remain wary

Sports Illustrated Debuts Caitlyn Jenner Cover, Profile Piece
Sports Illustrated debuted a new cover this week, which features Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner, CNN reports.

Gays For LGBTrump: Let’s Make America 8Straight Again
I stared at the newest form of our acronym “LGBTrump” confused about the “rump” attached to it. I mean lots of people have settled with LGBT+ for incisivity sake, but why ‘rump’?

The riot that predated Stonewall, 50 years later
Gene Compton’s Cafeteria, which sat on the corner of Turk and Taylor streets some decades back, was an all-night diner with big windows. It was the sort of place where the waitresses wore crisp uniforms and a cup of coffee didn’t cost more than a dime. It was also bright, and that was fine with the queens and the hustlers and the hair fairies and the queers who would crowd around the tables at night.

Portraits of Pride: Bay Area transgender people over 50
Transgender people make up a tiny fraction of the U.S. population. Most Americans don’t know anyone transgender personally. The Bay Area has long been a relatively nurturing place for transgender people, though the population here, as elsewhere, continues to face significantly high rates of unemployment, discrimination and suicide.

Gay SF City Leaders Heckled Off Stage at Trans March Kickoff Event: WATCH
San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, gay state Senator Mark Leno, and gay SF Supervisor Scott Weiner were booed off stage at a kickoff event for the annual Trans March in San Francisco, KRON reports:

Openly transgender trial judge delivers powerful speech at Chevron Richmond Pride event
When Alameda County Superior Court Judge Victoria Kolakowski first told her mother that she was transgender – at a time when the term was far less stated nor understood – she pleaded, “Don’t tell Dad.”

Manchester School Board Discusses Transgender Issues
After a presentation to the school board about transgender students' rights, board Secretary Jason Scappaticci said that, as a gay man, he is probably more comfortable than others in understanding and supporting those rights.

Hillsborough School Board delays gender expression vote, citing fears of combative meeting
Faced with the prospect of religious leaders lining up again to blast them on transgender rights, Hillsborough County School Board members have taken the discussion off the table.

Letter from Derby superintendent addresses transgender policy
On June 21, The Derby Informer received a press release from Superintendent Craig Wilford that addresses questions and/or concerns about the transgender policy regarding the bathrooms at Derby High School.

Massachusetts legislature approves transgender rights bill
Massachusetts moved closer on Thursday to becoming the first state this year to enact a law that would allow transgender people to use restrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identities.

SVSU’s Venue Change Motion Denied in Transgender Lawsuit
SVSU's motion to change the venue of the action in the transgender discrimination lawsuit that made local headlines has been denied. The university sought to move the case from the Southern Division to the Northern Division of the Eastern District of Michigan—where SVSU is located.

Transgender bathroom issue still under discussion in Howell
The transgender school bathroom issue prompted Howell Public Schools Superintendent Erin MacGregor to highlight adding a new school counselor position starting this fall.

Transgender Needs To Be Assessed on Individual Basis
The Union School Board Tuesday night approved a policy regarding transgender students’ rights after a third and final reading of the policy.

N.C. ‘Bathroom Bill’ Is Discriminatory
Leaders in the University of North Carolina system say they will not enforce a controversial new law that requires transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to their gender at birth. W. Randolph (Randy) Woodson, chancellor of the North Carolina State campus, says the law could damage the university's standing in the scholarly community and runs afoul of his campus's nondiscrimination policies.
N.C. musicians push back against 'Bathroom Bill' with Stand Against HB2 concert in Winston-Salem
As legislative session nears the end, HB2 debate continues
School Administrators Offer a Reality Check to HB 2 Fearmongering
If This Is How North Carolina Republicans Think HB2 Can Be Fixed, They’re Wrong
Draft fix for North Carolina anti-LGBT law called ‘unacceptable’
Proposed changes in North Carolina's HB2 meet fierce criticism

City workers being trained on correct transgender pronouns
Firefighters and medics will take their first “Trans 101” course on Tuesday, learning the correct way to interact with transgender people — and even getting a lesson in what LGTBQI actually stands for, a city official said.

After Orlando, Ohio democrats renew focus on LGBT protections
Several Democratic state lawmakers plan to host forums around Ohio this summer highlighting three bills addressing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues.

City to consider anti-discrimination legislation
City Councilman Josh Cartee expects significant community discussion when he brings language for a committee assignment to Council President Bruce Arnold seeking to address anti-discrimination gaps in the law with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity.

In the Spotlight: Joanne Carroll, president of TransCentralPA, uses advocacy to help other transgender people
Joanne Carroll, of Lancaster, was born male, with the name John, and lived that way for 60 years before she transitioned in 2001 to her life as a woman.

Pine-Richland continues to work on transgender student policy
Officials in the Pine-Richland School District continue to work through the process of establishing a policy or administrative guideline regarding restroom and facility use for transgender students.

Providence School Board approves policy to support transgender students
The Providence School Board on Monday passed a policy to support transgender and gender-expansive students throughout the district.
Providence schools adopt new transgender policy

Major Settlement Protects the Rights of South Carolina Trans Student
In one of the first tests of the guidelines around transgender students released by the Department of Education on May 13, the rights of a trans student have been upheld.

Trans athletes still excluded in Texas
Despite threat of lawsuits, UIL doesn’t budge on exclusionary policy

Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit coming to Killeen
The Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit will host its annual program at Texas A&M University-Central Texas July 28-29.

Transgender Latinas faced a 'legion of stigmas'
Transgender Hispanic women face 'legion of stigmas'; studies show risk for suicide, harassment

POLL: Majority of Texans concerned about bathroom battle
More than half of Texans are concerned about where transgender individuals use the restroom and support with controversial anti-immigrant policies proposed by presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Paxton: Fort Worth superintendent’s transgender rules exceeded his authority
exas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Tuesday issued an opinion saying that the Fort Worth school superintendent who made headlines for formulating guidelines to accommodate transgender students exceeded his authority. Paxton also said that a portion of the guidelines instructing district employees not to out transgender students to their parents might violate state law.

Utah’s Misty Snow makes history as Dems’ transgender Senate nominee
Primary sets up contest with GOP’s Lee in November.

Gloucester Co. ruling on transgender student may help case in Stafford Co.
A lawyer for a Stafford County transgender girl is hoping that his client can benefit from a federal judge’s ruling in Gloucester County in favor of a transgender boy.The judge ordered Thursday that 16-year-old transgender student Gavin Grimm — who was assigned female at birth but identifies as a boy — be allowed to use the boys’ bathroom.
Virginia school district vows to appeal court-ordered transgender policy to Supreme Court

Bathroom guidelines met with frustration
The Goochland School Board heard residents’ view on the topic of transgender bathroom access during the board’s monthly meeting on June 14, and shared their intention to maintain a focus on public safety when it comes to setting policy in Goochland.

‘This Is Not an Isolated Incident,’ Says Survivor of Trans Bashing
“This is a symptom. This is much larger than [what happened to me].”
Seattle hate crime victim attacked after leaving Orlando fundraiser
Police, FBI investigating brutal attack on transgender activist on Capitol Hill

What you do when your husband of 20 years says, 'I'm a woman'
Scottie Madden made one hell of a guy.

Transgender student policy passes at school board
Dozens of people attended last week’s Snohomish School Board meeting as the board took action on the new transgender policy. The board passed the new policy unanimously.

sexta-feira, julho 08, 2016

Homofobia. Travesti é assassinado após sair de festa
Crime acontece um dia antes do Governo do Estado anunciar redução do número de homicídios
Antecedendo a divulgação dos números da Segurança Pública em Alagoas, que volta a afirmar que houve queda no número de homicídios no semestre, comparados ao mesmo período do ano passado, a sociedade é surpreendida com mais um assassinato motivado por homofobia.
Homossexual é morto a facadas no Centro de São Sebastião

Movimento LGBT faz ato após morte de travesti em Mogi das Cruzes
Grupo protesta contra morte de travesti, baleada na semana passada.
Protesto na área central reuniu grupo LGBT e simpatizantes.

Roland Emmerich: 'Stonewall was a white event, let's be honest'
Marsha P Johnson would say something very differently

Pride in London research: Many LGBT+ people 'hide sexuality'
A majority of the LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community feel the need to lie about their gender or sexual identity, a survey suggests.

This proud transgender lesbian firefighter is here to douse the flames of bigotry
A firefighter and former Royal Marine speaks about her experiences as an openly trans lesbian officer.

‘Transdaddy’ lands place in final of top transgender competition
A ‘transdaddy’ has landed a place in the final of a prestigious transgender competition after impressing a team of judges.

Firenze, uccide una trans e la sua amica: arrestato dopo un giorno di caccia all'uomo
Una terza giovane si è salvata gettandosi dalla finestra. L'omicida è stato fermato a Monticiano, nel Senese. Avrebbe chiamato i carabinieri urlando frasi senza senso e dicendo di essere l'assassino: i militari l'avrebbero localizzato proprio grazie alla telefonata

Austria may legally recognize 3rd gender as intersex person challenges authorities in court
In a potentially landmark decision, an Austrian regional court is set to rule on whether citizens identifying themselves as neither female nor male can be identified as intersex in their official documents.

Human Rights Observation Report of Trans Pride March
Kaos GL, LISTAG, Pink Life and SPoD published a joint report on 19 June 2016 Trans Pride March. Organisations share their observations about the March and particularly emphasize police and transphobic gang violence.

Attempt made on Pakistan’s new TransAction Alliance leader’s life
Trans woman Arzu had barely closed the door of her home after Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa TransAction Alliance previous leader Aleshia was murdered when someone made an attempt on her life.

Father tries to kill intersex baby three times for being a 'monster'
Grandfather also charged after kidnapping the baby and abandoning it outside the village

New Clinic Specializing in Transsexual Health Fights Back against Stigma
Transgender people in Thailand are counting on a new specialist clinic where they can receive medical care without facing the discrimination and ridicule that they typically endure when visiting conventional medical centers.
At Last, Medical Care for Trans Men at First Clinic in Asia

Samoa police investigating death of transgender woman
Police in Samoa are calling for more information over the death of a transgender woman which has been the subject of media scrutiny this week.

Safe Schools is 'extreme sex education', says flyer sent to homes in Victorian marginal seats
Conservative activist Patrick Shea claims responsibility for flyer and says Safe Schools ‘is not an anti-bullying campaign, rather it is about gender ideology’
Christian Lobby is scared the Senate will block Coalition's rigged plebiscite

WATCH: Transgender candidate takes on Brisbane battleground
Despite a conflicted history with the Australian Defence Force, Bridget Clinch is determined to emerge victorious as Brisbane’s candidate for the Veterans Party.

Violence is Still a Threat for Transgender Women in Toronto
As Toronto celebrates Pride Month, we can't forget the discrimination trans women fight every day.

Gender fair focuses on diversity in Regina
The fair is one of many events for Regina's Pride Week

Man sentenced to life for murder of transgender woman Divas Boulanger
Sister left 'still trying to understand what the motivation for the killing was'

Bill C-16 protects transgender people but getting government IDs still a struggle
After immigrating to Canada from the United States in January 2003, Rachel Lauren Clark says she spent more than 12 years feeling like a prisoner.

Canadian Blood Services’ policy deemed transphobic by critics
Trans blood donors screened according to genitalia
Canadian Blood Services Has A New Policy That’s Being Called Anti-Trans

Transgender high school grad hopes his story inspires others
'I hope that my voice can help other people,' says 17-year-old Seth Leblanc

Q poll: Voters split on transgender bathrooms
Should transgender people be allowed to use public bathrooms consistent with their gender identity?

Actress Kristen Bell “Bad Moms” Sick Brandon Tenna joke
When is an ally not an LGBT ally? When they take money to joke about the murder of transgender people. That is exactly what Actress Kristen Bell did, she sold transgender people out, for a laugh.

GOP Lawmakers Protest Possible VA Move on Transgender Surgery
Officials argue agency needs to handle more basic veterans’ care first

29 testify in support of equal rights ordinance
If passed as-is, ordinance may also impact housing for the poor

Street renaming highlights Trans March
The 12th annual San Francisco Trans March – the city's largest transgender Pride event and one of the largest in the world – will conclude with the official renaming of a street in the Tenderloin to honor Compton's Cafeteria, a defunct restaurant that was a favorite gathering place for transgender and queer people in the 1960s.

Anaheim man sentenced to prison for transgender woman's murder
An Anaheim man who strangled a transgender activist to death during a 2014 sexual encounter was sentenced Friday to 15 years to life in state prison.

500 employers support expansion of Jacksonville Human Rights Ordinance to include LGBT community
500 employers in Jacksonville support expanding the city’s controversial Human Rights Ordinance to include anti-discrimination protections for the LGBT community.

2 Floridas emerge in attitudes toward LGBT community
Florida's Key West is one of the most gay-friendly places in the country. The Florida Panhandle — many locals call it the Redneck Riviera — is a different story.

How will non-public schools handle transgender students' bathroom access?
The new mandates from the Obama Administration increasing bathroom access for transgender students at schools using federal money has been making news across the country. But while the Guam Department of Education is already looking to comply with these federal guidelines, what does it mean for the over two dozen charter, private, and military schools that are also on the federal dime?

Council guarantees public bathroom access for transgender people
Transgender people will be able to use the public bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity, the Chicago City Council has decided.

Lambda Legal Applauds City Council Vote to Strike ID Requirements from Chicago Human Rights Ordinance
Today, the Chicago City Council voted to strike a provision of the city’s Human Rights Ordinance that requires patrons to show government-issued identification upon request in order to access public facilities such as restrooms.

Lurie Hospital Gender Identity Clinic Gets $500K From Pritzker
The gender and sex development program at Lurie Children’s Hospital has just received a $500,000 grant from Jennifer Pritzker, a Chicago philanthropist who is a transgender woman.

Derby parents upset over school district’s transgender bathroom policy
Some Derby High School parents are upset the school district has adopted a transgender bathroom and locker room policy.

Letcher Co transgender bathroom bill dead after 5-1 vote
A proposed local ordinance in Letcher County regarding where transgender people can use the restroom died after a 5-1 vote during Monday night's fiscal court meeting.

Tow Truck Driver Allegedly Spit On Transgender Customer In Worcester
Three years ago Jameson Fernandez was Jocelyn Fernandez. He’ll be the first to tell you the decision was agonizing.

Carroll Co. schools to look at transgender policies
This summer, Carroll County Public Schools will form a committee to evaluate regulations concerning transgender students in the school system. Based on a directive contained in a “Dear Colleague” letter from the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Justice on May 13 and an opinion released on May 25 from the Attorney General of Maryland, which states that Maryland public schools should comply with the directive, Superintendant Stephen Guthrie is moving forward, according to the Carroll County Times.

Orono school transgender guidelines enacted
When it was time for the RSU 26 board to vote Tuesday night on new guidelines for transgender students — required after the department was sued by a former student — school board vice chairman Jacob Eckert said he was uncomfortable and cast the lone vote against them.

School board approves transgender policy
In their final meeting of the 2015-2016 school year, the board of education passed a policy that will make Scarborough schools much accepting in the fall.

Transgender 5-year-old from St. Paul ‘just gets to be a girl’
The 5-year-old never stops moving. She’s often a blur in family photos, because she’s always singing, dancing, twirling, jumping. She belts out Beyonce’s “Halo” on request. She draws pictures of princesses and pop singers. She wears dresses and rides a pink bike. She loves being a big sister.

Mercedes Williamson case: DA wants gang testimony kept secret in Alabama transgender teen's murder
A Mississippi prosecutor is seeking to block the public from testimony into possible gang ties to the suspect in the beating death of a transgender Alabama teenager, the Biloxi Sun Herald reported today.

Mississippi Anti-LGBT Law Withstands 1 Challenge; 3 Others Await
A federal judge has declined to block a Mississippi gay marriage law in one challenge filed against it. But it's still possible he will block the law after considering three other lawsuits.
Mississippi man facing new murder charge in killing of transgender teen

University to announce transgender resources this fall
The University will launch online resources for transgender employees and students this fall.

State doesn't have authority to set MT transgender student policies
The Montana State Board of Public Education's attorney says the state does not have the authority to implement policies on the issues of transgender students.

N.C. GOP’s new spokeswoman thinks jokes comparing trans people to animals are hilarious
The North Carolina Republican Party named Kami Mueller as their new communications director on Monday, June 20. She previously worked with the N.C. Values Coalition and the KeepNCSafe Coalition, two groups working against the Charlotte LGBT non-discrimination ordinance and for HB2.
LGBT law earns fresh pushback with rallies, school policies
Opponents rally against HB2 in Raleigh
In North Carolina, Struggle Against HB 2 Continues
Charlotte Schools Set New Transgender Bathroom Policy
McCrory, Cooper clash on HB2
Governor Pat McCrory and challenger Roy Cooper hold first debate

Raleigh family fights to break gender stereotype for their 10-year-old
A Raleigh family is fighting a battle to break gender stereotypes. They want to bring awareness to children they call gender creative, like their 10-year-old son.

APS rule goes into effect to recognize students’ gender identity
It’s been a long, heated debate but parents are beginning to learn that a new rule has gone into effect for Albuquerque Public Schools.

Gender-Neutral Bathroom Bill Approved in New York City
Legislation requires all single-occupant restrooms in the city to remove signs designating them for one gender only
Long Beach protects transgender rights

New Paltz High School now has two gender-neutral bathrooms available for student use
New Paltz High School now has two gender-neutral bathrooms available for student use. It was a non-controversial decision that was intended to be put into place as an administrative action, but due to an oversight it was not addressed until high school student Aryn Wesdorp collected signatures on a petition and presented them at a board of education meeting. The decision is welcome by Wesdorp and other students who don’t feel they conform to gender binary norm.

Ohioans oppose choice for transgender bathroom use
Ohio voters say they oppose allowing transgender people to pick the bathroom consistent with their gender identity, according to a poll released by Quinnipiac University early Thursday.

Freedom Oklahoma directs focus on municipalities and LGBTQ nondiscrimination ordinances
In a majority of Oklahoma cities, same-sex couples can legally get married, but they are still at risk of being denied services and could be fired simply for their sexual orientation.

DMV says non-binary IDs could take months
An Oregon judge ruled earlier this month that a transgender person can legally change their sex to "non-binary" rather than male or female, in a move that legal experts believe is a first in the United States.

The ongoing saga of transgender bathroom use
Gender identity is today one of the most widely debated and complex issues facing countless individuals and their families. And, more so recently, local, state, and federal governments, as well as school districts across the nation, have been brought into decision-making roles on the topic.

Pittsburgh school board adopts transgender policy
A district-wide transgender nondiscrimination policy is now on the books in Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Quinnipiac poll - Pa. voters back transgender bathroom rights
Good Thursday Morning, Fellow Seekers.
With the politics out of the way, a new Quinnipiac University poll turns to cultural issues this Thursday morning - including one reverberating in Pennsylvania's General Assembly.

Rhode Island state workers get transgender surgery benefits
Rhode Island state government employees will soon be receiving health care coverage for transgender surgeries and other sex change therapies.

Documents: Transgender woman arrested following indecency with a child allegations
A transgender woman was arrested last Tuesday after he allegedly exposed himself and attempted to sexually assault a child at his pet salon in Edinburg.

Federal court rules trans Va. student can use boys bathroom
A federal court on Thursday ruled that a Virginia school district must allow a transgender student to use the boys bathroom.
Trans student Gavin Grimm wins injunction, school must let him use boys’ restroom
Court orders Gloucester to let transgender student use boys' restrooms

Torturan y ejecutan a travesti
Fue abandonado a orillas del río Grijalva de Centla, lo golpearon y lo amarraron de pies y manos con cable y lías.
Con visibles muestras de tortura, amarrado de pies y manos, y con un plomazo en la nuca, vecinos del sector “Roberto Madrazo” de la ranchería Chilapilla, Centla, descubrieron la noche del pasado sábado el cadáver de un joven (travesti), cuyos restos mortales yacían a la orilla del río Grijalva, detrás de una casa usada como bodega de insumos agrícolas.

Bathroom Debate Complicates Mexican Town’s Acceptance of a Third Gender
To the people of this town in southern Oaxaca State, the existence of a third gender is as much a part of life as the ancient Zapotec language they speak and the huge, spiny iguanas that laze in the trees.

Transexual recibió feroz golpiza en Talca
Durante la madrugada, Marcela Sierra, una mujer trans y trabajadora sexual en Talca fue atacada y golpeada con un bate sin mediar provocación alguna.