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domingo, abril 26, 2015

Em Maio irá realizar-se um debate sobre a situação das pessoas trans e intersexo em Portugal. De forma a podermos corresponder ao máximo, pedimos a todas as pessoas trans e/ou intersexo que reportem ao Grupo Transexual Portugal problemas, dificuldades, obstáculos que sintam ou tenham sentido na transição até 3 de Maio. O anonimato encontra-se obviamente garantido.

Serbia gets its first Miss Transsexual
Serbia chose its first transsexual beauty contest winner on Friday at an event hailed by gay rights groups as a step forward for minority rights in the conservative eastern European country.

A private push for transgender rights
Private member's bills are a little-known feature of India's Parliament. They serve as an opportunity for members to bring up issues that they feel strongly about. These are then debated and discussed, but, not a single private member's bill has been passed by Parliament in the past 45 years. Instead, when the debate concludes, the minister responsible for the policy domain under discussion assures the member who moved the bill that the government will itself bring out a more comprehensive bill on the topic. Then the minister requests the member to withdraw the bill, which the member promptly does. Eventually, if all the stars align appropriately, the government will bring its own bill on the topic. Otherwise the world moves on.

Rajya Sabha passes first private member's bill in 36 years, on transgenders' rights
For the first time in 45 years, the Rajya Sabha on Friday unanimously passed a private member's bill to give equal rights to transgenders.
Rajya Sabha passes historic private Bill to promote transgender rights

Edmonton’s MacEwan University introduces 16 all-gender washrooms
In hopes of creating a more inclusive and safe environment for students, MacEwan University now has 16 all-gender washrooms.

Bruce Jenner: 'I'm A Woman'
After months of rumors, anticipation and speculation, the former Olympic hero and reality TV celebrity told Diane Sawyer "I'm a woman."
Transgender Utahn can relate to Bruce Jenner
Providence's transgender community reacts to Bruce Jenner's revelation
Local transgender advocates support Bruce Jenner's message
Local Transgender Community Shares Thoughts on Jenner
With attention on Bruce Jenner, local transgender community hopes to educate others
Some wonder how Jenner interview will impact transgender community
Bruce Jenner doesn't represent transgender community: Toronto activist
A Lexington reaction to Bruce Jenner's interview
Orlando transgender woman hopes ABC’s Bruce Jenner interview spreads awareness
Local transgender woman weighs in on Bruce Jenner's journey
Bruce Jenner Reality Show Transition and The Trans Narrative

Top transgender surgeon has practice in Burlingame
Not every transgender person decides to undergo surgery. But for those who do, one of the leading surgeons is right here in the Bay Area. She is Dr. Marci Bowers. And in the world of transgender surgery, Bowers is a rock star. Bowers is the first openly transgender person in the world to perform transgender surgery.

Local teen breaking down gender barriers
Teen shines light on non-binary trans community

First child to be treated at a local clinic for transgender youth talks about experience
For the first time, the first child to be treated at a local clinic for transgender youth is talking about his trip back from the abyss.
Sacramento soldier talks about her transition into a woman

Transgender woman: 'Justice has not been served'
A local transgender woman said she is angry and frustrated after learning a beating she endured won't result in felony charges.

Man-to-Woman: The Transition Challenge
Bruce Jenner's interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer has shined a light on the topic of being transgender.

Local transgender woman opens up about transition
It was a series of conversations on the back patio where John told third wife Marta he felt he was meant to be a woman.

The reality of being transgender in Baltimore
"I went through my life trying to fit that box."

Local transgender woman describes her experience
"You used to say that one day when you die, that the first paragraph is going to say, 'Bruce Jenner won the decathlon,'" Diane Sawyer said while interviewing Jenner in a program aired Friday night.

Local transgenders discuss emotional, physical journeys
Mattee Jim, Adrien Lawyer open up about childhood, suicidal thoughts

Embracing a life long transition
There are about 700,000 people in America who identify as transgender and Cheryl Costa and Rob Pusch are among them.
Transgender in Western New York: One woman's story

Cleveland area transgender woman shares her journey
Transitioned from male to female in mid-20s
Finding His True Identity A Local Man's Transgender Transformation

Local mom shares the pain and challenges on road to understanding her transgender child
Her daughter is now her son

Local man brings transgender struggles to light
Chance Thomas says focus should shift to everyday issues for trans community

Transgender In Memphis
Tennessee is one of the toughest states in the country for transgender men and women to survive.
Local Transgender Woman Opens up Before Bruce Jenner's Interview

Transgender community gets real about transition process
Olympian Bruce Jenner's transition to become a woman has captivated Americans, but it is something some people are willing to do at any price.
Tran­sgender woman activist for LGBTQ community in SA

Members of local transgender community seek support, understanding
Millions across the country watched former Olympian and reality TV star Bruce Jenner announce his transition into a woman in an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer Friday night. There are also many people on their own identity journeys, right here in Richmond.

Anti-LGBT Groups Hope To Make Virginia ‘Ground Zero’ In Fight Against School Transgender Protections
As the elected school board for Virginia’s largest jurisdiction considers adding “gender identity” to its non-discrimination law, state and national anti-LGBT organizations are furiously working to oppose protections for transgender employees and students in Virginia schools, pushing transphobic claims of “shemales” in school bathrooms.
Va. delegates bash effort to protect transgender students
Northern Virginia woman shares her journey to transgender

Making the transition: A local transgender woman's story
The publicity surrounding Bruce Jenner's transition from man to woman has brought attention to issues facing the transgender community across the country.
Two Milwaukee transgender women share their stories

'En mi mente toda mi vida he sido una mujer'
Diana Sofía Restrepo Rojas inició su transición hace más de un año. Hoy está feliz con su apariencia

sábado, abril 25, 2015

Travesti denuncia morte após implantação de silicone em prostíbulo
Polícias Civil e Militar não receberam denúncias sobre clínica no local.
Segundo IML, vítima era do Acre e sofreu parada cardiorrespiratória.
Uma travesti, que preferiu ter a identidade preservada por medo de represálias, denunciou ao G1 que uma colega morreu em Uberaba após uma aplicação de silicone. Segundo ela, a jovem de 20 anos, passou pelo procedimento na terça-feira (21), na mesma casa onde trabalhava com prostituição.

Europe urged to protect transgender rights, abolish medical procedures - TRFN
European nations have been urged to protect the rights of transgender people, abolish medical procedures needed to change legal gender and make transgender-specific healthcare accessible under a pan-European resolution adopted late on Wednesday.

Kellie Maloney returns to boxing after gender reassignment
Kellie Maloney is returning to boxing as a promoter, less than a year after announcing she was undergoing gender reassignment.

RBI asks banks to add third gender column in all forms and applications
In a move aimed at helping transgender people open bank accounts and avail related services, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Thursday directed banks to include a separate column 'third gender' in all their forms and applications.

America's transgender moment
It's only April, but 2015 may be remembered as the year the term "transgender" fully entered mainstream consciousness.

Univision Highlights Latino Transgender Community
Last week, Univison aired a special on Latino members of the transgender community.

Andreja Pejic Reportedly Lands 'Vogue' Editorial & It's A Big Deal For The Trans Community
This is shaping up to be a big year for ethereal creature and transgender supermodel Andreja Pejic. In 2014, Pejic came out as a transgender woman, and earlier on this year, she made her triumphant return to the catwalk. She’s also filming a documentary about her transition. Now, word on the street is that Andreja Pejic will star in a Vogue editorial in the upcoming issue of the magazine. If this turns out to be true, it’s definitely a groundbreaking moment.

Why did Marvel create Sera, the transgender superhero?
It’s not easy being Sera, one of the newest characters in the Marvel comic universe and companion to the star and namesake of Marvel’s new title Angela: Asgard’s Assassin. You’re constantly on the move, hopping dimensions and realms of existence like they were bus stops. You’ve got to keep your wits about you when an angry assault of Asgardians (including Thor and Loki) comes calling. There are cosmic conspiracies, battles with hordes of enemies, having to share space with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the fact that you’re Marvel’s first real transgendered character in its long and storied history. You know. The little things.

Why Jewish communities welcome 7-year-old transgender kids
As society grows more accepting of trans community, doctors seek to save teens’ lives in helping them transition at increasingly early ages

NBC Airs Groundbreaking Series Spotlighting Transgender Youth
NBC aired a series of segments presenting a sensitive, thoughtful, and well-researched look into the lives of families raising transgender children, demonstrating a number of best practices for talking about the transgender community.

Feds Not Requiring Transgender-Inclusive Federal Employee Health Plans
The Office of Personnel Management “strongly encourages,” but is not requiring, transition-related coverage to be included in insurance companies’ proposals for 2016 federal employee health plans. “It’s just straight-up discrimination,” says a leading trans advocate.

How To Talk About Bruce Jenner
On Friday night, ABC News will air a two-hour interview with Olympic gold medal winner Bruce Jenner. The 65-year-old is perhaps now best known for familial connections to the Kardashians — and thus regular reality television show appearances and a constant paparazzi spotlight. Though promotions for the interview have been vague, all signs seem to indicate that Jenner will finally address rumors of a gender transition.
The dam that bursts: On becoming a woman later in life
Transgender census: Who transitions, when, and where

7 Lessons in How (And How Not) to Interview Trans People
We don't know what Diane Sawyer will discuss with Bruce Jenner, but if it's about Jenner's gender identity, she has lots of examples to follow — and avoid.

The Uphill Battle to Make Prison Safer for Trans Women
In a landmark decision earlier this month in the case of trans woman Ashley Diamond, Georgia eliminated its "freeze-frame" approach to gender transition, which mandated that trans prisoners could take the medication they were using prior to their arrest, but couldn't continue or start to transition while behind bars.

Michfest Womyn and Trans Women Ask 'Why?'
A look behind the scenes at how this summer's 40th annual Michigan Womyn's Music Festival became its last.

What transgender people want you to know
Many Americans have very little understanding of what life is like for a transgender person, and can find it confusing and difficult to talk about questions of gender identity.

Pastor, who accuses trans people of being sex offenders, is a serial rapist
It turns out a Baptist pastor, who considers trans people to be sex offenders, is a violent rapist himself.
Acra Lee Turner, 60, is part of a group calling for a repeal of Eureka Springs, Arkansas' Ordinance 2223, which protects LGBTI people from discrimination.
He claims gay, and especially trans people, are dangerous pedophiles, violent rapists and 'sex offenders'.

Being Transgender in Connecticut
It’s hard to know how big the transgender community is in Connecticut. It’s tough to know because many feel unsafe or uncomfortable to identify as transgender.

Transgender Transition: Two women on the journey to find themselves
Bruce Jenner’s highly anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer airs Friday night. The former Olympian turned Reality star is assumed to be transitioning from a man to a woman. If Jenner does announce he is changing genders, the news will be significant for transgender equality. It’s a battle two New Orleans women know all too well. WGNO’s Deepak Saini has their story.

Detroit-area funeral home loses bid to dismiss lawsuit over firing of transgender employee
A judge won't dismiss a lawsuit filed on behalf of a transgender embalmer who was fired by a Detroit-area funeral home after disclosing that she was transitioning from male to female and would dress as a woman.

Talking transgender issues
A panel of three local transgender people and the parent of a transgender child opened up to the people of Lincoln Thursday night.

Transgender conference brings hope, solidarity
Recognizing the need for a safe place for trans youth to meet others like themselves and find resources for help and support, the professional staff of several organizations that serve transgender youth organized a special forum last Saturday for teens and twentysomethings at Princeton University. The forum had workshops that explored topics such as spirituality, art and building relationships. HiTOPS, an education and advocacy organization, conceived of the day and did most of the heavy lifting. The Princeton University LGBT center partnered with HiTOPS and helped in many ways. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) of Central New Jersey helped with covering lunch and helped to spread the word about the event.

Juno's Story: "I had to be me."
Eighteen years ago, Katherine Palumbo gave birth to twins, a boy named Riley and girl named Shannon.
"I knew there was something a little different," said Palumbo, "I couldn't quite put my finger on it, to tell you the truth."
"It was a shocker obviously, you know, when you're growing up with your twin brother," said Shannon.

D.A.: No evidence in Morris case to file charges
The Nizah Morris case has been thoroughly investigated and there’s no evidence to charge anyone with a crime, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said last week.

50th Anniversary Of Dewey's Lunch Counter Sit In
50 years ago today an event took place in Philadelphia that was not only a protest that was focused on gender variant issues, it was one kicked off by African-American gender variant people.

Fairfax Co. schools debating proposal to protect transgender students, teachers from discrimination
There is a debate among administrators and parents at Fairfax County Public Schools on whether transgender students and teachers should be protected from discrimination and if they should be allowed to share restrooms with everyone else.

Pega duro la homofobia en Veracruz; van 34 crímenes contra la comunidad gay
En lo que va de los primeros cuatro meses del 2015, se han contabilizado seis asesinatos sangrientos, lo que suma 34 homicidios contra la comunidad LGBTTI

sexta-feira, abril 24, 2015

PACE Speech of Petra De Sutter
On April 22, 2015, Petra De Sutter delivered a very personal and intense speech in the debate on the Trans Resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Find below the verbatim transcript.

Civil Liberties Minister Helena Dalli addresses Council of Europe parliamentary assembly
Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties Dr Helena Dalli was invited to address the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on the Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics Bill that was recently enacted in Malta.

Kellie Maloney to feature in emotional gender transition documentary on Channel 5
Kellie Maloney is getting her own one-hour documentary on Channel 5.

Japan university scraps 20-year-old event mocking trans women and gays
Male students dress up in women’s clothing, 'act gay' and sell kisses

From This Day Forward: Growing up with a transgender father
Screening at Hot Docs, director Sharon Shattuck’s From This Day Forward is an insightful film about growing up with a transgender father

Saskatchewan flies Trans Flag as community's rights still remain uneven
Saskatchewan became the first province in Canada to fly the flag of the transgender community on March 31. Though the action is symbolic, it comes at a time where the acceptance of transgender individuals has often lagged behind those of the wider LGBTQ community.

Fox News Guest: Being A Transgender Kid Is The Same As Pretending To Be A Dog
Earlier this month, students in grades K-3 at Mitchell Primary School in Kittery, Maine were read the book I Am Jazz, a story about a young transgender child “with a boy’s body but a girl’s brain.” The book had been promoted by the school’s guidance counselor, Dana Richerich, in a blog post back in February. She pointed out that the Maine Supreme Court’s decision last year guaranteeing transgender students recognition in schools “highlighted the need for ALL of us — staff, students, parents, community — to learn more.”
Fox News contributor insults transgender kids: “When I was a child, I thought I was a cocker spaniel”

Laverne Cox named one of world's most beautiful women by People Magazine
But Sandra Bullock gets the cover of the annual issue dedicated to female beauties

Transgender in Alabama: Watch a video preview of our upcoming coverage
Transgender issues have come to prominence across the nation in recent months, as newfound education and awareness have butted up against ongoing hate and violence.

UPDATE: Free Nicoll: Guatemalan Transgender Woman is Given Asylum After 6 Months in All-Male Detention Center
Nicoll Hernández-Polando was given asylum in the U.S. We heard the news a couple hours after a judge set her bond. She is en route to Tucson as we speak!

Transgender Inmate's Attorneys Oppose Delaying Surgery
Attorneys representing a transgender prison inmate on Wednesday asked a federal judge to stick with his order that California officials must immediately provide the inmate with sex reassignment surgery.

Anti-trans ballot measure introduced in CA
A California group long opposed to LGBT rights has introduced a ballot measure that would legislate which public restrooms transgender people could use.

Bill aims to protect trans foster youth
A state bill that would ensure transgender foster youth are placed in welcoming and affirming homes passed out of its first legislative committee this week.

Employment Discrimination against Transgender Residents Costs the State of Florida
The State of Florida spends more than a half million dollars each year as the result of employment discrimination against transgender residents, according to a new report co-authored by Taylor N.T. Brown, policy analyst, and Jody L. Herman, scholar of public policy at the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.

GOP Senate Source: MiRFRA Will Have Hearing Tuesday April 28, No Vote Expected
Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge,, chair of the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee, has confirmed with Between The Lines that the controversial Michigan Religious Freedom Restoration Act (MiRFRA) -- introduced as SB 0004 by GOP Sen. Mike Shirkey of Clark Lake -- will receive a hearing before the Senate Judiciary committee on Tuesday, April 28.

MN religious right continues anti-transgender campaign, goes after Jazz Jennings
Despite stalling in the Minnesota Legislature, a Republican-backed bill targeting transgender-inclusive school policies is getting a lot of attention from Minnesota’s religious right.

Statement Regarding New York State Assembly Committee Votes on GENDA and to Protect Youth from Conversion Therapy
“Moments ago the New York State Assembly Codes Committee passed both the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) and the bill to protect youth from conversion therapy. Earlier today, the Government Operations Committee passed GENDA with bipartisan support. We are encouraged to see these two life-saving bills move forward in the legislative process and are hopeful they will become law during this legislative session. These early victories are due in large part to the tremendous leadership of the respective bill sponsors, Assembly Members Dick Gottfried and Deborah Glick.

Upstate teen told to take off makeup for DMV photo settles lawsuit
Representatives from an organization that filed a lawsuit on behalf of Chase Culpepper, the Upstate teen who was forced to take off her makeup for a driver's license picture, said the lawsuit has been settled.
Transgender teen can wear makeup in South Carolina DMV photo
S.C. transgender teen can wear makeup for driver’s license photo
Victory! TLDEF Reaches Settlement in Landmark Federal Lawsuit Against South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles on Behalf of Transgender Teen Forced to Remove Makeup for Driver's License Photo
Settlement Reached in Landmark Federal Lawsuit Against South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles on Behalf of Transgender Teen Forced to Remove Makeup for Driver's License Photo

Schools to be asked if they wish to keep transgender policy
Directors for the South Dakota High School Activities Association voted unanimously Wednesday to survey schools on whether they prefer a statewide or local policy on transgender athletic participation.

Kammie's story: Being a transgender teen
Fifteen-year-old Kammie Johnson is full of fun and personality. Her heart is exactly what she hopes people see.

Abierto el Congreso a analizar reconocimiento de personas transgénero: Diputado
El Congreso del Estado está abierto a escuchar y estudiar las propuestas de las asociaciones civiles de diversidad sexual, sobre el reconocimiento de personalidad a los ciudadanos que modifiquen su sexo, aseguró el legislador panista Miguel Maza Hernández. - See more at:
Los que quieren cambiar de sexo "no han logrado armonía interior”: Iglesia
Aplauden transexuales propuestas a su favor

Obtienen 2 mujeres trans potosinas reconocimiento legal de nombre e identidad de género
Dos mujeres trans potosinas fueron reconocidas legalmente con el nombre y la identidad de género con la cual se identifican en un Registro Civil de la Ciudad de México, informó la Organización no gubernamental (ONG), Colectivo por la Diversidad Sexual y Equidad de Género (CODISEEG).
Transgénero potosinas realizan cambio de identidad en el DF

Ecuador oficializa que uniones homosexuales y transexuales se registren como estado civil
Integrantes de uniones de hecho de todo tipo podrán contar en su DNI con su nueva condición.
Ecuadorian lawmakers approve civil unions bill

Silueta X pide investigación por supuesta transfobia
El Colectivo Silueta X demandó de la Policía una investigación profunda para determinar los móviles del asesinato de Jhon Jairo Barcia Camejo, conocido según la agrupación como ‘Tatty’, quien era miembro de la organización que defiende los derechos de los grupos Glbti.
La víctima de 21 años de edad, cuyo cuerpo fue desmembrado y depositado en fundas plásticas en el sector de Nueva Prosperina, más allá de la hipótesis policial, sería, para este colectivo, también un caso transfobia, es decir, de odio por su diferencia sexual.

Asesinado otro miembro de la comunidad LGBTI
La comunidad LGBTI en Cesar, está preocupada con el índice de asesinatos ocurridos en los últimos años en su contra. Este fin de semana, un integrante de esa colectividad fue asesinado en el Municipio de Aguachica.
El hecho se presentó antes de la media noche del viernes, en el kilómetro 68+800 metros, frente a la estación de servicio La Universal, luego de que las autoridades fueran alertadas del asesinato de una mujer que vestía un body negro, una minifalda de jean y sandalias. La comunidad alertó sobre el homicidio de una mujer en la vereda ‘La Campana’ o ‘Cerro de Los Chivos’ como se le conoce a este parador turístico de Aguachica.

Caso de discriminación en discoteca
Daniela Mejía Ortiz, la dosquebradense representante de Colombia en el reinado Miss International Queen, fue discriminada supuestamente por empleados de una discoteca ubicada en el sector de la avenida Circunvalar de Pereira, pues al parecer le negaron el acceso por su identidad sexual.

quinta-feira, abril 23, 2015

TGEU Media Statement: Council of Europe Adopts Historic Transgender Resolution
Today, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted with an overwhelming majority a comprehensive resolution on trans persons’ human rights. The Assembly calls upon Member States to respect, protect and fulfil trans persons’ right not to be discriminated against and to facilitate quick, transparent and accessible legal gender recognition based on self-determination. In an at times emotional debate, the parliamentarians urged member states to take pro-active measures for advancing the living conditions of trans people and to raise awareness.
Assembleia Parlamentar do Conselho da Europa adota Resolução histórica para as pessoas trans

CoE report shines spotlight on trans discrimination
Today’s debate (Wednesday 22 April) at the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) on a wide-ranging trans rights resolution is important for trans people across Europe.

Channel 4 orders series of trans documentaries
The broadcaster has commissioned three documentaries about trans and gender variant young people.

Arrests over horrific trans attack
Six men have been arrested over the murders of two trans women and gang rape of another in Northern Pakistan.

Hopes rise for legalization of sex reassignment in Vietnam
“She called me to visit her that day to witness her injecting silicone. But I came only to shroud her,” said the 30-year-old transgender woman from Ben Tre Province.

Univision Airs Hour-Long Special Spotlighting Transgender Stories
Univision aired an hour-long special about the stories of four Latino transgender individuals on their weekly news show Aquí y Ahora, doing a praiseworthy job of normalizing the life experiences of transgender people to a Spanish-speaking audience.

Support for trans people on the rise in the US
A survey has revealed a striking upswing of support for the trans community among Americans.

Chelsea Manning pleads for help to ‘keep appeal going’ amid growing legal bills
Jailed whistleblower Chelsea Manning has pleaded for help to keep her appeal going – amid a number of mounting legal bills.

Little Rock approves anti-discrimination protections for gays
The Little Rock City Board of Directors on Tuesday night adopted an ordinance prohibiting the city and any vendors that do business with the city from discriminating based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Macon judge denies transgender Georgia inmate’s plea for transfer
A federal court judge has denied transgender Georgia inmate Ashley Diamond’s request to be transferred to a lower-security prison for her safety. The ruling came down in a Monday afternoon hearing in which Diamond was present to testify. Diamond’s lawyers tell the Georgia Voice they are “very concerned” she will be assaulted again, or cause harm to herself again.

Assembly rejects transgender 'bathroom bill'
The Nevada Assembly rejected a bill that outraged transgender advocates and would have required students to use bathrooms corresponding to their biological sex.
Assembly rejects gender-based school restroom bill

Shooting raises fear in transgender community
A transgender woman is in the hospital after being shot in the face.
It happened overnight Monday in Walnut Hills.
A life on the street nearly comes to a tragic end. A black transgender woman was shot in the face on Lincoln Avenue in Walnut Hills.

Bethlehem updates policies to include transgender students and staff
The Bethlehem Area School Board this week updated its nondiscrimination and harassment policies to include gender identity and gender expression.

Conservative lawmakers want SDHSAA transgender policy changed
Conservative legislators and lobbyists called Tuesday for repealing South Dakota’s policy allowing transgender students to participate in high school sports as members of teams of the opposite sex.

Transgender candidate ready to run for Midvale City Council
A Midvale woman is kicking off a campaign that could break barriers in Utah politics and make history.

Va. Supreme Court rules trans inmate can change name
The Supreme Court of Virginia has ruled that a transgender woman who is incarcerated at a federal prison can legally change her name.

Brutal ataque a joven transexual en Temuco
Un violento ataque padeció la joven transexual Claudia Camila Nahuelhual Cayuqueo (34), quien desde el lunes 13 de abril se encuentra internada en el Hospital Hernán Henríquez Aravena de Temuco, informó hoy el Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual (Movilh).

quarta-feira, abril 22, 2015

Comentário a "Os direitos dos transexuais" de Daniel Sampaio

Daniel Sampaio, psiquiatra sexólogo do Hospital de Santa Maria publicou no último dia 19 no jornal Público um artigo de opinião intitulado “Os direitos dos transexuais”, onde depois de desenvolver um pouco, conclui que “No fundo, é mais um problema de direitos humanos”.

O artigo em si tenta explicar vagamente o que é a transexualidade, e é aqui que existem alguns problemas (constantes) da visão patologizante da transexualidade que uma esmagadora maioria de profissionais de saúde (ainda) conservam.

Diz Daniel Sampaio que “Um transexual não é um homem que “finge” ser mulher, é uma pessoa que está convicta de que pertence a um género oposto daquele que é indicado pelos seus cromossomas.” Á primeira vista não parece ser nada de mais, é mais uma definição que até nem é das piores que tenho ouvido. mas ao mesmo tempo demonstra a incapacidade existente nos meios médicos de lidarem com um conceito completamente novo e que desestabiliza: que uma transexual feminina é uma MULHER que nasce com a genitália e cromossomas do género oposto.

Compreende-se a dificuldade que a classe médica tem ao ser confrontada com este conceito. Habituados como estão a, em termos médicos, as questões reduzirem-se a coisas consideradas mais práticas, tipo causa/efeito e a pensarem em “órgãos funcionais logo tudo bem”, o facto de uma mulher ter corpo de homem completamente funcional, “logo tudo bem” provoca o inevitável efeito de se pensar que uma transexual é um “homem que se sente mulher”. Pensar nos termos opostos revela-se demasiado complicado.

E no entanto, considerando a parte científica da medicina, não é uma das principais regras do pensamento científico o pôr em causa aquilo que se considera como dado adquirido? Não seria mais benéfico olhar-se para esta problemática sob um novo ponto de vista? Será assim tão impossível começar-se a considerar as mulheres transexuais como “Mulheres” e não como homens ou pessoas (que no texto do Dr. funciona um pouco como um termo politicamente correcto para evitar o mais comum “homens”, mas que está claramente subentendido)? Talvez uma nova visão fresca produzisse mais e melhores resultados, quem sabe?

Continua o Dr afirmando mais á frente o seguinte: “Muitos transexuais consideram que a sua condição não deve ser considerada doença psiquiátrica, mas a situação continua a fazer parte das classificações internacionais das perturbações mentais, com a vantagem de permitir o tratamento destas pessoas, em muitos casos por via dos seguros de saúde.”

É uma realidade que a transexualidade continua a ser considerada como doença psiquiátrica, embora já exista na Organização Mundial de Saúde movimentações para a sua eliminação das doenças psiquiátricas apontando para a classificação de “Condição médica” (medical condition no original). O que elimina vários factores estigmatizantes para as pessoas transexuais.

Primeiro e segundo, deixa de ser considerada como doença mental, o que elimina o estigma dos “doentes e/ou maluquinhos”, enquanto que ao mesmo tempo liberta os psiquiatras e psicólogos das suas funções de juízes para que façam o que verdadeiramente estão vocacionados para fazerem, ajudar quem necessite (e não forçar quem não ncessita como acontece presentemente) a ultrapassar a discriminação e o preconceito a que as pessoas trans estão sujeitas, sendo que esta última é uma razão para a despatologização ter o apoio dos próprios.

Em terceiro lugar, como condição médica, continua a garantir o acesso a tratamentos hormonais e cirúrgicos. Logo a “vantagem” citada de ser considerada como doença desaparece, deixa de ser vantagem.

O próprio Dr usa o temo “condição” para definir uma pessoa transexual, ao mencionar a “sua condição”. E como já foi dito atrás, não é por isso que se tem menos direito a consultas, tratamentos ou cirurgias. O problema desse direito é mais político. Como toda a gente sabe, António Gentil da Silva Martins foi bastonário da Ordem dos Médicos de 1977 a 1986. Durante esse período, e precisamente por causa da visão de “doença mental”, o Dr Gentil Martins considerou não haver justificação para as cirurgias de correcção de sexo, pois se éramos doentes mentais devíamos era ser curados, considerando as cirurgias como uma espécie de fazer a vontade aos maluquinhos. Até ao final do(s) seu(s) mandato(s) como bastonário, as cirurgias de correcção de sexo estiveram proíbidas em Portugal.

Como se vê, não é a classificação de “doença mental” que garante por si só, o acesso a tratamentos e cirurgias. É mais uma decisão política que outra coisa. Estas são algumas razões (e de peso) para que seja de todo desejável a despatologização da transexualidade

Quanto á confusão entre travestismo e transexualismo, diz o Dr que “Por exemplo, os transexuais femininos podem vestir-se de mulher para se sentirem como tal, mas não para atraírem outras pessoas.”, argumento com o qual não concordo. Como não dá mais nenhuma referência ao travestismo, considerará o Dr que a definição de um travesti é alguém que se veste de mulher para atrair outras pessoas? Será que aqui se subentende “travesti” como homem e “outras pessoas” como outros homens?

E quanto às mulheres transexuais, claro que se vestem para se sentirem como tal E PARA, tal como qualquer outra mulher, atraírem outras pessoas. Meu caro Dr, transexualidade que eu saiba não é sinónimo de ser-se eremita, nem de não se ter sentimentos por outras pessoas, nem sequer de não se ter desejo sexual. As pessoas transexuais têm sentimentos, desejos e sentem-se atraídas por outras pessoas, TAL COMO QUALQUER OUTRA PESSOA.

O que traz um outro problema que já foquei em comentários anteriores: o facto de no Código deontológico da Ordem dos Médicos no ponto 1 do artº 72º estipular que: “O esclarecimento do médico deve ser dado nos termos do artigo 44.º devendo realçar-se que a cirurgia não garante a satisfação sexual, mas visa sobretudo contribuir para o equilíbrio psicológico do doente.”

Sabendo-se hoje em dia que uma vida sexual activa e saudável é determinante para o equilíbrio psicológico de qualquer pessoa, é incompreensível e mesmo inaceitável o facto de este artigo ainda continuar com esta redacção, sendo o mesmo uma contradição entre o desejável equilíbrio psicológico que almeja alcançar, e o desequilíbrio que provoca ao permitir que sejam usadas técnicas cirúrgicas que não visem ou sequer tentem alcançar o máximo de satisfação sexual, em seu lugar usando-se técnicas que menosprezam totalmente este objectivo. Por um lado querem um equilíbrio psicológico, por outro não se preocupam em (sequer) tentar fornecê-lo.

O que provoca outro problema: a subjectividade das avaliações psiquiátricas. Imaginem uma mulher transexual que tenha o azar de mencionar que se arranjou para, por exemplo, o namorado/a. De acordo com este ponto de vista, a desgraçada era logo taxada de travesti, ou travesti fetichista, como alguns médicos mais transfóbicos adoram usar (este termo foi inventado pelo tristemente célebre Dr Zucker, um médico canadiano conhecido pelas suas posições altamente transfóbicas) ficando com o seu processo logo em xeque.

Como o Dr bem diz “As causas (da transexualidade) são desconhecidas, porque as investigações genéticas e hormonais têm sido inconclusivas” acrescentando que “os factores educacionais não são conclusivos nos estudos realizados.” E, acrescento eu, não há nenhum teste que permita o diagnóstico. Logo toda a avaliação é subjectiva, sujeita aos caprichos e preconceitos dos avaliadores. Mais razões para a despatologização da transexualidade.

E agora vem o golpe final. Diz o Dr que “Convém dizer que a mudança de sexo é um processo complexo e demorado, que passa por várias fases. Para o atingir, é necessário que a pessoa em causa adquira estabilidade emocional e passe pelo “teste da vida real”. Por exemplo, um transexual feminino tem de conseguir aparecer em público com a aparência, discurso e comportamento de uma mulher, só depois passará às outras fases da reatribuição sexual.” (de notar aqui o tratamento masculino daquilo que em outras partes deste texto considera como uma transexual feminina)

Já a aparência é discutível, mas então eu pergunto: o que é o “discurso e comportamento de uma mulher? É o mesmo para si que para mim? É o mesmo para si que para os outros médicos e psicólogos que avaliam/julgam estes casos? Quando as mulheres começaram a lutar pelo direito de voto, por exemplo, era isso considerado na altura discurso e comportamento femininos?

O perigo deste argumento é por demais evidente, uma pessoa é avaliada segundo critérios não científicos nem clínicos mas pelo que cada avaliador considera ser discurso e comportamento femininos. Hoje em dia, em que a mulher ganhou o direito a ter a liberdade de ser e trabalhar em qualquer actividade, as consideradas masculinas inclusivé, esta argumentação encontra-se ultrapassada, sendo mesmo a raiar o ofensivo.

Hoje em dia sabe-se que o ser humano existe entre dois (ou mais, segundo algumas teorias, mas vamos simplificar) pólos, o masculino e o feminino, Entre ambos existe uma graduação onde cabem todas as pessoas. Onde definir a separação entre o masculino e o feminino? e será que essa separação é mesmo necessária? Não caberemos tod@s debaixo de “humanidade”?

E acabo a concordar com o Dr, os direitos das pessoas transexuais SÃO direitos humanos, tal como o direito á autodeterminação de quem se é também o é. E como tal não necessitamos nem queremos juízes que nos ditem quem devemos ser.

Tal como as cirurgias são um direito da comunidade transexual, que presentemente em Portugal se encontra a ser grosseiramente violado por quem o devia facultar (Coimbra, é com vocês).

Tal como o direito que cada pessoa tem de se submeter unicamente às cirurgias que desejar e que também se encontra a ser violado por cirurgiões que se negam a fazê-las, numa atitude dictatorial, em que “ou fazes todas ou não fazes nenhuma”, uma grave violação dos nossos direitos que tem andado escondida.

É que se uma pessoa “espanta a lebre” sofre represálias. Por exemplo, se um transexual masculino quiser somente tirar o útero ou o peito, leva uma nega, tal como se uma transexual feminina quiser somente irar os “tintins” também a leva. E se refila ainda se arrisca a nada fazer. E depois vêm com a conversa que “as pessoas trans não são forçadas a fazer nenhuma cirurgia”. Tá bem abelha, como se costuma dizer. insistam que algum dia pode ser que me convençam.

Este é um problema que existe, é real e tem sido continuamente ignorado pelos grupos/associações trans e aliados. Mas fica aqui o alerta.

Tatiana Vieira: “A minha cirurgia foi alterada de médica para cosmética. Só pode ser feita no privado. Não devia ter de pagar para ser quem sou”
Tatiana Vieira, tem 24 anos e é natural do Funchal. Em entrevista ao dezanove, explica o processo de mudança de sexo e revela por que foi obrigada a desistir da cirurgia. “A cirurgia foi alterada de médica para cosmética, algo que só podia ser feito no privado. Como não tenho dinheiro para isso, desisti”, conta. Agora toma hormonas, sem assistência médica, para tentar alterar o seu corpo. “Eu sei que isso não se deve fazer até porque não é recomendado, mas decidi retomar às hormonas”. A reacção dos familiares e amigos, episódios de discriminação e a vida LGBT na Madeira são outros dos temas abordados.

Travesti que arrancou orelha de carcereiro diz que estava “possuída pelo demônio”
O caso do travesti Veronica Bolina se espalhou pelas redes sociais na última semana, e causou grande polêmica por causa do espancamento que o rapaz de 25 anos sofreu na cela do 2º Distrito Policial de São Paulo, para onde havia sido mandado depois de agredir uma senhora idosa.
Preso, o travesti agrediu um carcereiro e arrancou sua orelha a mordidas. O comportamento violento foi respondido pelos colegas e policiais do DP com mais violência, e Verônica Bolina foi espancado.
Verónica Bolina y la homofobia institucionalizada en Brasil: ¿culpable o inocente?

Travesti conhecida como Bebel é morta com tiro no pescoço em BH
Segundo moradores de rua, autores do crime estavam em um táxi
Uma travesti conhecida como Bebel foi morta com um tiro no pescoço na madrugada desta terça-feira (21), no bairro Lagoinha, região noroeste de Belo Horizonte. Segundo a Polícia Militar, o crime aconteceu por volta de 3h, na rua Itapecerica.

Jovem confessa ter matado travesti com golpes de faca e pauladas
Suspeito tinha um relacionamento com a vítima há quatro anos
Em até 20 dias, a Polícia Civil (PC), deve concluir o inquérito policial que apura a morte do travesti Davi Tupinambá da Silva, ocorrida no último dia 15, no bairro Santa Rosa, em Uberlândia, no Triângulo Mineiro.

'Olho as marcas e falo: essa sou eu', diz transexual que fez 14 cirurgias
Apenas 5 hospitais no país fazem cirurgia de mudança de sexo pelo SUS.
País tem avançado quando se fala em transexualidade, diz Maite Schneider.
Olhar-se no espelho e não se reconhecer na imagem fez com que Maite Schneider, que recebeu dos pais o nome de Alexandre ao nascer, realizasse 14 cirurgias para mudar de sexo. Duas delas a expuseram ao perigo. Na primeira, tentou retirar sozinho os testículos. Na segunda, foi e voltou do Paraguai no mesmo dia em uma nova tentativa de eliminar o órgão.
Hospital Mário Covas passa a fazer cirurgia de mudança de sexo

Trans Activists Speak Out at Council of Europe
Today, trans activists from Ukraine, Turkey, Ireland, France and Lithuania spoke at the Council of Europe on their battle for human rights. The audience heard their testimonies of what it is to live as a trans person in Europe.

Marriage and Forced Divorce
A Legal Gender Recognition Issue Brief

Lingdale woman believed to be first openly transgender election candidate in the North-East
A woman is standing as what is believed to be the North-East’s first openly transgender councillor.
Ellie Lowther is standing for election in East Cleveland, hoping to represent residents of the Lockwood ward on Redcar and Cleveland’s council.

Transgender Carlisle Scrabble champion took her life to escape abuse
A former UK Scrabble champion killed herself by stepping in front of a moving train after suffering abuse because of her status as a transgender person.
Despite being born a man, Mikki Nicholson, 36, was living as a woman in Carlisle but planned to leave the city because of what she regarded as intolerance.

This trans man was stripped naked and spat on in public
This trans man has spoken out about having been stripped naked and spat on in public, but says it gave him the motivatio nhe needed to campaign for trans rights.

Trans woman loses battle to have ‘father’ removed from childrens’ birth certificates
A trans woman has lost her High Court bid to have the identifier “father” removed from the birth certificates of her children.
Transgender father loses court battle over children's birth certificates
India court: Trans people entitled head of household status
Landmark ruling makes transgender citizens eligible for food security benefits

Has the Fashion Industry Reached a Transgender Turning Point?
With gender fluidity dominating the runways and inspiring political debate, Alice Gregory meets the model Andreja Pejic and asks, have we reached a transgender turning point?

Jacob's Journey: Life as a Transgender 5-Year-Old
When Jacob Lemay invites you into his bedroom, he wants to give the full tour. He'll show you his books, the planets and stars on the wall, his bunk bed and the stuffed animals he's lined up all in a row.

Bathroom Police Could Collect $4,000 Bounty Under New California Ballot Initiative
It has been over a year since conservatives failed to collect enough signatures to challenge California’s law protecting transgender students (AB 1266) with a referendum. AB 1266 guarantees transgender students full participation in all facilities and activities in accordance with their gender identity. Conservatives are still fighting in court to have their signatures validated, but the law is in place in the meantime — as are the many school policies that long predated the statewide law. Now, though, they have proposed a new law that will ban transgender people from using the proper bathrooms in government buildings, including schools and universities.
California transgender bill spurs initiative for ‘bathroom privacy’
Bathroom Police: Prove Your Gender?
California initative would bar transgender people from bathrooms
Cal Poly Students Stage 'Shit-In,' Request More Gender Neutral Bathrooms

House committee drops plan to kill D.C. LGBT rights bill
A U.S. House committee that oversees D.C. government affairs has decided not to take up a resolution to kill a law passed by the City Council and signed by Mayor Muriel Bowser that would ban discrimination against LGBT students attending religious schools in the District.

Transgender Georgia inmate testifies: ‘It’s something I was born into’
Ashley Diamond testified in a federal courthouse in Macon Monday afternoon, explaining to the judge that she was born transgender and confirming that she has tried to mutilate and kill herself as a result of sexual assaults endured while in prison, according to a report by 13 WMAZ.
Transgender Ga. prisoner continues testimony about alleged abuse
Transgender Inmate, Who Alleged Sexual Abuse In Georgia Prisons, Denied Transfer Request

Two Maryland LGBT measures await Hogan’s signature
Governor has not yet decided whether to sign or veto infertility treatment coverage, trans birth certificate bills

Police: Transgender woman shot in the face in Walnut Hills
A transgender woman was shot in the nose at Lincoln and Melrose avenues early Tuesday, Cincinnati police said.
Transgender woman shot in Walnut Hills

Texas Bill Targeting Transgender Students for Discrimination on Hold
TLDEF responded to news that the Texas Legislature’s State House Affairs Committee had delayed a bill singling out transgender students for discrimination. Introduced by Republican State Representative Gilbert Peña, House Bill 2801 would have required schools to adopt policies prohibiting transgender students from using bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with who they are as boys and girls. It would also have made schools liable for a minimum of $2,000 in damages that they would have had to pay to students who complained that they encountered a transgender student in a prohibited bathroom.

Joven transexual fue brutalmente golpeada en el centro de Temuco
Claudia Camila Nahuelhual Cayuqueo (34), desde el lunes 13 de abril se encuentra internada en el Hospital Hernán Henríquez Aravena de Temuco, tras ser brutalmente agredida cuando ejercía el comercio sexual en la calle Prat con Varas.

Por primer vez, tramitaron el documento de un adolescente trans
La Asesoría General Tutelar (AGT) porteña tramitó por primera vez el pedido de "Rectificación Registral" (cambio de documento) de un adolescente trans de 16 años, el tercero de menores de 18 años que se realiza en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
Nuevo DNI para un adolescente trans

terça-feira, abril 21, 2015

Inês Ribeiro

No dia 17 de Abril fui afastada das Panteras Rosa, colectivo do qual fazia parte há 6 anos. O motivo, segundo quem me afastou, deveu-se a “ não me organizar nas panteras há anos e reaparecer (…) especificamente com esta história e uma mão cheia de insinuações”. A “história” a que se refere, é conhecida de todos. É a “história” do comunicado e consequente petição feita, por duas activistas, relativas a casos de violência doméstica.

Fui afastada porque, tal como outras pessoas – uma minoria dentro das Panteras – discordei da posição e do comunicado feito relativamente a este caso. Tive ainda a oportunidade de debater ideias e argumentar o que pensava, mas, depois do comunicado lançado surgiu uma nova discussão para desfazer “alguns equívocos”. Os equívocos prendiam-se não só com a cronologia dos factos do caso de violência, mas também com “equívocos” internos quando uma outra activista disse que há uns anos, dentro das Panteras, houve também um caso de violência (desta feita, no namoro). Esta discussão levou-me a ter de dizer – ou melhor, relembrar – que o tal caso de violência me envolvia a mim enquanto vítima. Não recebi resposta depois disto.

Depois do meu afastamento – sem aviso e repentino – por pôr em causa as informações que estavam a ser transmitidas erradamente no que toca ao caso em discussão, senti-me na obrigação de dizer que achava injusto e uma vergonha ser afastada daquela maneira, tendo recebido a resposta que já mencionei no início. Senti-me também na obrigação de relembrar que o meu afastamento se deveu ao caso de violência no qual fui vítima – e em que o agressor permaneceu no colectivo depois da denúncia - em que alguns membros das Panteras, na altura, me disseram para “perdoar”, “esquecer” e que “não foi de propósito”. Fui prontamente confrontada com a resposta de: “Se tens alguma coisa a resolver com a pessoa X à boleia deste caso, não será na lista interna das panteras.” Fui também acusada de ser agressora nesse relacionamento. Fui acusada de estar numa relação de “mútua agressão” e de agora querer lavar roupa suja. Estas acusações são normais quando só se ouve uma versão dos acontecimentos. Infelizmente, a minha versão nunca foi ouvida.

Quero, com este comunicado, deixar explícitas algumas coisas. Não tentei nunca resolver problemas meus ou procurar justiça ou vingança à boleia de nada. Quando mencionei o meu caso de violência foi, meramente, para fazer um paralelismo com o modo de actuação das Panteras no que se refere a casos de violência doméstica/no namoro no seio activista, nunca tendo sequer identificado quem me agrediu. As considerações que tenho a fazer sobre o comunicado feito, já as fiz quando me demarquei dele publicamente. No entanto, quero salientar que o modo hipócrita com que é feita a discussão destes casos no seio das Panteras não me representa. Os argumentos utilizados são falaciosos – como já referi, no que toca principalmente, à cronologia dos factos – de modo a proteger a imagem de uma marcha, ao invés de repensar qual é o âmago da questão, que a meu ver foi a incapacidade de resposta da comunidade LGBT aquando a primeira denúncia.

Por último, deixar evidente o contra-senso que é um colectivo recursar-se a afastar um alegado agressor – ainda que de forma preventiva – mas afastar sem problemas um membro da sua constituição.

Infelizmente, já não é a primeira vez que “o verniz estala” quando se trata de afastar e silenciar pessoas. Desta vez foi comigo. O que aconteceu a estas activistas, aconteceu comigo, e agora que falei novamente e em sua defesa, fui afastada.

Como já disse às Panteras – ou a quem as representa, tendo em conta que nenhuma resposta minha chegou à mailing devido ao meu afastamento -, espero que nunca mais tenham de lidar com vítimas. Não só porque não quero que elas existam, mas porque não lhes desejo que seja aquele colectivo a lidar com elas.

A JANO em sua reunião de Direcção, entendeu esclarecer após contactos estabelecidos, a população em geral com a seguinte tomada de posição, ao qual pede esclarecimentos às Entidades necessárias.

Dádivas de Sangue + Lei da Identidade de Género no Parlamento // Bichas Podcast
Neste episódio conversamos com o deputado José Soeiro a propósito de alguns assuntos LGBTQ que estiverão e vão estar em discussão no Parlamento:
A discriminação dos homens gay e bissexuais nas dádivas de sangue (que embora alterada em 2010 se continua a verificar), a lei da identidade de género em Portugal que o bloco vai iniciar o processo para a melhorar e, finalmente, sobre o que é defender iniciativas LGBTQ no parlamento e no meio de uma maioria de direita.

Police Continue Investigating Murder of Vanessa Santillan
Setting up alternative ways that people can offer information

Transgenders in need of respectable jobs
A number of music and dance performances marked the National Transgender Day celebration organised by Social Welfare Development Trust, and several transgenders from Madurai and the surrounding districts participated in it.
A Job Portal That Caters to Transgenders and Hires Them Too

Schemes for transgenders benefit too few
Mythri, a pension scheme introduced for transgenders aged above 40 in February 2014, has so far seen only 139 enrolments.

Transgenders Entitled to Head of Household Status: HC
In yet another significant decision for transgenders, the Allahabad High Court has ruled that they are entitled to the status of head of a household which will allow them to avail food security benefit through ration card.

Transsexual dance star finds fame with gift for gab
Transsexual and transgender individuals tend to make headlines in Chinese media for the novelty factor they bring. However, Jin Xing, the most famous transsexual in China, has made a name for herself for what she does, rather than what she is.

Inside Indonesia’s Islamic Boarding School for Transgender People
Fulvio Bugani, an Italian photographer, spent nearly three weeks living with a transgender community in Indonesia

Vietnam may recognize trans people
Health official supports change in the law
Vietnam mulls recognizing sex reassignment

Andreja Pejic Reportedly Lands 'Vogue' Editorial & It's A Big Deal For The Trans Community
This is shaping up to be a big year for ethereal creature and transgender supermodel Andreja Pejic. In 2014, Pejic came out as a transgender woman, and earlier on this year, she made her triumphant return to the catwalk. She’s also filming a documentary about her transition. Now, word on the street is that Andreja Pejic will star in a Vogue editorial in the upcoming issue of the magazine. If this turns out to be true, it’s definitely a groundbreaking moment.

Boulder County transgender allies decry failure of birth certificate bill
Transgender Boulder County residents and their allies alike are bothered by state lawmakers' decision last week to vote down a bill that would have allowed Coloradans who don't identify with their originally assigned gender to update their birth certificates.

Local pop-up store provides free clothing for trans people
Transitioning is expensive.
There’s any amount of therapy, because the World Professional Association for Transgender Health has no minimum recommendation.
Then come hormone or testosterone therapies, potentially followed by surgeries.

Explaining GENDA
Eleven cities and towns in New York State have passed laws prohibiting discrimination against individuals because of their gender identity or expression. But there is no statewide protection because the State Senate has not passed the Gender Expression Non-discrimination Act. What would GENDA do and why do supporters think it’s necessary?

Exige Movimiento LGBTI a diputados legislen a favor del cambio de identidad en Chihuahua
Celebran conferencia de prensa donde exigen trabajen en beneficio de las personas que buscan cambiar documentos oficiales hombre a mujer

Endry Cardeño quiere que le dejen de preguntar por lo que tiene entre las piernas
La única actriz transgénero del país se queja porque los periodistas siempre la entrevistan por el mismo tema.

“San Juan es una provincia donde se hace notar la transfobia y homofobia”
La primera mujer transexual en su tierra natal en conseguir su DNI con su identidad autopercibida

segunda-feira, abril 20, 2015

Transexuais enfrentam via-crucis para a adequação de sexo em hospital do Rio
A dor de não se reconhecerem nos corpos que habitam faz parte do cotidiano de homens e mulheres transexuais à espera de uma cirurgia que lhes garanta adequação entre o físico e a mente. O Hospital Universitário Pedro Ernesto, no Rio, é um dos poucos centros de atendimento especializado para este público no país. No entanto, desde dezembro de 2011 não são aceitas inscrições novas. E quem conseguiu se inscrever pode ficar mais de seis anos na fila.

How Kay found the courage to stand up for transgender rights
Kay Browning was once stripped naked in public and spat on.

HSE Report Launched in South-East Calls for Implementation of Treatment Pathways for Trans People
Yesterday (Thursday 16th April), the HSE and TUSLA published The Rainbow Report: LGBTI Health Needs & Experiences and Health Sector Responses in Kilkenny. This report was authored by Niall Crowley and launched by Deputy Jerry Buttimer TD and Senator Katherine Zappone. Dr Philip Crowley, HSE National Director Quality and Patient Safety and Vanessa Lacey, TENI Health and Education Manager also spoke at the event.

In the wrong body
Between bureaucracy and prejudices, two stories of living with a transgender identity in Switzerland.
Finding the right identity

Law official calls for recognition of transgenders in Vietnam
Vietnam should legally recognise transgender people and permit transition therapy and surgery rather than force local people to go abroad for the treatment, a senior Health Ministry official said.

[USA] [Commentary]
We Had An Attempted Bathroom Assault At UHD....
(...)And naw, Dave Wilson, Dave Welch, Debbie Riddle, Max Miller, FOX Noise 26 and 'errbody' else pimping that discredited anti-trans bathroom predator lie, the perp wasn't trans* or a man in a dress.

Why we can't forget transgender people when talking about the pay gap
President Barack Obama spoke at length on gender wage inequality at a town hall organized by the women’s blog network BlogHer and SheKnows Media (full disclosure: SheKnows is a media partner with Across Womens Lives). Held the day after “Equal Pay Day” on April 14, it was a nod to activists' work to raise awareness of the issue, and to the kind of feminist netroots Blogher represents.

Colorado School Board Member Posts Anti-LGBT Hate Group Letter Calling Day of Silence 'Perverse Indoctrination'
Yesterday marked the national "Day of Silence," a day where middle and high school students across the country helped raise awareness about anti-LGBT bullying by remaining silent in school. Yesterday also marked the day a Colorado school board member attempted to do damage control after it was revealed she had posted a link on Facebook from a hate group encouraging a "walk out" on April 17 to counter-protest the anti-bullying day.
JeffCo School board member explains Facebook post

Louisiana hopes to pass a religious freedom law tougher than Indiana's
Governor Bobby Jindal insists HB 707, the Marriage and Conscience Act, is all about freedom

Maine primary school criticised for reading trans book to students
Parents were unhappy they weren't informed before the book 'I Am Jazz', about trans teenager Jazz Jennings, was read to their children

Support from family and friends vital for transgender youths
Loving support of family and friends eases pain as boy steps forth from girl’s body

Court Nixes Houston Anti-LGBT Petition That Included Forged, Invalid Signatures
The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance passed last May banned discrimination in housing, employment, and city contracts, whether that discrimination is based on race, sex, sexual orientation or other factors. But a campaign to take down the law that honed in on its LGBT protections demonized it as a “bathroom bill” on the claim that allowing transgender individuals to use the women’s restroom would create a dangerous opportunity for sexual predators.

Hallan Golpeado y esposado a homosexual
Durante un recorrido de vigilancia que realizó la Policía Vial encontraron una persona del sexo masculino tirada a orillas de la carretera Transístmica, a la altura de conocido motel, en la colonia Paso Limón.

Los ciudadanos transexuales que ya cambiaron su acta de nacimiento en el DF, pero que no cambiaron su credencial para votar, tendrán dificultades al momento de participar en las elecciones de este año, ya que las autoridades electorales indicaron que si su aspecto no coincide con el de su credencial, no podrán votar.

Piden evaluar cambio de nombre de personas transgéneros en Venezuela
Leandro Viloria y Koddy Campos, promotores del Primer Congreso Nacional de los Derechos Humanos por la Diversidad Sexual pidieron evaluar a las autoridades y al Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE), el cambio de nombre a personas transgéneros. Consideraron que “los derechos son para todos por igual”.