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sábado, fevereiro 06, 2016

Basque court allows name change for transgender four-year-old
Child is youngest person in Spain to be allowed to alter official records based on sexual identity
Autorizan a una niña de cuatro años cambiar de nombre por motivos de transexualidad en Gipuzkoa
"Mamá, aunque tenga pene ¿puedo ser una niña?"

Los menores transexuales pueden cambiar su nombre pero no su sexo
La ley sólo permite el cambio de sexo en el Registro Civil a los españoles mayores de edad que acrediten un diagnóstico de disforia de género y lleven dos años en tratamiento hormonal

«Algunos me han hecho la vida imposible por ser transexual»
Una activista castellonense relata su transición al sexo femenino, lastrada por la discriminación

Rebecca Root on the success of Boy Meets Girl: Britain was ready for a transgender sitcom
"It was our time," says the star of the BBC2 sitcom in which she plays a trans woman going out with a younger man

Online service launched to help GPs support transgender community
An online guide for GPs has been launched to help them support transgender patients.

Church of England bishop wants gender ‘affirmation’ services for trans people
A Church of England bishop has called for ‘affirmation’ services for people who have changed gender.

Wrexham transgender teenager reveals what it's like to be born in the wrong body
Aspiring model Zoe Pierce, 15, who was born a male, says it took nine years to understand why she felt different and once she knew felt 'liberated'

Meet Britain's First Transgender Ballet Dancer
Sophie Rebecca is taking classes at the Royal Academy of Dance, the first openly-transgender dance to do so.

Transgender patients subject to NHS discrimination, MSPs hear
Transgender people in Scotland still face discrimination and delays in the health service, MSPs have been told.

Petition for transgender women to enter beauty pageant reaches 11,000 signatures
Jossy Yendall reached the finals of the 2016 Miss Galaxy contest but was disqualified after revealing she was transgender

Transgender Russians Struggle to Take Their Movement Out of the Shadows
As the country grows more conservative on gender and sexuality, transgender Russians are fighting for their lives under great threat.

Push to end court control of treatment for transgender young people
Not many 15-year-olds can say they have made Australian legal history and helped other transgender young people across the country. But then not all 15-year-olds are like Georgie.

Census will allow Australians to identify as 'other' for both sex and gender
Previous Australian Bureau of Statistic rules gave respondents option to identify as intersex or indeterminate but did not distinguish gender from sex

[New Zealand]
DB Breweries apologises for trans ad
DB Breweries have apologised for an Old Mout Cider advertisement that many in the LGBTI community have said portrays trans women as liars.

Prominent Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Emotional Unhappiness … Purely Psychological’
Dr. Joseph Berger, a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, states that from “a scientific perspective,” being “transgendered” is a psychological issue – “emotional unhappiness” – and “cosmetic surgery” is not the “proper treatment.”

Vanier College adds 15 gender-neutral washrooms
Transgender students at higher risk of harassment in gendered washrooms, college says

Alberta private schools working on transgender policies
Alberta’s private schools will draft policies to accommodate transgender students by a deadline created by Alberta’s education minister, according to an organization that represents them.

Chair of Transgender Studies brings personal experience to role
Aaron H. Devor, shown here with research materials kept in the Transgender Archives, will serve as the newly established Chair of Transgender Studies at UVic. Photo provided by University of Victoria

Caitlyn Jenner reveals she first attempted transitioning in the 80s
‘I started on hormones. I was a good 36B. I loved them'

Report: Trans youth more likely to have Asperger's
Nearly a quarter of young persons diagnosed with gender dysphoria, or transgender, screened positive for Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism, according to a new paper in the academic journal LGBT Health.
Transgender Vets Suffer Higher Rates of Mental and Medical Health Issues

New History Project Unearths Radical Feminism's Trans-Affirming Roots
The Conversations Project’s groundbreaking historical investigations shine light on the decades-old ideas of pioneering, trans-affirming radical feminists.

Did BuzzFeed Just ‘Out’ a Trans Man?
BuzzFeed staff writer Meredith Ramirez Talusan denies 'outing' a trans man, but is this her decision to make?

Parent upset over transgender student using boys’ locker room
A biologically female student who identifies as male is currently using the boys’ locker room at Rancho Bernardo High School, and the revelation has a parent outraged.

Teen Boys Wear Dresses to Call for Changes to School Dress Code
High school students in California's Clovis Unified School District called for a gender-neutral dress code last week after the district's school board voted down a proposal that would have "allowed boys to wear long hair and earrings and removed language that says dresses and skirts are for girls," the Sacramento Bee reports.
WATCH: California Students Swap to Protest Dress Code

State bill calls for all-gender bathrooms
A bill to designate all single-user restrooms in California businesses, government buildings, and public spaces as "all gender" is being proposed by Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco).

Transgender woman calls for equality in Palm Bay
Gina Duncan remembers when she hated seeing the person looking back at her in the mirror.

Packed School Board meeting after transgender restroom decision
At least 160 people came to the Sarasota County School Board meeting Tuesday evening from as far away as Charlotte County to protest Pine View School’s new bathroom policy that better accommodates transgender students.
BATHROOM BATTLE: Debate over which bathroom transgender students should use
Sarasota School Board hears restroom reversal request

Champaign Parent Against Separate Bathrooms For Transgender Students
A local father says a new Illinois bill is one step backwards for the transgender community.

Transgender Girl Scout stands up to bully who wouldn’t buy cookies from 'boy in a dress,' sells 3,000 boxes anyway
'I have learned that even though people can be mean I shouldn't give up!'

Trans woman who served years in jail without trial launches fundraiser
Eisha Love—a 26-year-old transgender woman of color released in December, 2015 after serving nearly four years in the Cook County Jail without trial—has announced a fundraising campaign designed to help her get back on her feet.

Why Indiana lawmakers killed the gay rights debate for this year
The gay rights debate in the Indiana General Assembly this year is over.
Lack of Compromise Cited as LGBT Rights Bill Dies in Indiana Senate
Exemption-filled “nondiscrimination” bill fails in Indiana Senate

Conflict erupts over how Maine should deal with transgender students
The Maine Human Rights Commission last month issued guidelines for public schools to use when dealing with students who identify as transgender.

Planet Fitness transgender locker room case heads to appeals court
A Midland County woman's lawsuit against Planet Fitness for its transgender-friendly locker room policy continues, despite a judge dismissing the lawsuit in January.

Beyond school bathrooms: What's really at stake in the gender-inclusion debates
Nearly five months into an emotionally straining push to secure their kindergartener access to a safer learning environment at Nova Classical Academy — where he was being bullied for wearing pink gym shoes and a sparkly backpack — Hannah and David Edwards feel their efforts may finally pay off.

City won't, but MSU will: University to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity
Citing confusion over the city's flip-flop, Missouri State University seeks to put in writing that it will not discriminate based on gender identity or gender expression.

Local Transgender Citizens Report Harassment at RDU
Dolores Chandler, a transgender Chapel Hill resident, prefers to be referred to with gender-neutral pronouns: "they/them" rather than "he/she" or "his/her." This is a tricky request for any English-language publication, but institutions must adapt to accommodate the marginalized.

A new way to talk about the non-discrimination ordinance
The non-discrimination ordinance to include LGBT rights has new life after failing to pass last year in the Charlotte city council. Charlotte mayor Jennifer Roberts said she wants it to be reconsidered.
Charlotte is again weighing LGBT protections. Here’s what the rules would do
The Unclean In the Bathroom
All gender bathrooms provide inclusiveness
Charlotte LGBT non-discrimination ordinance debate renewed with public forum

Transgender Police Officer Banned From Workplace Restroom
Can the government require genital surgery as a condition for equal treatment at work? That’s essentially the question that Brad Roberts faced.

This State Could Soon Become First to Stop Transgender Students From Using Opposite-Sex Bathrooms
South Dakota could soon become the first state in the nation to pass legislation that would ban students from using public school bathrooms, locker rooms and showers that are opposite from their biological sex.
ADF Attorney to Testify on Transgender, Religious Freedom Bills
Panel Kills Bill To Review SDHSAA Social Policy
A bill that would void an activities association policy allowing transgender students to request to play on the athletic team of their choice is headed to the House floor

Justice Down to the Pronoun
APD, media blunder in portrayal of transgender murder victim

Turner pushes pause, new HERO unlikely in 2016
LGBT activists and progressive supporters of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance are anxious to plot a strategy for reviving the failed ordinance, but Mayor Sylvester Turner said not so fast.

Texas Appeals Panel Denies Transgender Man Standing to Bring Paternity Action Concerning Children He Was Parenting
A three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals of Texas in San Antonio issued a new opinion on January 27, reaffirming a prior ruling issued on August 12 of last year, that a transgender man who had been parenting children adopted by his long-time former female partner lacked standing to seek custody and visitation rights because he didn’t assert such a claim shortly after the couple broke up.

LGBT activists protest at Capitol over bills to reverse transgender bathroom rules
LGBT advocates protested at the state Capitol Tuesday against what they are calling "anti-trans bathroom bills."
Transgender advocates TP state Senator Pam Roach's office

Gender-neutral bathrooms evoke mixed reactions
LGBTQ activists have worked to promote gender inclusivity on West Virginia University’s campus for 25 years. At the end of January, those activists believe they came one step closer.

Fallece la fotógrafa mexicana Viviana Rocco a los 43 años
La fotógrafa y activista por los derechos LGTB Viviana Rocco ha fallecido el pasado lunes, según ha confirmado su hermana a través de su cuenta oficial en Facebook. Su trayectoria visibilizó a la comunidad trans y homosexual en México para poner el foco en su realidad y necesidades.

Ayuntamiento de Tijuana demandado por negar un cambio de nombre y sexo
Tiene 27 años y desde hace 15 defiende una identidad que aunque siente suya, no goza del reconocimiento y garantía del Estado; ésta tomó otro rumbo, a pesar de que se registró como mujer. Por eso, María ahora es Armando.

São Paulo Trans March Demands Respect for Brazilian Community
More than 500 transgender and cis allies marched on City Hall demanding an end to Brazilian transgenrcide.

At least 48 transgender women killed in Brazil in January
At least 48 trans women have murdered in Brazil in the first month of 2016, Globo reports. “These are scary numbers,” Glória Crystal, the assistant secretary of NGO Livre Orientação Sexual (Free Sexual Orientation) told Globo in an interview about two recent murders in the south of the country.

Murió Lohana Berkins, pionera en la lucha por los derechos trans
Fue activista y una de las impulsoras de la Ley de Identidad de Género. En una carta de despedida, recordó: "Todos los golpes y el desprecio que sufrí, no se comparan con el amor infinito que me rodea en estos momentos"

Franco Torchia habló de su polémica decisión de vestirse de mujer
"La situación que viven las personas trans es cada vez más grave en nuestro país", expresó el conductor en diálogo exclusivo con El Diario del Espectáculo luego de darle vida a Taffy.

quinta-feira, fevereiro 04, 2016

"A Rapariga Dinamarquesa" somos nós
Inicialmente fiquei um pouco de pé atrás em relação a ver o filme "A Rapariga Dinamarquesa" ("The Danish Girl" no original) de Tom Hopper, mas finalmente decidi-me a ir ver. Sem grandes expectativas, este filme mostrou-se uma peça fina de algo bem mais profundo do que uma mudança de pele - uma mudança de alma.

Invisibilidade e violência com travestis
“Pode perguntar pra qualquer travesti, a primeira agressão que ela tem é com o pai, porque o pai é o primeiro a enfrentar ela. É o primeiro homem que diz que ela não pode ser o que ela quer ser”"

Criança de 9 anos é a primeira no Brasil a ser autorizada pela Justiça a mudar de nome e gênero
Decisão de juíz do Mato Grosso foi tomada nesta quinta-feira (28); reportagem se encontrou com família que estava emocionada

Ativista trans do PSOL, Mel Campus,sofre transfobia e é agredida em Londrina
Ao sair da rodoviária e se encaminhar para um táxi, Mel Campus, ativista LGBTQ filiada ao PSOL, depara-se com um homem transfóbico que a agride tanto verbalmente, deslegitimando sua identidade de gênero, quanto fisicamente, atacando-a com latas de lixo, cones e dando socos e chutes. Essa cena aconteceu em Londrina no dia 12 de Janeiro e nenhuma das pessoas que estavam no local prestaram ajuda ou socorro, nem o taxista, nem os pedestres, muito menos os guardas municipais que estavam na guarita em frente e presenciaram a cena.

Polícia caça matador de garotas de programa e travestis em SP
A Polícia Civil de São Paulo está à procura de um serial killer responsável pelo assassinato de quatro mulheres e dois homens, na região do Grajaú, na periferia da zona sul. Os crimes ocorreram entre o dia 26 de dezembro de 2015 e 31 de janeiro. Segundo a polícia, cinco vítimas eram usuárias de drogas e envolvidas com prostituição.

Transfeminista Kayla França comete suicídio após preconceito; nós poderíamos ter evitado
Desde que Gabriela Monelli cometeu suicídio em 2013 – e outras travestis e mulheres transexuais também cometeram dias depois – optei por não divulgar mais tais casos. Existe uma discussão dentro do jornalismo de que, ao divulgar casos de suicídio, o profissional pode indiretamente provocar o que chamam de “suicídio por repetição”.

Transgender Tiffany says she's finally "waking up" after a lifelong struggle with her identity
"I'VE been Tiffany less than two years, but she's been here all my life."

Известный транссексуал Анжела Ликина зарезана в Уфе
В Уфе жестоко убили известного транссексуала Анжелу Ликину (Олег Воробьев), сообщают городские СМИ со ссылкой на данные друзей Ликиной и следствия. По предварительной информации, Анжела Ликина была зарезана неизвестными людьми, передаёт Лента.Ru со ссылкой на портал
Transsexual In Bashkortostan Stabbed To Death

Myanmar's transgender people not just chasing rainbows in fight for equality
Colors Rainbow, an organisation dedicated to ending discrimination against LGBT people in Myanmar, is challenging perceptions and changing lives

CAMH to Staffers: It Wasn’t Our Job to Fact-check That Report, and Zucker’s Firing Was Just a Coincidence Anyway
Things are somewhat tumultuous at Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health at the moment. The hospital, which bills itself as “the largest mental health and addiction research facility in Canada,” made news on December 15 when it announced it would be “winding down” its Child Youth and Family Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) in the wake of an external review that had been commissioned about that clinic’s practices, with the hope of later reopening it with input from a range of community voices.
A False Accusation Helped Bring Down Kenneth Zucker, a Controversial Sex Researcher

Zoolander 2 transface mocks with a giggle
Ben Stiller’s Zoolander 2 calculated mockery of gender non-conformity has elicited outrage. It’s insidious delivery defensible, setting up Trans people who object to it as promotional pawns. This will play well to many who would pay to see his latest inane comedy. To those ignorant or unconcerned about gender non-conformity, it will hardly raise an eyebrow. But thanks to Stiller’s immoral baiting many more will go to the theater ready to laugh at us.

DOD wants transgender Tricare coverage
The Defense Department sent a strong signal Monday that it intends to open the military to transgender troops with the release of proposed changes to Tricare.

Pentagon proposes rule change extending benefits to transgender troops and spouses
The Department of Defense announced today, Feb. 1, a proposed rule change extending benefits to transgender troops and their families as part of a comprehensive change in mental health and wellness benefits.

A User's Guide to This Year's Transphobic Legislation
Want to know if transphobic legislation has been introduced in your state? Read on.

Meet The Activists Leading The Fight Against LGBT Equality In Jacksonville
Jacksonville is set to be the next major battleground for LGBT equality as the city council considers extending non-discrimination protections to include LGBT people. Here's what the media should know about the groups and activists leading the fight against LGBT equality in Jacksonville.

Group rallies for transgender rights at Statehouse
Signs in support of civil rights protections for transgender people in Indiana welcomed lawmakers as they made their way to work Monday.

Indiana Lawmaker to debate #SB344 Trans Inclusion today
Indiana transgender citizens greeted lawmakers as they entered the legislature Monday. They hoped to impress upon them the necessity of including trans rights in #SB344 an LGB civil rights bill which currently omits transgender rights.
LGBT (minus T) civil rights bill dies in State Senate
Indiana Senate delays LGBT protections bill amid lobbying
Lawmakers Debating Adding Transgender To Civil Rights Bill
Transgender Advocates Ask For Protections Under Proposed Indiana Civil Rights Legislation

Deluxe Financial Services settles Transgender discrimination lawsuit for $115,000
Deluxe Financial Services is ordered to pay $115,000.00 for violating the rights of a transgender employee

Missouri lawmakers look to enforce gender-specific bathrooms
A Missouri high school's protest over a transgender teen's locker room use has prompted state legislators to file several bills that would make schools enforce gender-specific bathrooms and locker rooms.

Bishop: Charlotte putting its protection of women, minorities at risk
State rep warns Mayor Roberts and City Council not to pass LGBT ordinance
He says city lacks authority to do so, and probably lacked power to protect blacks and others
Whatever the legal merit of his argument, it seems like a political loser
Charlotte LGBT ordinance debate begins again
City Council to tackle non-discrimination ordinance-- again

Motion filed to dismiss civil suit against Bucks County
Lawyers representing Bucks County have filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a former transgender inmate.

Puerto Rico releases a new gender change form for driver’s licenses!
Puerto Rico’s Department of Transportation just released a new policy and a simple, clear, one-page gender change form that residents can use to update the gender marker on their Puerto Rico driver’s license or identification card. The gender change form has no requirement of surgery or any other specific medical treatment, and can be signed by any kind of licensed clinical professional, including psychologists, therapists, and social workers.

Sororities to allow all female-identifying students to rush
Panhellenic Council’s decision sparks discussion about gender identity, Greek life inclusivity

Friends of Austin slaying victim remember her as a light in dark times
Despite all the struggles she faced, 43-year-old Monica Loera was always funny, generous and full of life, said her friends, who continue to grieve after she was shot to death Jan. 22 in Austin’s first homicide of 2016.

Another Day, Another Horrifying Anti-Trans Bill Hearing in the State Legislature
It's only the first day of February, and already we're up to six anti-trans bathroom bills circulating in the state legislature. The most recent anti-trans bill hearing, on SB 6548, took place this afternoon.

Conheça as Gully Queens da Jamaica
Enquanto muitos de nós pensa na Jamaica como mais um paraíso caribenho, berço do reggae, a realidade do país para aqueles que lá vivem não é assim tão paradisíaca; a situação é ainda pior quando se trata de alguém da comunidade LGBTQ.

Colectivos GLBTI ‘repudian’ ataque a una mujer transexual en la 'zona rosa' de Quito
Más voces se suman al ‘repudio’ por la agresión a una mujer transexual cerca de la zona rosa de Quito. La Asociación Alfil, colectivo que protege los derechos GLBTI, emitió hoy, domingo 31 de enero, un comunicado en el cual “rechaza” el ataque.
Activistas GLBTI reportan un acto “transfóbico” ¡Heridas podrían ‘marcar’ su carrera!

Activistas y religiosos avivan el debate por la Ley de Identidad de Género
La comunidad de trans demanda una norma que permita el cambio de nombre y género en la cédula de identidad por tratarse -sostienen- de un derecho humano. Los religiosos rechazan aquello y consideran que la norma es engañosa.

Transgender women attacked by hooligans in Colombia
A trans woman suffered a fractured leg after a group of football fans threw stones at her near the Jaime Moron Stadium, Columbia.

Mara Pérez, una transexual en el gobierno conservador de Macri
Tiene 26 años, es católica y liberal en lo económico. Las asociaciones LGTB recelan de ella por su ideología

Franco Torchia ahora es travesti
El periodista realizará en su programa radial la presentación en sociedad de Taffy Torchia, su nueva identidad.

terça-feira, fevereiro 02, 2016

Five more countries ban The Danish Girl over 'moral depravity'
Jordan bans The Danish Girl for 'promoting homosexuality and gender transformation'

'Being Alice and not David just feels right': Transgender woman reveals emotional journey to becoming her true self
The brave 22-year-old has opened up about her stunning transition, from wearing a skirt for the first time to changing her name.

Nicola Sturgeon hails Scotland’s progress as LGBT History Month begins
Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has hailed the country’s progress on LGBT rights, at the beginning of LGBT History Month.

Spectator columnist claims MPs are trying to turn kids transgender
A Spectator columnist has claimed that Tory MP Maria Miller is trying to turn unsuspecting children transgender.

Teen students in UK given 25 gender options
The United Kingdom is giving school children a diverse array of 25 options when it comes to identifying themselves on a government-sponsored gender survey, which includes “tri-gender,” “genderqueer,” and “in the middle of boy and girl.”

Transgender friends reveal new identities to families in Jamaica
Steffan Zachiyah and Romario Wanliss have just returned from Jamaica, where their families saw them as men for the first time.

Turkish Constitutional Court to review Gender Reassignment Law
The Turkish Constitutional Court will review the country’s Article 40/2 which enforces trans people to undergo gender reassignment surgery for legal recognition of their gender identity.

HHS Rules Trans Woman Entitled to Surgery Under Medicare
The decision comes just as the Department of Health and Human Services is deciding whether to implement the Affordable Care Act’s endorsement of trans-affirming healthcare for private insurers.

California bill would open all single-stall restrooms to anyone
All single-person bathrooms in California would become gender-neutral under legislation proposed in the state Legislature.

Hawaii lawmakers: Ban gay conversion therapy for minors
Hawaii lawmakers have introduced a bill banning a hotly disputed treatment that aims to turn gay teens heterosexual on the basis that being gay is an illness.

Activists Pushing Lawmakers Over LGB, But Not T Expansion
SB344 expands civil protections to lesbian, gay and bisexual Hoosiers, but doesn't include provisions for transgender citizens.
Indiana lawmakers face deadline to keep gay rights bill alive

Missouri lawmakers take aim at gender-neutral bathrooms
Bills would require public schools to enforce gender-specific bathrooms
Missouri law does not prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity
Fears over transgender use of public restrooms have become a key weapon for opponents of nondiscrimination laws

Suit: Bucks County refused to give prescribed medication to transgender inmate
Bucks County is being sued in federal court by a former inmate who allegedly was denied access to medically prescribed testosterone injections and housed in a separate area of the women's correctional facility in Doylestown Township because he is transgender.

'You will never walk an inch in our shoes': Teenage transgender siblings say after article about them
Thomas and Nyr Medina-Castrejon are best friends, brother and sister. They share many things — an interest in computers, a penchant for languages, a fondness for animals — but only one makes them an “anomaly.”

Conference educates about trans* health care
Doctors, patients engage in seminars discussing sensitive treatment for trans* patients

Transgender advances hailed at Providence conference
Caitlyn Jenner cited as groundbreaking role model at Saturday's Trans Health Conference at Rhode Island College.

Bill would prevent more gender-segregated designations
A bill to repeal a rule allowing people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with drew a substantial crowd at its first and only public hearing last week.

Two more attacks in Brazil
Two trans women were shot during the early hours of Saturday the 30th, 2016 on the Cenobelino de Barros Sierra avenue in the Industrial Park neighborhood, São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brazil

segunda-feira, fevereiro 01, 2016

Travesti é baleada na cabeça durante o Corso do Zé Pereira de Teresina
Segundo a Polícia Militar, vítima teria se desentendido com uma outra pessoa.
Amigos da travesti relataram que ela brincava com arma, quando disparou.

Pai é preso após atirar em travestis suspeitos de roubarem celular do filho
Crime aconteceu em uma avenida de Rio Preto (SP).
Filho, um adolescente de 16 anos, também foi apreendido pela polícia.

Caminhada Pela Paz , em São Paulo, exige dignidade e respeito para a população trans
Um dia, teve uma primeira passeata LGBT, em São Paulo, que não juntou tantas pessoas. No ano seguinte, o número aumentou e seguiu aumentando ano a ano até o evento (em maio ele chega à 20ª edição ) se tornar um dos maiores do gênero em todo o mundo. Os organizadores da 1ª Caminhada pela Paz , com o tema "Sou Trans , Quero Dignidade e Respeito" apostam que vá acontecer o mesmo com este evento, que reuniu, segundo eles, mais de 500 pessoas em passeata da Avenida Paulista até a Câmara Municipal, no centro de São Paulo, neste sábado (30).

Llamadme Paul
Paul B. Preciado, transexual y feminista, es uno de los abanderados del debate sobre la identidad de género, como embajador de la Queer Nation. Le entrevistamos en un momento en el que la transexualidad es más visible que nunca gracias, en parte, a Hollywood y las series de televisión estadounidenses.

Transgender baptisms offered in UK for first time after church leader inspired by brave little girl
Jean Clements, head of the New Chapel Unitarian and Free Christian, came up with the idea after meeting a couple who had a transgender child.

Objective reality crumbling on trans issues, columnist warns
Belief in a binary distinction between male and female is “now being categorised as a form of bigotry”, a columnist has warned.

What it's like to be Transgender and Catholic
Tara Hewitt, NHS equality and diversity advisor, doesn't believe in abortion or IVF but says it doesn't affect her job

How should we be defining gender identity in 2016?
It is best to ask which term an individual prefers'

Stonewall Defends Children's Gender Survey Following Christian Institute's Condemnation
An LGBT charity has defended a survey sent to schoolchildren asking them to describe their gender.

A bus driver working on the Kadikoy-Uskudar line in Istanbul tried to force a trans male, whose gender identity is recorded as female on his public transportation card, to get off the bus.

I am treated like an untouchable: Transgender teacher
When Pankaj Sarkar went for a sex realignment surgery in 2014, the last thing he had imagined for himself was the untouchable tag. In a cruel twist of fate, Pankaj - who has been christened as Riya - claims to be living in hell. A teacher of history in Dum Dum Prachaya Bani Mandir For Boys', Riya alleged that she has been at the receiving end of what she called 'terrible alienation' from some teachers of this government sponsored school. Extremely disturbed with the way she has been treated as 'cattle class', Riya reached out to vice chairperson of the West Bengal Transgender Development Board Manabi Bandopadhyay - to share her humiliation.

هل تونس على المسار إلى إضفاء الشرعية على الأقليات الجنسية ؟ (LGBT in Tunisia)
Is Tunisia on the path to respect human rights and upholding the value of personal freedoms? We can only hope so now that Germany has declared the country safe joining other European countries which have stopped taking asylum seekers.

Las minorías sexuales de Uganda luchan contra la persecución y reivindican el legado de Kato
Cinco años después del asesinato del activista, el país continúa profundamente dividido por la cuestión de los derechos de los homosexuales
Las próximas elecciones presidenciales vuelven a poner sobre la mesa el tema de la polémica ley que permite condenar a los homosexuales a cadena perpetua o a la pena capital

Trans beauty pageant criticized for offering gender reassignment surgery
The Miss Gay and Ms. Transsexual Australia 2016 offers gender reassignment surgery as their grand prize, and they’re taking a lot of heat from people who think they’re trivializing a major surgery.

Alleged exchange with gender identity doctor didn’t happen, CAMH says
After the controversial closing of its world-famous gender identity clinic, and the dismissal of Dr. Ken Zucker, its internationally renowned director, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has acknowledged to The Globe and Mail that a damaging account of an alleged exchange between a patient and Dr. Zucker was false.

Why Do So Many Laws Protect Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People, but Not Transgender People?
Indiana recently passed a state bill that would allow gay, lesbian, and bisexual people civil rights protections against discrimination, but transgender people were left out of the bill's protection entirely. This means that while gay, lesbian, and bisexual people will receive protection from being fired, denied service, or facing eviction because of who they are, transgender people are basically on their own in that department, and it's not the first time we're seeing that distinction being made.

How the Internet black market profits off trans discrimination
By age 32, Teagan Beal had become convinced of two opposing facts: She needed a prescription for gender reassignment hormones, and there was no doctor whom she could ask.

Genital Surgery Must Be Provided To Trans Woman Through Medicare Program
Charlene Lauderdale was denied coverage for the procedures by her private insurance firm, which is funded through Medicare. But for the first time this month, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services panel found that the insurance provider must cover the procedures.

FAA will no longer put 'disorder' label on transgender pilots
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is no longer labeling transgender pilots as victims of a "gender identify disorder."

The ‘Utah Compromise’ Is A Dangerous LGBT Trojan Horse
Last year, Utah was the only state that advanced statewide nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people, leaving behind 28 states that still offer no such protections. Utah’s legislation, however, included some rather unprecedented “religious liberty” carveouts, which many conservatives have since suggested should serve as a model for other states, particularly those wrestling against the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling.

Stephen Gonzales convicted for murdering trans woman Melony Smith
Stephen Gonzales was convicted today in Pomona Superior Courthouse of murder in the first degree for the strangulation and bludgeoning death of transgender woman Melony Smith.
Killer of transgender woman faces 25-to-life in Baldwin Park case

California lawmaker seeks ‘all-gender’ restrooms in public
Bill would eliminate separate single-occupancy restrooms for men and women
New legislation to expand restroom access in California

Curry: No change to HRO needed
Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry says he does not believe the city needs to pass a new Human Rights Ordinance in order to protect gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered residents from discrimination after announcing he was banning all forms of employment discrimination in the city.
Amid heated debate over LGBT issue, Mayor Curry says law does not need to be changed
Curry Prohibits 'All Forms' Of Employment Discrimination; Opposes HRO Bills

Indy Senate moves Gay rights bill forward as LGBT community protests T exclusion Outside
As we reported earlier, a few Indiana (mainly republican) lawmakers are pushing forward SB344 a political expedent bill which excludes transgender rights.

'My name is Matt': Transgender student asks school system to use his preferred name
"I wasn't going to live being so uncomfortable," he said.

West Windsor-Plainsboro schools considers transgender student policy
Following a recent policy enacted by nearby Princeton schools, the West Windsor-Plainsboro School District is considering a proposal to make their schools more welcoming to transgender students.

Transgender adolescents, brother and sister, seek their true selves
Ten-year-old Nyr Medina-Castrejon admired herself in the mirror as she twirled around the bedroom in a pretty purple dress.

South Dakota Lawmakers Weigh In On Transgender Bathroom Bill
Transgender students, same-sex marriages and religious beliefs have been hot topics in Pierre this legislative session.
Transgender bills receive backlash

First Trans Murder of 2016 - RIP Monica Loera
I'm sad to report thanks to a tip by Gina Morvay and the Austin Chronicle that the first trans murder of 2016 has happened in the Lone Star State in Austin.
The reason we in Texas and Austin didn't know about it until a week after it happened is because once again, the trans victim was misgendered by the police and subsequently the local media.

Police make arrest in North Austin homicide
Police charge man with murder after North Austin shooting last week
Remembering Monica Loera
Police under fire for referring to transgender murder victim as a ‘man’
Texas Trans Woman Murdered In Her Home

Sports in transition
Proposed rule on determining gender could spell trouble for trans athletes and UIL; Olympics adopts progressive policy

Virginia Senate passes pair of nondiscrimination bills
Fair housing and public employment measures earn bipartisan support in uphill battle
Nondiscrimination bills clear State Senate

Lawmakers in Liberal State Move a Step Closer to Repeal of Transgender Bathroom Rule
A bill to repeal a rule allowing transgender individuals in Washington state to use public bathrooms based on their gender identity has cleared a state Senate committee.
Washington State may abolish rule forcing businesses to let men into women’s bathrooms
Transgender restroom rule prompts criticism, rally in Vancouver

Analizan denuncia por 'discriminación' en contra de activista LGBT
La presidenta de la asociación civil "Por un Veracruz sin discriminación", Flippy Morales de Franco, podría ser denunciada por "discrimar" a una joven transexual que participó en un concurso de belleza el pasado sábado 16 de enero.
Se disculpa activista Flippy Morales tras coronación de "Miss Trans"

[El Salvador]
Las muertes invisibles de las mujeres y los hombres trans
Organizaciones de derechos humanos denuncian que desde 1995 más de 500 personas LGBTI han sido asesinadas sin que se investiguen siquiera sus casos. La Policía admite tímidamente que que tiene un problema interno de homofobia, pero apenas empieza a enfrentarlo. La Fiscalía calla. Cuando una persona trans es atacada en El Salvador, no solo no encuentra justicia: puede terminar en juicio convertida en victimaria.

[El Salvador]
Odio en El Salvador para LGBTI
El 2016 ha iniciado como un año violento en los diferentes departamentos de El Salvador. Cinco personas de la comunidad LGBTI han sido asesinadas. Hoy las vidas de las personas LGBTI es amenazada por la violencia que hay en el país, viviendo de esta forma una doble violencia. La primera por ser ciudadano de El Salvador y la segunda por ser miembro de la comunidad LGBTI.

Brazilian NGO Reports: one LGBT Murder every 22 hours
Although transphobia wasn’t mentioned in the report, of the LGBT Brazilians murdered during 2015, 21% were transgender children sex workers, the youngest being 13.

Missing brazilian trans man found murdered
The body of a 20-year-old trans man (described as a girl in media), identified as F. Hilário was found on the morning of Wednesday (27) by a resident who was going to work on the Caximba Road, near the BR-116. He was well dressed, wearing a watch on his wrist and had head injuries.

Barras bravas agreden a mujer trans
Una mujer trans sufrió una fractura en una de sus piernas, después que un grupo de aficionados al fútbol le lanzaran piedras en los alrededores del Estadio Jaime Morón.
Según la agredida, quien pidió la reserva de su nombre, los atacantes lucían camisetas alusivas a un popular equipo de fútbol, por lo cual creen que se trata de una de las barras bravas que frecuentan ese complejo deportivo.

Corte no se pronunciará sobre servicio militar de personas transgénero
La Corte Constitucional se inhibió de pronunciarse sobre una demanda contra la norma que regula el servicio militar en Colombia que aseguraba que el Congreso había incurrido en una omisión por no regular lo relativo a las personas transexuales y transgeneristas.

sábado, janeiro 30, 2016

Jovem desaparecida é encontrada morta em local conhecido por desovas
O corpo de um moça*, identificada como Fabiane Hilário, de 20 anos, foi encontrado por um morador que saiu para trabalhar e passou pela Estrada do Caximba, próximo a BR-116, na manhã desta quarta-feira (27). A jovem, estava bem vestida, usava um relógio no pulso e tinha ferimentos na cabeça.
*Inicialmente, foi repassado, tanto pela polícia quanto pelo homem que teria encontrado o corpo, que se tratava de um rapaz. Mas com a chegada da perícia, foi descoberto que era uma moça. A matéria foi atualizada.

Report documents anti-trans violence in Central America
A new report indicates transgender women in Central America remain particularly vulnerable to discrimination and violence.

‘Trans athletes are unfair to women’ insists columnist
The writer worries the move will be exploited by ‘medal-hungry male athletes’.

Brighton students given 24 options when asked by government to describe their gender
Options include 'In the middle of boy and girl'

Newspaper columnist jokes JK Rowling is writing ‘Hattie Potter and the Post-Op Transgender?’
A newspaper columnist has joked that JK Rowling is working on a new book: “Hattie Potter and the Post-Op Transgender?”
Patrick Kidd, writing in the Times diary column made the comments in response to a tweet from JK Rowling that she was struggling to choose a gender for characters in her new book.

Schools advised to have gender neutral toilets and uniforms to support transgender pupils
New guidelines have been launched to help schools support LGBT students.
Schools urged to get unisex toilets for transgender pupils

[Hong Kong]
No child should endure my ordeal, says sex-disorder Hongkonger forced to be a boy
Born neither male nor female, bullied as a child and driven to attempt suicide by repeated anatomical operations, Small Luk hid her bodily ambiguity for 20 years until a proper diagnosis allowed her to choose surgery and live as a woman. Now she wants Hong Kong to change laws so ‘intersex’ babies don’t have their sex decided for them, like hers was

Lethbridge school district releases draft gender identity policy
The Alberta government recently released guidelines surrounding gender identity and sexual orientation in schools across the province, and is asking school boards to develop policies that reflect those guidelines.

Cruz Rails Against Marriage, Trans Rights, Rainbows in Iowa
Days before the Iowa caucus, the presidential candidate panders to his base.

Veteran who grew up in Elkhart urges lawmakers to protect Transgender Hoosiers
As we first reported Wednesday night on FOX28 News at 10, an Indiana State Senate Committee advanced a bill that would add protections for lesbians, gays and bisexuals in Indiana, but not transgender Hoosiers.
Indiana Senate committee passes Trojan horse nondiscrimination bill

Discrimination agreement required at voucher-eligible school
Burrow into Lee Christian School’s “lifestyle statements and covenant” — a wordy, contractual document requiring the signature of parents, school employees and students grades 6-12 — and you’ll find this nugget:
“Gender confusion and dysphoria are ultimately the biological, psychological, social and spiritual consequences of the human race’s fallen condition. This state of depravity affects all persons individually and collectively.”

WEST WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO: School board adopts new policy for transgender students
With virtually no comment, the West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional Board of Education has introduced a new policy that addresses the topic of transgender students — children whose gender identity differs from their gender assigned at birth.

School board listens to transgender students
Two transgender students — Julia Crooks and Ryka Sweeney — stood before the microphone last Tuesday to address the school board about their concerns, and the board listened.

Transgender student sent home from school for wearing a skirt
Controversy tonight involving Toledo Public Schools and a student who wore a skirt to school. The teenager was born a boy is transgender and identifies as a girl.
Transgender student not allowed in skirt

LGBT advocates in uproar ahead of Oklahoma legislative session
Oklahoma legislators have pre-filed more than two-dozen bills targeting the LGBT community ahead of Monday’s legislative session.

Trans people to police: We're not 'portrayals'
Trans folks are speaking out against a Pennsylvania State Police practice of categorizing anti-transgender hate crimes by male or female “portrayal.”

Transgender Advocate Outraged At Student Bathroom Bill
The House of Representatives voted 58-10 approving H.B. 1008

Transgender Students’ Access to Restrooms Protected By Federal Law
ACLU-TN Initiative Aims to Raise Schools’ Awareness
Transgender Students' Access to Restrooms Protected By Federal Law

Utah proposal would protect LGBTQ people from hate crimes
A new proposal could make it a hate crime in Utah to harm someone because they are gay or transgender.

Virginia bill proposes Kim Davis-style clerk exemptions
Senate committee backs same-sex marriage religious objection bill, but kills hate crimes measure

Federal appeals court hears transgender Va. student lawsuit
A federal appeals court on Wednesday for the first time considered the question of whether Title IX of the U.S. Education Amendments of 1972 allows transgender students to use facilities that are consistent with their gender identity.

Eight Questions About the Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills in the State Legislature
On Wednesday, a state senate committee passed SB 6433, a bill that would repeal the Washington State Human Rights Commission's new rule that protects transgender people using sex-segregated bathrooms. Danni Askini, executive director of the Gender Justice League, attended the hearing. We spoke to Askini about what happens now, and what the public testimony she heard yesterday means for transgender people in Washington State.
Seattle Mayor and City Council Oppose Repealing Transgender Bathroom Protections

Nine Brazilian trans women charged with attempted murder of sex worker
Carla, a 29-year-old trans woman (or transvestite as Brazilian media calls us), was stabbed three times after an argument related to a sex work spot in Lourdes neighbourhood, on Tuesday night. Nine transgender women were arrested, accused of involvement in the attempted murder, one was accused and sent to Uberaba prison. The knife used in the crime was also confiscated and handed over to the police.

sexta-feira, janeiro 29, 2016

Governo lança livro 'Transexualidade e Travestilidade na Saúde'
O objetivo é informar e conscientizar toda a sociedade e promover hábitos saudáveis entre a população de travestis e transexuais.

Top 10 books about gender identity
Transgender, intersex and subverting gender stereotypes: The Art of Being Normal author Lisa Williamson selects her favourite books that feature characters across the gender identity spectrum

Australian of the Year: Catherine McGregor sorry after saying David Morrison choice was 'weak'
Australian of the Year finalist and transgender military officer Catherine McGregor has swiftly apologised after branding the appointment of her former boss David Morrison to the position as a "weak and conventional choice".

[New Zealand]
“Unacceptable flatmates are painted as villains”
An organisation that supports transgender people in exercising their human right to access appropriate housing says it is “unacceptable” that the transgender group who advertised for a new flatmate stating they did not want to live with heterosexuals, have been painted as villains by the Human Rights Commission.

Local access to healthcare for transgender patients lacking, one advocate says
Wesley Austin says he faced some resistance when he was transitioning from a woman

Calgary Bishop Fred Henry unrepentant over transgender 'totalitarian' comments
Outspoken Catholic leader doubles down on criticism of 'anti-Catholic' Alberta Education gender guidelines
Muzzling judgement on LGBTQ lifestyle is 'pure nonsense,' says Alberta Catholic Bishop Fred Henry

Feds push to remove any mention of 'he' and 'she'
Changes will create new expenses for employers required to comply

Fayetteville's state-fought law on civil rights argued in court
A Washington County circuit judge said this week that he will rule on whether a state law allows Fayetteville's civil-rights ordinance.

Sarasota school's bathroom policy sparks conversation about transgender rights
Nate Quinn is a high school senior dealing with everything from homework, to college applications to extracurricular activities, and, on top of it all, he's transgender. It was a year ago when Quinn told his family and friends he identified as a boy.

Lake hopes for leads in transgender cold case, sends items for DNA testing
Lake County sheriff's detectives are hoping that sending off items found with a transgender woman's body 30 years ago for DNA testing could spur some leads in the cold case and possible identify the woman.

Anti-LGBT Bills Begin Advancing In Indiana And South Dakota
With a tsunami of anti-LGBT bills being introduced in states across the country, this week saw the first movement on such legislation in Indiana and South Dakota — and the results do not bode well.

BREAKING: Indiana Senate panel kills religious objections proposal
An Indiana Senate committee has killed a bill that would have thrown out the state’s contentious religious objections law and replaced it with more robust protections for the rights of worship, speech and bearing arms.

Mom sues after Minnesota teen denied coverage for gender reassignment
The federal case alleges employer and health plan denied coverage for Reid Tovar Olson.
Minnesota mom sues over denial of son’s gender reassignment treatment

Missouri business groups divided on LGBT-discrimination ban
Missouri businesses are divided over a proposed ban on discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, with some companies during a Wednesday hearing backing the measure as needed to recruit top candidates and some powerful business groups countering it could lead to more lawsuits.

Moorestown schools talk transgender policy, pass superintendent search firm
The Moorestown Board of Education public comment was filled with two very different subjects last week. Parents spoke about the safety and comfort of their children sharing bathrooms and locker rooms with transgender students. Residents also expressed their support of having Interim Superintendent and Director of Curriculum and Instruction Carole Butler as the new superintendent, with no need to hire a search firm.

Here's What State's New Regulations Mean for Transgender New Yorkers
Transgender New Yorkers have new protections against harassment and discrimination, thanks to changes made to the regulations of the state's Division of Human Rights.

House passes transgender bathroom bill
A couple of bills making the rounds during the current legislative session take a look at a student's anatomy and sexuality.
House votes to send student bathroom bill to state Senate

Transgender student brings court fight over bathrooms to Richmond's 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
A transgender student’s fight to use a boys bathroom at his Gloucester County school went before the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday.
Body or mind: Appeals court judges question what defines gender in Gloucester lawsuit
Appeals court hears Virginia transgender teen’s case regarding bathroom use
Attorney urges court to rule in transgender student’s favor

Full Senate to vote on gender-identity bathroom bill
A state rule that allows people in Washington to select a restroom based on their gender identity protects transgender people from harassment, supporters of the rule told a Senate committee Wednesday.
Wash. Senate bill would reverse transgender bathroom rule
Bathroom bill raises ‘vile’ rhetoric
State Senate panel narrowly votes to repeal new transgender bathroom rule
Transgender Access To Restrooms, Locker Rooms Spurs Impassioned Debate
Rules on transgender restroom access sparked heated debate in Spokane Valley

Violence against transgender women in Brazil remains high in 2016
Brazil launched a campaign to support its transgender population Wednesday, an issue that desperately needs attention after reports that 48 transgender women have been murdered in the country so far this year.

Brazil Launches Campaign to Support Transgender Population
The Brazilian government launched today a campaign focused on health, human attention and respect for the transsexual and transgender population.

quinta-feira, janeiro 28, 2016

Travesti é morto com tiro no tórax
Um travesti foi morto na noite deste domingo (dia 24) no bairro Jardim Paraíso, em Rio Preto. A vítima foi atingida por um tiro na região do tórax e chegou a ser socorrida, mas não resistiu.
Brazil: the slaughter continues

Travesti é esfaqueado em disputa por “ponto” no bairro de Lourdes
Um travesti foi esfaqueado por outros nove travestis na noite desta terça-feira (26), no cruzamento da avenida Leopoldino de Oliveira com a avenida Niza Marques Guaritá. A possível motivação da briga seria a disputa de ponto para programas no bairro. A Polícia Militar (PM) foi acionada e prendeu os nove acusados de envolvimento no crime.

Rights in Transition Making Legal Recognition for Transgender People a Global Priority
Bhumika Shrestha, a transgender woman in Nepal, holds her citizenship certificate, which listed her as male in 2011. Nepal legally recognized a third gender category beginning in 2007, but it took Shrestha and other activists and transgender citizens until 2015 to push for recognition on documents.

Trans people to get free travel passes
Free annual travel passes are being given away to transgender people, in an attempt to raise awareness of transphobia among the public.
Free Madrid metro passes for transgender people
Madrid metro sparks row with free passes for transsexuals

Jeremy Clarkson comments about trans people are 'damaging', says Stonewall
Ex-Top Gear presenter has been criticised for Sunday Times column that accuses couple of ‘poisoning the mind of a child’ by letting their son live as a girl

German party says schools should teach trans children to accept their 'biological gender'
Eurosceptic party AfD also doesn't consider holding back marriage equality to be discriminating against LGBTI people

How one controversial Tel Aviv clinic is helping transgender youth
The Channel 2 network recently received an unusual complaint: A viewer of the reality show "Big Brother" claimed that her feelings were hurt when a participant was shown putting on tefillin, small boxes containing Torah verses worn by observant Jews during weekday prayer. For the viewer, the problem was that this participant, Michael Elroy, is transgender — a man who was born a woman and changed his gender. Even though Judaism does not forbid women from putting on tefillin, most of the Orthodox public holds that this deed is reserved for men only. And so, according to the complainant, Channel 2 “enabled a woman to ridicule Jewish values and the holy books.”

Transgenders: Our fight will not stop till Sec 36A repealed
Section 36A is aimed at controlling the ‘objectionable activities’ of ‘eunuchs’.

[New Zealand]
Flatmates defend their ad for 'No heterosexuals': We just don't want to live with you'
A group of transgender flatmates living in Wellington has defended their Trade Me listing for wanting "no heterosexuals" in their advertisement.
Trademe advert highlights trans housing discrimination

[New Zealand]
Bullied, trans people end up on the streets
A spokesperson from Lifewise says feedback from frontline staff tells them that about 1-1.5% of clients identify as transgender and the organisation is currently working with seven people who identify as transgender.

Cheers and fears as WSD trustees debate landmark transgender policy
Amid fears of discrimination against heterosexuals, predictions of lawsuits and the perils of schools keeping secrets from parents, Winnipeg School Division’s pioneering transgender policy is off and running.

Many Transgender Ontarians Not Comfortable With Doctors
A study led by researchers at Western University has found about half of transgender Ontarians who have a family doctor are not comfortable discussing transgender-related health issues with them.

Canada’s Michelle Dumaresq upbeat about IOC change for transgender athletes heading into Rio 2016 Olympics
A couple years back, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights tracked down Michelle Dumaresq to request a jersey from her career as a professional mountain biker.

Who’s Afraid of Gender-Neutral Bathrooms?
In the middle of taking the bar exam at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, in New York City, along with thousands of aspiring lawyers, I had to go to the bathroom. The enormous line for the women’s restroom looked like it would take at least a half hour. There was no line for the men’s restroom. I walked in, passed my male counterparts at a row of urinals, used one of several empty stalls, then returned to my desk. I felt that my decision to forgo the women’s bathroom made a difference to my passing the exam, and that the much longer wait for women than men during an all-important test for entry to the legal profession was obviously unfair.

Trans Youth and Adults are Under Attack: Help Needed to Stop Bullies in State Legislatures Now
Our community is under attack.

Gender Identity vs. Catholic Identity Face-Off After Title IX Expansions
The federal government’s reinterpretation of Title IX to include ‘gender identity’ is generating concern on Catholic campuses.

Bill O'Reilly Wonders Whether Transgender Voters Will Get A "Special Booth"
DAVID SPADE (GUEST): I think like my mom said when you are younger, you are Democrat. When you get older you get Republican. I don't know why she said that. She said that when you get money and in the beginning you are saying "I want to help the world" and then when you get older you try to think it through and say "I have money, where is it going? Is it going to the right places" and blah blah blah. Republicans get a bad rap. I don't know where I fall. I think it's hard to pick such a clear side when there is transgender now and people don't even like to say male or female.

Speaking up for equal access to shelters
Over 1500 people have joined the National Center for Transgender Equality to urge the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to ensure that all trans people can access safe shelters when they need it.

North Carolina native to create statue paying tribute to transgender victims of violence
North Carolina State University’s School of Design alumnus Heath Satow has been hired to create a new statue to pay tribute to transgender victims of violence.

StoryCorps: A transgender pioneer reflects on her path to activism
In the 1960s, the Tenderloin was a center for the LGBT community in San Francisco. But even there, they faced discrimination and harassment, often from the police. Felicia Elizondo first came to the Tenderloin from San Jose as a teenager in 1963. It was there that she took part in the Compton’s Cafeteria Riot in 1966, one of the first transgender riots in the country.

LA LGBT Center Creates Transgender Youth Fund with Holly Woodlawn Donation
Before she died early last month, internationally acclaimed cabaret performer and Andy Warhol muse Holly Woodlawn had decided to leave a legacy of support for at-risk LGBT young people. Shortly after her death on Dec. 6, her estate reached out to the Los Angeles LGBT Center—the nation’s largest provider of services for LGBT youth—to jointly establish the Holly Woodlawn Memorial Fund for Transgender Youth with seed money of $25,000.

Southington school board considers policy for transgender students
The Board of Education is considering a policy for transgender students that would increase privacy, allow access to locker rooms and bathrooms, and require teachers to address transgender students by their chosen names.

DeKalb County schools await state policies for transgender students
School districts 424,427,428 have general policies affording students freedom from discrimination based on sex, gender identity, sexual orientation
Transgendered community upset at proposed bathroom bill
Illinois Bill Would Limit Transgender Bathroom Access

Seven transgender women have been murdered in Detroit since 2011. The harm runs far deeper than the headlines
At 10:21 A.M. on a smotheringly humid July morning this past summer, a woman on Detroit's west side dialed 9-1-1.
Six minutes later, a second call came through. The message was more or less the same: A lady, who appeared to be naked, was lying in the intersection of McGraw and 25th Street. She was possibly moving. Maybe hit by a car.

Nova Classical Academy approves interim gender inclusion guidance
At its board meeting on Monday evening, Nova Classical Academy board of directors approved guidance to staff on gender inclusion at the public charter school. The guidance, which is an interim measure until the board approves an official policy, states that gender non-conforming students should be protected from bullying, that gender non-conforming students can wear the uniform that matches their gender, and that students will be able to use the “single sex facility” that aligns with their gender.

“Kill this legislation, or we will see you in court,” LGBT group speaks out against new proposals
Today, the nation's largest LGBT civil rights organization accused our state of going after LGBT families with over two-dozen proposed new laws.

Local transgender woman sues U-Haul for discrimination
A transgender woman who claims a Gresham U-Haul employee discriminated against her by refusing to rent her a van is now suing the company for $75,000.

Dakota Midday: HB1008 With ACLU's Libby Skarin
South Dakota ACLU Policy Director Libby Skarin joins Dakota Midday for a conversation about House Bill 1008, a bill to "restrict access to certain restrooms and locker rooms in public schools."
Transgender Restroom Policy Fix Passes Committee
Transgender bathroom bill moves ahead in Pierre
Transgender bathroom bill advances in Pierre
SD Civil Rights Advocates Oppose Bills Aimed at Transgender Students

Proposed religious freedom bill defended by Virginia GOP House and Senate members
GOP House and Senate members gathered at the Capitol today to support several proposed bills which aim to protect religious freedoms in the Commonwealth.
Va. Senate committee approves two anti-discrimination bills

ACLU: Gloucester transgender lawsuit comes at critical time
The appeal filed by the 16-year-old transgender student who is suing Gloucester County schools over its restroom use policy will have crucial consequences, according to Joshua Block, senior staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union.
Va. transgender student’s case could have national implications
4th Circuit to hear Virginia transgender student’s appeal
4th Circuit to hear transgender student lawsuit

Transgender woman files suit against Peoples Bank for allegedly denying her service
A transgender woman has filed a civil lawsuit against her bank, saying they denied her service over the phone because she sounds like a man.

Legislator explains why she's blocking transgender bathroom opposition bill
Washington state Rep. Laurie Jinkins disagrees with a proposed bill that would limit the state's transgender bathroom policy, but she told KIRO Radio's Jason Rantz that's not why she's blocking it from being heard by the Legislature. At least, not the only reason.
ICYMI: The State Rep Behind the Transgender Bathroom Bill Faces Questions About His Military Record
Senate committee to consider bill to repeal gender-identity bathroom access

Se graduó en la universidad el primer homosexual zapoteco asumido como mujer
Amaranta Gómez Regalado oriunda de la ciudad de Juchitán, es el primer zapoteca homosexual asumido como mujer que se graduó de una Universidad, al defender su tesis de licenciatura en Antropología con el tema, Guendaranaxhii: la comunidad muxhe del Istmo de Tehuantepec y su relación erótica- afectiva.

Nicaragua’s Red Odetrans media campaign goes viral
Red Odetrans, a Nicaraguan trans advocacy organization media campaign “Somos iguales a vos” (“We are just like you”) has found success in the media, traditional and digital. The campaign has been particularly effective in universities helping people to visualize the different aspects of trans women in Nicaragua.

Indígenas, pobres y homosexuales
El libro ‘La Madonna de Sorata’, del boliviano Edson Hurtado, reúne crónicas estremecedoras sobre el terrible destino que depara a aquellos que tienen una sexualidad heterodoxa en una comunidad indígena

Murdered Argentinian trans woman identified as Bella Inostroza
A trans woman was found dead in a rural drain in the Roca neighborhood about 1500 meters south of Route 22 has been identified by family as Bella Inostroza, 40 years old.

Dirigente trans, coordinadora en el ministerio de Bullrich
Patricia Bullrich, nombró a Mara Pérez Reynoso, vicepresidenta de Unión PRO Diversidad, como Coordinadora Nacional de Diversidad.
Primera transexual nombrada como jefa de dependencia del Gobierno argentino