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quarta-feira, maio 04, 2016

Cliente agride travesti em motel após vítima cobrar mais por beijo em MT
Travesti de 21 anos cobrou R$ 50 após cliente ter lhe dado um beijo.
Ele se recusou e agrediu vítima depois que ela tentou deixar o local.

Legal precedent brings hope to families of transgender children
New case in Valencia showcases the shortcomings of legislation that puts limits on Civil Registry changes

Transgender children: 'I don't want to grow a beard'
Last year, the Victoria Derbyshire programme met children going through a period of extraordinary change - but what's happened to two of the UK's youngest transgender children since?

Rein in Religious Police Raids Against Transgender People
Ira Sophia planned a fun evening for Malaysia’s transgender community. The private, closed-door event at the five-star Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on April 3 featured a sit-down dinner for 200 people and was intended to raise money for charitable causes.

[New Zealand]
Preview: From This Day Forward
It isn’t very often a documentary explores the complexities of gender identity and transition from the perspective of a trans person’s adult child.

The People Project: A difficult journey pays off for transgender rights advocate Naomi Hiebert
Going through puberty can be tough.
Fighting through it twice is even tougher.
For Naomi Hiebert, a transgender woman, that’s what it felt like.

Alberta Catholic school district spent $367,000 on legal battle with transgender teacher
Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools has so far spent $367,000 of taxpayer dollars on a legal battle with a teacher who was fired after undergoing gender-reassignment surgery.

WSD seeks feedback on transgender policy
The Winnipeg School Division has formed a draft policy for transgender students and employees. It is available for review on the front page of its website,, if you scroll down slightly.

Arsonist attempted to set fire to Canada’s only clinic providing sex reassignment surgeries
The only clinic in Canada that offers sex reassignment surgery has suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage following an arson attempt.
Police seek man suspected of setting fire at medical clinic
Arson at Montreal clinic concerns trans people awaiting surgery

Anti-LGBT Activists 'Testing' Target By Sending Men Into Women's Rooms
It turns out that anti-LGBT activists are right that men are taking advantage of a transgender-inclusive policy at Target to go into women’s restrooms — and those men are anti-LGBT activists.

John King Slams Transgender Laws in NC and Mississippi
Education Secretary John B. King Jr. on Monday criticized recent state laws in North Carolina and Mississippi that restrict gay and transgender rights.

Congressional Republicans Attach North Carolina-Style Discrimination To Defense Budget
Republicans in Congress have indicated that they like what’s been happening in North Carolina and want to see some of the same anti-LGBT discrimination at the federal level. Last week, they added an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act intended to roll back LGBT protections introduced by the Obama administration in 2014 in a way that mirrors North Carolina’s HB2.

Transgender FIU Student Shares Journey of Becoming Woman
A South Florida transgender woman says she's finally feeling like herself after undergoing a life-changing procedure that makes her feel like the person she was born to be.

Advocates Ask State For Clear Policies On Transgender Students
The Kumu Hina Project asks the Department of Education to protect transgender students’ rights.

'Active shooter' at Target was just 'disturbance' about transgender restrooms: Cops
A call of an “active shooter” Monday afternoon at a Target store in Bradley, Ill., turned out to be a Bradley man causing a disturbance inside the store protesting the company’s policy on transgender people’s use of restrooms, police said Monday.

Group prays for East Aurora school board, transgender bathroom policy
A group of pastors and community members gathered outside the East Aurora School District 131 board meeting Monday to pray for the school board and district leaders.

Transgender teen sets sights on becoming Portage High School prom queen
A transgender teen wants to be prom queen in northwest Indiana, and she says she has unwavering support from her classmates and parents in Portage.

UPDATE: 16-year-old arrested in deadly Wichita stabbing
A teenager faces second-degree murder charges following a deadly stabbing in southwest Wichita.
Friend remembers transgender murder victim
Transgender Woman Killed in Wichita

Kansas 'Bathroom Bills' Dead for This Year
The state legislature adjourned this morning without taking action on bills that would have compensated students upset by sharing facilities with trans people.

House will let Senate act first on transgender bill
After a controversial transgender rights bill cleared a key hurdle last Friday with two versions advancing through committee, Gov. Charlie Baker said Monday he "appreciated" the changes made to the House version, while Senate President Stanley Rosenberg said he was still reviewing the brief additions.
Garry, Lyons only reps to oppose transgender bills

Transgender flag flying high after ceremony at City Hall
A blue, pink and white-striped flag raised over City Hall Plaza in a show of support for the transgender population comes as lawmakers are debating anti-discrimination legislation that just passed the judiciary committee.

N.J. borough BOE to vote on transgender policy in late May
Highland Park Board of Education members said Monday that the board would not be discussing or voting on its new transgender policy on May 2. The vote is now expected to take place later in May.

How N.J. businesses handle transgender bathroom policies
Over the last two weeks, Target's bathroom policy has been at the center of a national discussion on transgender rights as the retailer has publicly shown support for its LGBT customers and employees.

Pittsburgh Public Schools to vote on protection measures for transgender students
The Pittsburgh Public Schools board plans to vote June 22 on a districtwide policy that would protect transgender students from discrimination.

Aiken County student says death of so-called ‘transgender bathroom bill’ leaves room for education
For a 20-year-old Aiken County college student, it was never an issue of feeling trapped inside of his body, but more of an acknowledgment that he needed to be the person he truly always was and is.

Horry County Schools decides to file brief supporting Title IX appeal
The Horry County Schools Board of Education has decided to file a brief in support of a Virginia school district's appeal of the Title IX law currently requiring districts to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify.

Transgender Smyrna man says he'll never use a woman's bathroom
A transgender man from Smyrna is weighing-in on the bathroom debate.

Austin commission favors new policy to identify transgender people
More than three months after authorities misidentified a transgender woman who was shot and killed outside her home, an Austin city commission on Monday unanimously voted in favor of a resolution that would direct the city to begin exploring how Austin police can better identify members of the transgender and gender-nonconforming community.

Rockwall ordinance on bathroom use by person’s sex at birth fails
Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt found no support for his policy to regulate bathroom use by birth sex Monday.

Opposition to Transgender Ballot Initiative Intensifies
There’s organized opposition to a proposed ballot initiative in the Evergreen State.

terça-feira, maio 03, 2016

Justiça autoriza transexual a mudar de nome sem operação de troca de sexo
A Justiça do Rio de Janeiro autorizou uma transexual a mudar de nome e sexo nos documentos sem passar pela cirurgia de transgenitalização. A decisão da 15ª Vara de Família da Capital foi tomada no final de agosto e só agora divulgada. A juíza Maria Aglae Tedesco Vilardo proferiu sentença favorável a Milena Pires Santana.

HSE paid for six patients to undergo sex-change operations abroad in 2015
The Health Service Executive paid for six patients to undergo sex-change operations in 2015.

Anti-LGBTI campaigners' smears and lies target trans people
As marriage equality becomes less and less controversial, it’s appalling to see many anti-LGBTI campaigners and commentators turn their cold-hearted attention to transgender people, attempting to vilify them with the most appalling nonsense.

Teen’s trans journey in rural Queensland town
Gavin Walker was just four years old when his mother Sandy first had an inkling he might be trans.

[New Zealand]
Transgender woman can pursue dismissal claim
A transgender woman who claims she was forced out of her job at an Auckland barbershop has been cleared to pursue her claim of unjustified dismissal in the Employment Relations Authority.
Cut Loose: Transgender Hairdresser claims unfair dismissal

Cruz won’t let up on anti-trans ‘bathroom predator’ myth
Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) continues to perpetuate the widely discredited idea allowing transgender people into public restrooms will leave women vulnerable to sexual predators in public restrooms.
Ted Cruz Responds to Caitlyn Jenner With Transphobic Fearmongering
Cruz argues 'bathroom bills' allow child rape

Denying Transgender People Bathroom Access Is Linked to Suicide
As North Carolina grapples with the fallout from its new “bathroom law,” which says that people must use public restrooms matching the gender on their birth certificates, and a dozen states consider similar bills, a new study suggests an association between denied access to restrooms and suicide attempts by transgender people.

Attorney General Says Bathroom Bills Show ‘Change Is Difficult’
North Carolina's law prohibits people from using bathrooms other than those that match their gender at birth

Welcome to the home of the toughest 'bathroom bill' in America
The Oxford, Ala., City Council passed an ordinance that punishes transgender people with up to six months of jail for using the bathroom that matches their gender identity. The move draws support – and questions.

How A Weekend At Transgender Camp Changed A Mother-Son Relationship
Storycorps Outloud tells stories from the LGBTQ community. This week we hear from a mother and her transgender son, about their relationship and the summer camp that changed his life.

Marchers call for transgender rights
After taking their issues to the Sarasota County School board with mixed results, supporters of transgender rights marched downtown Sunday to raise awareness in the community.

Transgender students advocate for single-occupancy restrooms
Aimes Dobbins was walking home alone from a party last fall.

Massachusetts lawmakers advance transgender anti-discrimination legislation
Massachusetts lawmakers are advancing legislation they say will provide anti-discrimination protections to transgender people in public places.

LGBT Rights Protesters Vow to Keep Fighting Mississippi Law
Hundreds of supporters of lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender rights protested Sunday against a new Mississippi law they call discriminatory, saying they're not giving up their fight.

North Carolina political leader defends HB2
North Carolina Senate leader Phil Berger sends letter to CEOs defending HB2, the state's new anti-LGBTI law

For transgender people, the public bathroom becomes a battleground
When 24-year-old Miles Jordan started to publicly identify as male, he found restrooms to be an issue fraught with tension.

VIDEO: Transgender activist viciously attacked on NYC subway and nobody stepped in to help
The attacker chased her around the crowded train but no one bothered to stop the hate crime

Pittsburgh schools to hold public workshop for its transgender policy
A Pittsburgh Public Schools board committee will hold a public workshop tonight in Oakland on a proposed transgender nondiscrimination policy that, among other guidelines, would allow students to use bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity.

Community gathers to pray ahead of school board meeting to on transgender bathrooms
Nearly 1,000 people came from all over the county to pray outside the Horry County Schools District Office Sunday afternoon.

Rockwall Bathroom Bill is Defeated
Easily a hundred trans people and allies crammed into the small Rockwall City Hall tonight far outnumbering a few stone-faced silent bigots. The haters were solemn because it was becoming increasingly obvious to them as Rockwall’s citizens spoke, that their cause was lost.

Second Texas City Responds to Target by Targeting Transgender People With Hateful 'Bathroom Bill'
State Lawmaker to Also Introduce Similar Legislation: 'I Will Die on This Issue Politically'
Transgender bathroom policy ignites protest at Heights-area Target

Texas politicians weigh in on gender-neutral bathrooms
Is Texas the next state to try and enact a bill restricting transgender people from using the bathroom of their gender identity?

ACLU of Texas and transgender woman take to youtube to answer qustions
A Houston Transgender Woman And The ACLU Of Texas Answer Questions That Are Most Googled.

For local transgender teen, national debate on restrooms is just a start
There was the name change. The lost friendships. And the friends who kept using the wrong pronoun. Cayden McDonald, who came out in a Facebook post as transgender in April 2012, would gently remind them that he is a “he” now.

Controversial ‘transgender restroom bill’ to return in Wisconsin, lawmaker says
A Republican state lawmaker plans to reintroduce a bill seeking to ban transgender people from certain restrooms, despite protests and economic backlash over similar legislation in North Carolina.

segunda-feira, maio 02, 2016

London Theatre Becomes Trans-Inclusive
Whilst the United States seems to be locked in a struggle over how to deal with transgender rights and the issues surrounding access to public bathroom facilities a theatre in the UK has made a very public declaration as to their stance on the issue.

What happened at the trans debate at Digital Pride?
Trans army officer Hannah Winterbourne says in five to 10 years there will be a trans person at the top ranks of the British Army
What happened at the intersex and non-binary panel at Digital Pride?

Video: Alleged Moroccan Transvestite Attacked in Meknes
A shocking video shows a group of people assaulting a man allegedly for wearing women’s clothing in the street in Meknes.

First transgender poll officer votes for rights
For the first time ever, a member of the transgender community, Riya Sarkar, conducted polls as a presiding officer at The South City International School under Rashbehari constituency.
How does it feel to be an 'other' category voter in Mamata Banerjee’s constituency?

Transgender teenage athletes fight for place in public arena
In the men’s figure skating competition at the All-Japan Inter-High School Championships in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, in January, 18-year-old Ryota Tamura performed in a pink and wine-red costume with her long hair set in a bun.

Bahamas vote on human rights infuriates some, leaves LGBT people out
Bahamas upcoming constitutional referendum on gender protection based on one’s sex is forcing a debate much akin to what the United States experienced during 1964 civil rights act enactment. Even with the Obama administration’s efforts transgender people lament daily not being included in that historic law. Ours remains a tenuous position dictated by political winds.

Kasich Calls for Balance on Gay Rights, Religious Beliefs
Asked about gay rights and marriage equality, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich said Friday that more people should take a "chill pill" and try to get along with one another rather than turn to unwieldy legislation.

Trans Students Have Better Options On College Applications Now
The Universal College Application and the Common Application, standardized college forms used by many colleges and universities, have both decided to change their 2016-2017 applications to be more inclusive to trans students, according to Campus Pride.

Transgender teen steps out on prom night
It was clear to all who saw her Saturday night that Ariel Zavala is growing into an unquestioningly beautiful woman.

Luciano: Washington school sorting out bathroom policies regarding transgender youth
As transgender legislation, debate and court cases spark national headlines, controversy bubbles at a central Illinois grade school.
Luciano: Mom describes toddler son saying: 'I'm not a he, I'm a she'

Other districts tackling issues for transgenders
While the Leominster School Committee has already adopted its own policy regarding transgender students, other local districts find themselves in various stages of accommodating transgender students.

City of Durham refutes transgender woman's claims
New video shows a different perspective in a back and forth debate between the City of Durham and a transgender woman's bathroom experience inside the Durham Transit Center.

Schools boost transgender access
New restroom option added at Whitmer

Pine-Richland ready to tackle transgender policy
Officials in the Pine-Richland School District on Monday will take the first steps on what they say could be a long road toward developing a formal policy regarding transgender students in the district.

Self-Appointed Bathroom Cop Catches Dallas Woman Using Women's Restroom
The way things are headed, with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick setting the state's legislative agenda, Texas may very well have its own crack squad of bathroom police. In the meantime, it's up to self-appointed enforcers of traditional gender norms to adjudicate which bathrooms strangers should use.

domingo, maio 01, 2016

40 anos de Finalmente: viagem ao mundo secreto das plumas e extravagâncias
Famosa pelos espetáculos de travestis, assinala 40 anos esta semana e torna-se uma das mais antigas discotecas de Lisboa. Breve viagem a uma história de plumas e extravagâncias.

Cantora transexual portuguesa grava clipe no Rio e lança livro revelador
Patrícia Ribeiro contou detalhes da troca de sexo, dos problemas com a aplicação de silicone industrial e do namoro com ex-presidiário.

CCTV issued after transgender woman spat on and assaulted in Bedford pub
Police have issued CCTV of a man they would like to speak to in connection with a hate crime in a Bedford pub.
On Saturday, March 12 at around 3.15am a transgender woman was spat at and assaulted in the George and Dragon in Mill Street, after a group of men had verbally assaulted her throughout the evening.

Trans people to receive compensation for forced sterilisation in Sweden
Yesterday, the Swedish Government announced an initiative [1] to pay economic compensation to trans victims of forced sterilisation in Sweden. Transgender Europe (TGEU) welcomes this initiative which acknowledges the past wrongdoings which violated the human rights, especially physical integrity, of trans people in the country.

Cabinet to take up transgenders Bill soon, says minister in LS
The Rights of Transgender Persons Bill had been moved by BJD member Baijayant Panda.

‘More Than 50’ Transgender Individuals In The Bahamas
There are more than 50 transgender male, female and youth living in the Bahamas, according Bahamas Transgender Intersex United spokesperson Alexus D’Marco.

Court ruling a victory for transgender boy
Even though a Prince George transgender boy's case is still before the B.C. Supreme Court, Tuesday's judgment letting him continue with a puberty-blocking drug was the biggest part of that battle, his lawyer said.
Gay lobby uses 13-year-old kids to hype BC ‘gender identity’ bill

Transgender people take advantage of Nova Scotia birth certificate changes
94 people have changed official sex designations since September rule changes

Medical experts rip Alberta’s ‘reckless’ and ‘dangerous’ transgender mandate
The Alberta government’s new guidelines promoting transgenderism in the province’s schools have not only sparked a parental revolt, they have triggered a stinging rebuke from two medical professors at the University of Alberta, who call the them “incredibly misguided,” “reckless,” and “dangerous” to the youth involved.

Booker, Murray introduce legislation against ‘ex-gay’ therapy
Two Democrats — Sens. Cory Booker (N.J.) and Patty Murray (Wash.) — are taking the lead in the U.S. Senate on legislation seeking to ban “ex-gay” therapy nationwide by requiring the federal government to classify it as a fraudulent practice.

White House: State laws not impairing U.S. efforts on LGBT rights~
Newly enacted state laws seen to enable anti-LGBT discrimination aren’t impairing the Obama administration’s efforts to advance LGBT rights either overseas or domestically, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday.

House panel approves measure undermining Obama’s LGBT order
A House committee is receiving significant attention for approving an amendment requiring women to register for the draft, but the same Republican-controlled panel incorporated early Thursday morning into a major defense spending bill a measure that would undermine President Obama’s executive order prohibiting anti-LGBT workplace discrimination among federal contractors.

Media Outlets Are Reporting 1 Million People Are Boycotting Target. Here’s The Truth.
News outlets are buzzing that a pledge to boycott Target over its transgender-inclusive policies is approaching 1 million signatures on Thursday. In reality, that number is unverifiable and almost certainly inaccurate. All that’s actually happening is that a hate group is getting a lot of free press.
Backlash, praise for Target's position on transgender issue picks up steam
Bryan Fischer Is Outraged That Target Allowed A Man Into A 'Family Dressing Room' Area
Pastor threatens to pee on the floor of his local Target to ‘protest’ transgender policy

Fox's Keith Ablow: "Life Events" And Parents Cause Children To Have Gender Identity Issues
Ablow: “It's Going To Be A Headline That I Said That Parents May Have Something To Do With Their Child's Gender Dysphoria”

Push for Equality Act renewed as states pass anti-LGBT laws
Amid consternation over the newly enacted state laws enabling discrimination against LGBT people, congressional lawmakers have renewed their push for comprehensive LGBT non-discrimination legislation at the federal level.

Religious-Liberty Laws That Have No Meaning
Tennessee is just the latest state to pass legislation claiming to protect conservatives who object to LGBT relationships and identity.

Seth Meyers Blasts 'Bathroom Bills' and Ted Cruz
The late-night host attacked those who spread fearmongering of transgender people and restrooms.

Feds list schools that sought exemption from discrimination statute
The Department of Education is listing the names of hundreds of religious schools that critics say discriminate against transgender students.

ACLU Considers Legal Challenge To Anti-Transgender Restroom Law In Alabama
The ordinance in Oxford, Alabama, appears to be the first in the country to criminalize transgender people who use restrooms that match their gender identity in places of public accommodation.

As Oxford limits bathroom access, experts find transgender people hard to count
Oxford City Council’s president has said an ordinance restricting bathroom access according to the sex on a person’s birth certificate isn’t aimed at the sliver of Americans who identify as transgender.

D60 revisions target discrimination
Board also approves several contracts

Local transgender woman speaking out following Target boycott
It’s sparking debate across the country. Should transgender individuals be able to use the fitting room or bathroom that matches their gender identification?

Trans woman acquitted in Casa Ruby assault case
Judge Robert Morin acquitted Jeniyah Littman of two misdemeanor charges.

House rejects ban on LGBT discrimination in D.C. voucher schools
The U.S. House rejected on Friday a measure that would have prohibited discrimination against students in D.C. voucher schools on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Students protest Marion County bathroom policy
Transgender students in Marion County will be forced to use the bathroom based on their sex at birth and not their gender identity, after the school board approved the restrictions earlier this week. The vote directly challenges a federal appeals court ruling on transgender students.
Protesters rally against transgender bathroom ban imposed by school board in Marion County

Feds exempt BYU-Idaho from protecting transgender students from discrimination
Title IX » The Mormon church-owned school got a religious exemption from the federal rules after a discrimination complaint.

District 211 decides against written policy on transgender access
Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211's administrative board policy group has recommended the district not create a written policy on transgender students' access to restrooms and locker rooms but stick to today's case-by-case handling of such special accommodation requests.

Critics of Kansas' transgender restroom bill rally at Capitol
Bills require payment of $2,500 for each violation of proposed law

Mass. House unveils revised bill
to expand transgender protections
The redrafted language attempts to address concerns critics have about safety and privacy.

Freep Film Festival audience award winner revealed
"From This Day Forward," a documentary about a northern Michigan family with a parent who comes out as transgendered, was voted by audiences as the top movie at this year's Freep Film Festival.

Ferndale Schools Board of Education Passes LGBT Inclusive Policy
The Ferndale Schools Board of Education passed a resolution in support of the state board LGBT youth guidelines that would allow transgender and gender non-conforming students to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender.

Group starts petition opposing trangender policy
A petition that opposes a proposed transgender inclusion policy in the New London-Spicer School District was launched this week by a group calling itself NL-S Safe.

Bigots Deface Awesome Pro-Queer Billboard In North Carolina
A billboard posted near the border between North Carolina and South Carolina in response to the state’s recent anti-queer legislation has been defaced — predictably enough, with religious-based rhetoric.
More NC lawmakers consider voter input on HB2
One Shining Moment! NCAA to require host venue, city and state be HB2 Free!
LGBT legal groups send Justice Department and White House letter about North Carolina’s HB2
Transgender Durham woman says defiance backfired on her
North Carolina Lawmaker Defends Law, Acknowledges Fallout
Petition calls for ACC baseball tournament to be moved from North Carolina

Transgender Law On The Front Burner
The ongoing battle over gender inclusive bathrooms in North Carolina rivets the attention of activists and observers across the country.

Will authorities reply to Morris letter?
Two years after the Eighth Ward Democratic Committee urged the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office to refer the Nizah Morris case to the state Attorney General’s Office for review, neither agency has replied.

Trans activist Deja Lynn Alvarez to join Public Health
The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has created new positions to help LGBT people link up with health services. Trans activist Deja Lynn Alvarez has been hired to fill a role as assistant prevention navigator, starting May 2.

Horry County Schools may support appeal of federal transgender bathroom law
Specially-called meeting starts Monday at 11:45 a.m.
Board of Education to join appeal against Fourth Circuit ruling
District OKed transgender student to use boys’ bathroom Thursday

Murder charges dismissed against transgender woman, grand jury still set to hear case
A judge dismissed a murder charge Thursday against a transgender woman accused of shooting and killing a pregnant 15-year-old girl last month, but the District Attorney's office said it still plans to present the case to a grand jury.

Nashville DA says transgender bathroom debate distracts from real issue
So-called transgender bathroom laws in several states have sparked debate about whether those designations put children at risk.

Transgender bathroom ordinance to be debated at Rockwall City Council
On Monday, Rockwall's City Council will wade into a national debate over transgender access to public restrooms.

Va. seeks review of Grimm decision
A Virginia school district has asked a federal appeals court to review its ruling in the case of a transgender student who is challenging its restroom policy.

Opponents push back on proposal to limit transgender access to bathrooms
Initiative 1515, which would restrict bathroom access for transgender people, isn’t on the November ballot yet. But the opposition is in place.
Anti Gender-Neutral Bathroom Campaign Initiative Comes To Washington

Transgender rights resurface as hot-button issue in Wisconsin
Controversy surrounding a bill requiring transgender K-12 students to use the bathroom corresponding to their biological sex has resurfaced after comments made by the bill’s author Wednesday.

Eau Claire community reacts to Target's transgender controversy
A controversy centered around safety and tolerance has been sparked by Target over gender neutral restrooms.

Brazilian transgender and transsexual civil servants will now be able to use their chosen names at work
Brazilian transgender and transsexual civil servants will now be able to use their chosen names while on the job.

Brazil: Three Trans women attacked
A hairdresser trans woman, who preferred not to be identified, is claiming she was beaten inside a BRT bus (Bus Rapid Transit, a bus-based mass transit system), on the west side of Rio de Janeiro.

sábado, abril 30, 2016

Júlia, a primeira transexual dirigente de um partido português: “O medo de ser assassinada acompanha-me"
Júlia Pereira tinha apenas 15 anos quando a transexual Gisberta foi assassinada no Porto por um grupo de rapazes. Foi há dez anos. Demorou tempo a digerir, mas o que sentiu foi sobretudo medo. Os assassinos de Gisberta eram um grupo de jovens adolescentes, com mais ou menos a sua idade. Podiam ser os seus colegas de turma, os que a insultavam, lhe chamavam nomes, cuspiam para cima, atiravam pedras por ser diferente, por ser uma menina apesar de ter nascido com corpo de menino.

Transexuais e travestis poderão usar nome social no serviço público federal
Nome social é o nome por meio do qual uma pessoa quer ser reconhecida.
Até então, permissão só era concedida em alguns órgãos do governo.

UK grants asylum to Singaporean trans-woman afraid to serve in military as man
In a landmark ruling, two British judges have granted a Singaporean transgender woman sanctuary, allowing her to remain in the UK and absolving her from having to return to her home country to carry out compulsory military service.

The UK has privately warned North Carolina over their transphobic bathroom law
The UK is not just warning tourists about North Carolina, but they're using official channels to condemn HB2

Woman cleared of sexual assault charges in unprecedented ruling
In an unexpected turn of events, the High Court on Tuesday (April 12) cleared a woman of six charges of sexual penetration of a minor after ruling that only a man can be guilty of the offences.

Pastor Speaks Out After Transgender Call For Rights
Pastor Lyall Bethel yesterday questioned if someone coached members of Bahamas Transgender Intersex United (BTIU) to appear ambivalent about the outcome of the gender equality referendum so as to not shed light on the “hidden agendas” of the fourth constitutional amendment.

Target’s bathroom policy: ‘These freaks will get us all killed’
On Monday, rabidly right-wing wingnut and radio host Rick Wiles dedicated a large chunk of his “Trunews” program to a spooky rant about Target‘s new bathroom policy, which lets transgender people use whatever restroom best matches their gender identity.
'These Freaks Are Going To Get Us All Killed': Rick Wiles Warns Target Restroom Policy Will Spark Nuclear War

How do the new bathroom laws affect kids with special needs?
I’m a mom who lives in suburban Virginia with four sons, a husband, and no pets. Our oldest son is artsy, our second son is fun-loving, our fourth son is very rules conscious, and our third son is both on the autism spectrum and also intellectually impaired.

The imaginary predator in America's transgender bathroom war
You have to pee.
If you're like 99% of America, you look at pictograms, predictable gender binaries, to guide you toward the appropriate toilet. A person in pants on the left. A person in a dress on the right. If you're a woman, it's irrelevant that you have a vagina, are wearing jeans and can't recall the last time you donned a triangle dress to a dinner party. You know to hang a right, while men go left. The signage isn't literal, it reveals how culture wants your gender to look. It reveals what door it wants you to walk through.

Fox's Cavuto Asks Anti-LGBT Pastor About "Confused," “Troubled” Transgender People
Neil Cavuto: What Do You Say To "Transgenders" Who Say "You Are Slighting Me, I'm Troubled And Not Knowing Whether I'm A Man Or A Woman, I'm Confused?"

Fight for transgender rights growing
Activists are pushing for more protections after the landmark same-sex marriage ruling last year.

Shonda Rhimes Blasts 'Dumbass' Anti-Trans Bills
The Grey's Anatomy creator had a message for the "dumbasses" who support "bathroom bills."

NCAA adds nondiscrimination requirement for potential host cities
Requirement for hosting tournaments, conferences and other events will be incorporated into bidding process

Alabama Chief Justice: Trans People Have a "Mental Disorder"
Chief Justice Roy Moore called a trans protester a "known transvestite."

Transgender restroom ordinance discussed
City leaders here discussed tonight a controversial ordinance recently approved in Oxford which would require individuals to use public restrooms based on their biological sex or face penalties.

Oxford parent of transgender teen expresses fear, concern over bathroom law
"I cried. I felt disgusted. I felt like my son was personally attacked."

Target bathroom debate reaches Clovis
Target stores now allow transgender customers to use the bathroom and fitting room that best aligns with their gender identity. While there is support for the decision, some people believe it is a dangerous and flawed policy. On Thursday, protesters on both sides of the issue took to the Target location at Herndon and Willow in Clovis.
Locals Protest Target over Store's New Transgender-Friendly Bathroom Policy

Members divided about Planet Fitness transgender policy
Members of a Planet Fitness gym in Cape Coral are divided about whether transgendered clients should be allowed to use facilities based on the gender they identify with or not. A concerned viewer reached out to Four in Your Corner after she says no one told her about the policy. She says she'll be cancelling her membership.

Transgender bathroom policy
Bathroom access for transgender people is a controversial topic in the country recently leading to protests, economic losses and equality and privacy rights.

Cheerleading Squad accepts 1st transgender teen
It was just another Wednesday with the girls for Carlo Rolan. She was hanging out, having a good time after hearing some great news: she made the cheerleading squad.

MN Rep. Abigail Whelan: ‘Evil’ gender fluidity is ‘one of the biggest problems’
In an interview on Friday, Apr. 22, with religious right broadcaster AM 980 KKMS, Rep. Abigail Whelan, a Republican from Anoka, and Sen. Warren Limmer, a Republican from Maple Grove, defended both North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ laws as well as a bill they’ve authored that would bar transgender people from using the restroom in public places and places of employment.

Petitioners oppose New London-Spicer Schools transgender policy
A petition that opposes a proposed transgender inclusion policy in the New London-Spicer School District was launched this week by a group calling itself NL-S Safe.

Should this girl only be allowed to use the men’s room?
A photograph by Meg Bitton perfectly encapsulates the hypocrisy inherent in the new anti-trans bathroom laws in North Carolina.
Featuring a young transgender girl named Corey Maison, the photo has been shared over 18,000 times and received over 30,000 reactions since being shared on Facebook April 26.
CIAA Will Stay in North Carolina Despite State's LGBT Law
Megyn Kelly Schools NC Governor Pat McCrory on Transgender People and Bathrooms:

Transgender bathroom debate comes to Grand Forks
It's a debate that's been raging across the country and now is coming to Grand Forks - what to be done about transgender people and public restrooms.

N.J. school district seeks to lead in transgender equality
The borough has never been afraid to take a stand for progressive values, even if it meant making a little noise, said Darcie Cimarusti, president of the Highland Park Board of Education.
Highland Park BoE to Approve Transgender Student Policy

Caitlyn Jenner mocks Ted Cruz after peeing at a Trump hotel
Caitlyn Jenner mocked presidential candidate Ted Cruz after stopping by one of Donald Trump‘s properties to use the restroom. In a video posted to Facebook, the transgender celebrity popped into the Trump International Hotel to take a leak – and make a political statement.

Trans student policies taking shape across Pennsylvania
Middle- and high-school teachers were dressed for Halloween on the October day that a representative from The Attic Youth Center visited the Springfield Township School District in Montgomery County to train them on supporting their transgender and gender-nonconforming students.

Schools change bathroom policy after transgender student fights back
A South Carolina school district is updating its policy to allow transgender students to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity.
Transgender Socastee student allowed to use boys’ bathroom after suspension

Texas LT Gov. Dan Patrick vows to ruin retailers over bathrooms
“I will not spend a single dollar with any business that says a man can enter a bathroom with the women in my family or your family,” Patrick posted on Facebook in support of a known hate group’s petition. “Last week Target announced they would allow men in women’s bathrooms. I won’t shop there again.”

VIDEO: Texas Trans Visible Project
Equality Texas posted this video from the Texas TransVisible Project launch day by Kirchem Productions.

FWISD superintendent signs new guidelines protecting trans students
Fort Worth Independent School District Superintendent Kent Scribner this week announced that he has signed a set of detailed guidelines designed to protect transgender students by clarifying the district’s existing anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policies.

Student thoughts on transgender inclusivity, bathroom policies
App in development to map gender neutral bathrooms

Group holds rally against Initiative 1515 that it says targets transgender people (VIDEO)
A local group is launching a campaign to stop an initiative it says targets transgender people.

sexta-feira, abril 29, 2016

Travesti é agredida por grupo de 15 pessoas dentro de ônibus
Grupo roubou outros passageiros dentro do BRT, mas somente travesti foi agredida

Soldado do Exército é detido após assaltar travesti no Recife
Um soldado do Exército foi detido nesta quarta-feira (27) por assaltar uma travesti no bairro deTejipió, Zona Oeste do Recife. De acordo com a polícia, o oficial de 20 anos, que não teve o nome divulgado, e outro suspeito teriam seguido a vítima e arrancado a bolsa dela. Uma equipe da Polícia Militar (PM) passava pelo local no momento do crime e prendeu o homem. O outro suposto envolvido conseguiu fugir.

Briga de travestis termina com uma esfaqueada em Curitiba
Socorristas do Siate chegaram a tempo de evitar que uma travesti ferisse gravemente outro com facadas, na tarde desta quarta-feira (27), no bairro Rebouças. Ainda assim, a vítima foi esfaqueada no braço. A agressora alegou ter se defendido de uma tentativa de assalto.

Dilma Rousseff é pressionada e vai se reunir com ativistas trans para decreto do nome social
A presidenta Dilma Rousseff (PT) participou da quarta-feira (28) da 12ª Conferência Nacional de Direitos Humanos. E passou por uma saia-justa com militantes travestis, mulheres transexuais e homens trans, que estavam no último dia da 3ª Conferência Nacional LGBT.

Transgender woman facing military service as a man can stay in UK
Judges rule the 33-year-old, who has lived as a woman for 10 years, should not be sent back to Singapore

How starring in Miss Tiffany’s pageant show can change a Thai trans beauty queen’s life
The annual Miss Tiffany’s Universe Pageant is a celebration of the nation’s ‘trans’ population and works to promote human rights and fight discrimination

Transgender Plea For Rights
Bahamas Transgender, Intersex United (BTIU) yesterday launched its multi-level equality campaign, “Bahamian Trans Lives Matter”, which seeks to secure equal rights for transgendered Bahamians as the debate about the upcoming gender equality referendum continues.

Vaughn Palmer: Partisan politics stall transgender rights bill
For a few moments Wednesday — and it was only a few — the B.C. Liberals paused in the pursuit of their own legislative agenda to incorporate a good idea from across the floor.

Court intervenes as parents disagree over treatment for local transgender child
A B.C. Supreme Court judge has ruled that an 11-year-old child diagnosed with gender dysphoria should have a legal representative in a parental dispute over medical treatment.

Transgender girls at B.C. legislature to back human rights code bill
Two transgender girls who have fought discrimination and bullying say a bill to include gender identity and expression in British Columbia's Human Rights Code will make the province a more inclusive and accepting place.
Island transgender girl joins in rights battle

Transunder Arrest
A fake news article reported that a transgender woman was arrested for taking pictures of underage girls in a Target bathroom.
Support Target and End the War on Transgender Americans!
Bryan Fischer: Target's Policy Will Transform The Store Into A Motel For Rebellious Teenagers
Bryan Fischer: It's 'Insanity' To Vote For Any Candidate Who Supports Target

Colbert To Anti-Transgender Bathroom Lawmakers: ‘You’re The Weirdos’
“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert addressed the controversy surrounding Target’s transgender bathroom policy on his show Tuesday night.

Human Rights Campaign Condemns Oxford Bathroom Law
The Human Rights Campaign has released a statement that condemns the new bathroom laws issued by Oxford City Council in Alabama that prevents transgender people from using the bathroom that matches their gender identity or face jail time.
Alabama City’s New Anti-Trans Law Is Nation's Most Terrifying

39-year-old man pleads not guilty to killing transgender woman on Skid Row
A man pleaded not guilty Wednesday to a murder charge stemming from the Skid Row shooting death of a transgender woman whom he had dated.

Jacksonville transgender teen fights for new home
A local teen is asking the state to let him live with another family. He says his biological family rejected him for being transgender.

Transgender student allowed to use boys bathroom in Williamsville
Any time he approached the bathroom he was told he should use at Williamsville High School, Alex McCray says he felt uneasy. Eventually, he'd had enough and decided to do something about it.

Gym Brat
Ongoing debate over transgender bathroom policies led to the revival of an old Planet Fitness locker room dispute.

Davenport Files Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Against SVSU
"She said I was a liar and had been my entire life. That is hard. If I had to pick just one thing that really hurt..." Charin Davenport said trailing off. "That's how you feel about yourself because you feel like your whole life is a lie. Nobody wants to be trans."

State House Republicans Author Bill To Repeal the State Board of Education
For the last two months, the state has been debating LGBT youth guidelines for K-12 schools authored by the Board of Education. The completely optional set of guidelines -- which suggests schools allow trans and gender non-conforming students to use the bathroom and names of their choice, manifest and support a Gay-Straight Alliance and much more -- would create a more welcoming environment for trans and gender nonconforming youth in Michigan public schools. However, Republican lawmakers in the state are so vehemently against the idea that they have authored a bill that would replace the Board of Education with a Department of Education run by a governor-appointed director.

Anti-LGBT Missouri 'Religious Objections' Proposal Suffers Setback
A Missouri religious objections proposal failed on Wednesday to get the approval of a key legislative committee in a setback for conservatives who hoped to add protections for those who cite their faith in denying services such as flowers or cakes for same-sex weddings.

Backlash against N.C’s anti-trans law is destroying small businesses
Small businesses in North Carolina are already losing valuable business because of the new state law limiting protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.
NCAA: North Carolina must provide 'discrimination-free zone' for tournament
The Backlash Against HB2 Hasn’t Convinced North Carolina’s Lawmakers To Change It

Caitlyn Jenner Pees At Trump Hotel, Makes Video Directed at Ted Cruz
Caitlyn Jenner published a video on Facebook Wednesday showing her using the bathroom at a Trump Hotel in New York City, aimed at confronting Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz for his transphobia.

Religious Right Activists Tells Target Customers Their Daughters Could Be Raped
Upset by Target’s new policy preventing discrimination against transgender staff and customers, anti-LGBT activist Dave Daubenmire led a two-man protest inside a Target store in Ohio yesterday, stationing himself at the entrance to the store with a sign reading “Caution: Men may be in Women’s Restrooms!”

Pa. won't allow medical coverage denials to transgender people
Health insurers in Pennsylvania will have to cover medically necessary services no matter the person's gender identity, sexual orientation or sex.

SC transgender bathroom bill dead
Bill, introduced after N.C. proposal passed, is dead for the year
But its sponsor — state Sen. Lee Bright, R-Spartanburg — will try next week to ban state aid to local governments that pass pro-transgender bathroom laws
Roads, education bills make Sunday’s crossover deadline

Local Transgender Community Bands Together in Wake of Anti-LGBT Bills
New transgender committee and political coalition form after rough year for LGBT equality in Tennessee.

Tennessee governor signs religious exemptions into law
Tennessee’s Republican governor said Wednesday that he signed a bill into law that allows mental health counselors to refuse to treat patients based on the therapist’s religious or personal beliefs.

Transgender bathroom law battle begins to take hold in Texas
The battle over who exactly can use which bathroom may be coming to Texas.

Three Brazilian trans females murdered the youngest was 14
Slowly, the extent of the slaughter of trans people is becoming apparent. Sometimes we learn of the murders out of chronological order, as is this one:

quinta-feira, abril 28, 2016

Após sexo, adolescentes confessam ter assassinado travesti no Paraná
Quatro adolescentes foram apreendidos e são apontados como autores do homicídio de uma travesti de 14 anos, que foi encontrada morta dentro de uma represa em Novo Itacolomi, Apucarana (PR).

Sterilized transsexuals could get payouts from Sweden
Swedish transsexuals forced to undergo sterilization in order to be allowed to change their gender were celebrating after the government agreed they should be able to seek damages.
Trans people to receive compensation for forced sterilisation in Sweden
RFSL welcomes initiative by the Swedish Government to pay out financial compensation to forcibly sterilised trans people

VIDEO/The courageous Albanians supporting the 5th Tirana Gay (P)Ride
The most important LGBTI pride event in Albania marks this year its 5th anniversary and many courageous Albanians from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia are sending their public support through photos of the hashtag ‪#Kurajo (meaning Courage).

Bomb Threat Disrupts Moscow Screening of Transgender Film
The theater showing the film as part of LGBT festival Side by Side was evacuated following what organizers later said was a hoax.

Hotel apologises over offensive Anzac Day event
A Sydney hotel has issued an apology after it was criticised for holding an Anzac Day event called 'Tranny Two Up' metres from where a trans woman was violently assaulted in 2015.

City should fly transgender pride flag after human rights case: councillor
Aidan Johnson will ask the city on Wednesday to fly the flag in June

UBC student Brooklyn Fink says why she burned the pride flag on campus
Fink, 31, is transsexual and calls the rainbow pride flag an 'offensive' and non-inclusive symbol
Accused in UBC Pride flag burning asks court to drop charge

Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want Any Transgender People In Any Bathroom Anywhere
Ted Cruz’s tour de transphobia, launched last week to capitalize on Donald Trump’s criticism of North Carolina’s anti-transgender law, has embraced a new extreme position. Speaking to reporters this weekend in Indiana, he actually admitted that he doesn’t believe transgender people should be allowed to use any restroom except the ones in the privacy of their own home.

Bryan Fischer: It's 'Insanity' To Vote For Any Candidate Who Supports Target
Bryan Fischer spent a couple of segments on his radio program today absolutely fuming about Target's announcement that its stores will "welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity," a policy that predictably prompted an American Family Association boycott.
Target transgender bathrooms: Note in Keizer store warns of 'men' in women's room

Alabama city passes transgender bathroom ordinance
It is now illegal to use a public bathroom or changing room which does not match the gender on your birth certificate in Oxford, Ala.
Oxford, Alabama Introduces New Law To Spite Target & Trans Community

L.A. County supervisors pass ban on travel to North Carolina
Los Angeles County joined the growing number of jurisdictions that have banned official travel to North Carolina following the state's passage of a controversial bill restricting the bathrooms transgender people can use in public facilities.

Transgender students must use restroom of sex on birth certificate
The Marion County School District passed a resolution 4-1 Tuesday that will force students to use the restroom of the gender on their birth certificate.
Marion County schools pass transgender bathroom rule
In letter to School Board, ACLU of Florida says bathroom ban unlawful

Wilton Manors looks to change its health plan for transgender employees
A South Florida city is changing its health plan for transgender employees.

Group tackles Atlanta’s transgender housing, discrimination problem
It’s been shown that lesbian, gay and bisexual people are much more likely to end up homeless than their straight counterparts, but it can be even worse for the transgender community. A joint study by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force showed that one in five of the over 6,000 respondents had been denied housing because they were transgender or gender nonconforming. One in ten had been evicted for the same reason.

Hawaii Bill Bans Discrimination Against Transgender Patients
Insurance companies would not be allowed to discriminate against transgender patients under a bill passed by the Hawaii Legislature.

Lake County schools seek balance in creating accommodations for transgender students
Each day when Jonas Valentine changed for gym class, at least one teacher would wander into the staff locker room he used.

Montgomery County Council seeks travel ban to N.C., Miss.
Members of the Montgomery County Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution that calls for a ban on official travel to jurisdictions with anti-LGBT laws.

Faith communities speak out against HB2
The chorus to repeal a North Carolina law that prohibits discrimination protections from being extended to gay and transgender people is growing among religious leaders across the state.
North Carolina bishops issue statement regarding HB2
Berger defends HB2 as NC short session continues
Asheville preschool teacher leaving NC because of HB2
Mara Keisling's First Interview After North Carolina Arrest
North Carolina Republican rallies support for anti-transgender bathroom ban: “Keep our state straight”
North Carolina Dems Pan 'Keep Our State Straight' Comment
Alexandra Billings on HB2: 'It's Rounding Up Transgender People So We Can Be Hunted and Murdered'
Mayor Roberts again calls for repeal of HB2
Jordan on HB2: Hornets 'opposed to discrimination in any form'
Dolly Parton plans to perform in North Carolina despite anti-LGBT law
Kellogg's Non-Profit Cancels $1.5 Million North Carolina Children's Conference Over HB2

Rutherford school board passes transgender policy
The Board of Education on Monday night approved a policy that aims to protect the rights of transgender students, despite a father's plea that such an anti-discrimination measure isn't necessary to protect less than 1 percent of the population as well as his concern about the safety of his children.

From gay to transgender, Cheektowaga student finds acceptance
In Cheektowaga, a transgender student has found acceptance from her parents, fellow students and school administrators

Target transgender bathrooms: Note in Keizer store warns of 'men' in women's room
Although Target as a company has officially voiced its support for folks to use bathrooms that match their gender identity, somebody at the Keizer store disagrees.

Two Senate Democrats vow to kill controversial transgender bathroom bill
Two Democratic state senators have vowed to kill a controversial bill that would block local governments from expanding the use of gender-designated public restrooms to transgender people.

Patrick says he would support a state transgender bathroom law
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, weighing in on a national controversy over restroom use by transgender people, said Tuesday he supports keeping men out of women's bathrooms, even if it takes legislation to do so – a signal to Texas legislators who want to pass a bill on the issue next legislative session.

quarta-feira, abril 27, 2016

Morre aos 42 anos Majorie Marchi, militante trans e descobridora de misses
Morreu aos 42 anos a militante trans Majorie Marchi, no Rio de Janeiro. Ela, que era descobridora das mais belas misses nos últimos anos, enfrentava problemas de saúde, reclamava de dores no estômago e sofreu um infarto, segundo familiares, nessa segunda-feira (15).

First transgender candidate Ellen Murray hopes to win North seat
Meet Ellen Murray, the 22-year-old Green Party candidate for West Belfast in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections, and the latest and most striking example of how the legacy of the peace process is transforming the political debate there.

Lesbian who 'tricked' female friend into sex by pretending to be a man and using a dildo appeals 8-year jail sentence
Gayle Newland's victim wore a mask whenever they were together, including every time they had sex

Mandurah woman rejected by employers because of 'transgender choice'
A transgender Mandurah woman says she has been refused a job from at least two different employers because of her decision to transition to a woman.

Transgender student comfortable in his own skin
Although Nate Shears had to make the difficult decision to pass on attending this year’s Gay Straight Alliance provincial conference, he has a message for the 230 people expected to attend.

Transgender activists request gender identity and expression included in B.C. Human Rights Code
Transgender rights activists are delivering over 1,000 signed letters to Vancouver-Fraserview constituency offices of B.C. Liberal MLA and Attorney General Suzanne Anton today (April 25).
Trans rights in BC: will fourth bill finally pass?

Hamilton settles human rights complaint with transgender woman
A transgender woman was denied access to the woman's washroom at a city bus terminal

Cruz attack ad on Trump distorts transgender bathroom access issue
Donald Trump wants to let male predators masquerading as women in the same bathrooms as your wife and daughter, according to an ominous black-and-white ad from presidential rival Ted Cruz.
Cruz: Trans women should only use restroom at home
Ted Cruz uses trans bathroom panic to garner votes
Ted Cruz’s claim that Obama is forcing schools to ‘let teenage boys shower with teenage girls’

Social Conservatives Think This Story Justifies Anti-Trans Bathroom Laws. They Are Very Confused.
Numerous right-wing websites have seized on the arrest of James Thomas Shoemaker, a Pennsylvania man caught taking pictures of a 10-year-old girl in a public restroom. The incident, according to these publications, proves that new laws that discriminate against transgender people are justified.

Fox News Doctor Proposes A Harmful New “Treatment” For Transgender Children
Fox News "Medical A Team" member Dr. Keith Ablow speculated wildly about medical care for transgender children, proposing his own harmful treatments that go against scientific evidence and professional standards from mainstream medical associations.

Kim Davis lawyer ‘taking a handgun to women’s toilet’ to scare off transgender ‘perverts’
One of the lawyers who represented Kim Davis is taking a Glock handgun into the women’s toilets, just in case there are any transgender women in there.

AFA: Common-sense safety behind booming boycott
A boycott petition of Target stores has climbed to more than a half-million signatures.

Decatur Public Schools to Accommodate Transgender Student
Decatur Public Schools says it is making accommodations for a transgender elementary school student. Parents were notified last week.

S. Indiana crowd says 'amen' to Ted Cruz talk on transgender bathrooms
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz made a play for conservative evangelical Hoosier voters at a Monday rally in Southern Indiana by reasserting his opposition to transgender people using public bathrooms based on their gender identity.

Transgender Advocate speaks on Kansas restroom bill
House Bill 2737 would make students at public schools and universities use the bathroom that matches their chromosomal identity.

Redneck Revenge: Now North Carolina issues Travel Advisory for Europe!
In a move likely to be seen as thinly disguised retribution against European States warning LGBT travelers of the dangers of visiting North Carolina and Mississipi, North Carolina has today issued its own travel advisory to citizens warning them that in many parts of Europe, LGBT “perversion” is widely tolerated.
Más de 50 arrestos durante protesta LGBT en Carolina del Norte
The Newest Opponents Of North Carolina’s Anti-Transgender Law: Faith Groups
North Carolina GOP’s careful plan could be in jeopardy
N.C. Gov. Can’t Even Enforce Anti-Trans ‘Bathroom Law’ In His Own Building
Trans advocate, others arrested in protest over N.C. law
N.C. Democrats File Bill to Repeal HB 2
54 arrests made in HB2 protest as lawmakers convene
LGBT Debate Spurs Arrests at North Carolina Statehouse
HB2 opponents protest, petition for repeal as NC GA returns for short session
North Carolina LGBT Law Spurs Demonstrations, Repeal Bill
Hundreds rally near NC Legislative Building in Raleigh to support HB2
N.C. legislature convenes amid new calls to repeal anti-LGBT law
Rallies Over N. Carolina LGBT Law Begin as Lawmakers Return
Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato Cancel NC Shows
Rep. Chris Millis, HB2 Sponsor: Protections Against Discrimination Don't Cover Transgender People

Montclair High School students advocate for gender neutral bathroom
The Pascack Valley Regional High School Board of Education recently approved a policy allowing transgender students to use restrooms or locker rooms based on their gender identity. And high schools from California to Ohio have bathrooms to accommodate transgender students.

Lawmaker floats anti-transgender bathroom bill
One of Ohio's most conservative lawmakers is looking into requiring transgender people to use unisex or family bathrooms.

Franklin County workers’ gender-transition surgeries now covered by insurance
A Franklin County employee making a gender transition might have saved for months or years before coming up with enough money to pay for a mastectomy or sex reassignment surgery.

Mother of suspended transgender male student wants Horry County Schools to update bathroom policy
Following her transgender son’s suspension from Socastee High School for using the boys’ bathroom, the student’s mother has opted to put him in online school.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Will Never Again Shop at a Transgender-Friendly Target Store
Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is apparently so disgusted by Target treating people equally based on gender identity that he is never shopping there again, as he announced in a Facebook post Sunday.

Denton County Sheriff’s Candidate Clarifies Facebook Post On Transgender Community
A candidate for sheriff in Denton County found himself in the middle of a controversy on Monday after making a post some felt encouraged violence against the transgender community.

Superintendent recommends Board hold off on transgender policy
Albany County School District No. 1 Superintendent Jubal Yennie on Saturday recommended the School Board hold off on implementing a policy for transgender and gender non-conforming students but move forward with a first reading of a revised anti-bullying policy at the next board meeting. The National School Boards Association is recommending school districts that haven’t yet adopted policies for transgender students refrain from doing so at this time, Yennie said during a six-hour board retreat.