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quarta-feira, Setembro 17, 2014

Travesti de 17 anos é morta em Guarulhos
Criminoso foi preso no bar onde ocorreu a discussão
Uma travesti de 17 anos morreu após ser esfaqueada por volta das 5h10 da manhã deste domingo em Guarulhos, na Grande São Paulo.

ICD-Revision Proposal Mechanism is online
The WHO has published an online tool to propose changes to the ICD-11 Beta Draft. Proposed changes to the titles/definitions can be submitted. It is also possible to add new or delete existing entities, add synonyms and other content model parameters and propose more complicated structural changes.

European Council to discuss for first time LGBT-rights at high-level conference
On 28 October 2014, the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU, in cooperation with the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) and the General Secretariat of the Council will host the high-level conference “Tackling sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination: next steps in EU and Member State policy making”. The event will take place in the Council of the EU premises (Justus Lipsius) in Brussels.

TGEU Statement Norwegian Ombud decides forced sterilisation is discrimination: there is no good argument to uphold current practice
TGEU welcomes the decision of the Norwegian Equality Body outlawing forced sterilisation, necessary for a change of gender marker, as discriminatory. On Sept 9, the Norwegian Equality Ombud Ørstavik, took a decision in the case of John Jeanette Solstad Remø. The Equality Body found that the responsible Ministry of Health could not provide substantive arguments to uphold the sterilization requirement, but referred to an practice established since the 50s. Remø had complained about the requirement to undergo sterilisation before being recognized as female.

X in Passports and New Trans Law Work
We have learned from Danish trans people that the reformed gender recognition procedure actually works also in practice. In addition to the much-celebrated removal of any medical requirements in gender recognition, the already previously existent possibility of a gender marker X in the passport is now also available upon application, without approval from the Gender Clinic.

Hate Speech Law recognizes Gender Identity
TGEU member organisation Greek Transgender Support Association (G.T.S.A.) has successfully, together with other NGOs, advocated for an inclusion of gender identity as a protected characteristic in the Greek ‘Anti-Racist’ law, adopted on Sept 10, 2014 in Athens.

Moscow Takes a Break From Ukraine Fighting to Hate on Gays Some More
Fresh off (not) waging war in Ukraine, Russian officials hosted an international forum on "Large Family and Future of Humanity" this week that ended with a call for the international adoption of anti-gay laws.
Moscow anti-gay conference plans spread of ‘gay propaganda’ laws across the world

Bangladesh opposes ICPD’s LGBT rights move
It has also opposed the idea of comprehensive sexuality education programmes put forward by the ICPD

Transgender student wants own identity in yearbook
A transgender student from Ateneo de Manila University started an online petition to allow transgender students to appear in the gender they identify with in their yearbook.

[New Zealand]
No replacement found for MtF surgeon
No plastic surgeons have stepped up to fill the shoes of the nation's only gender reassignment surgeon, who has retired.

Hockey Canada embraces gender identity inclusion
Jesse Thompson can't wait until hockey season starts again, facing only his on-ice opponents. Hockey Canada has agreed to make changes to protect young players in Ontario from discrimination and harassment based on a player's transgender status. These changes resolve a human rights application Jesse filed after facing difficulties at his local arena.
Hockey teen nets human rights goal: Transgender players can choose dressing room

This Is What Happens To Transgender Kids Who Delay Puberty
As transgender visibility and acceptance has increased, young people have been identifying themselves by a different gender than they were assigned at birth sometimes as young as their pre-school years. Some of those young people have been using a hormone treatment to delay the onset of puberty, giving them a unique opportunity to mature before committing to a gender transition, and a new study finds that the results of such treatments are very positive.
Blocking Puberty Is Beneficial for Transgender Youth

Firefighters Find Burned Body on Sidewalk Below Hillside Fire; Arson Suspected
A woman who found a man's burning body possibly dressed in female clothing in a yard blaze near a boarded up apartment building fears he was the victim of a hate crime. Patrick Healy reports for NBC4 News at 6 p.m. from the Harvard Heights neighborhood Monday, Sept. 15, 2014.

Transgender travel study shows there's work to be done
Only 10 percent in survey perceive Broward to be transgender-friendly

Rome transgender woman files suit against state DOC from prison
An incarcerated, trans gender woman from Rome has filed a federal lawsuit against Georgia’s Department of Corrections, claiming the DOC and prison officials failed to stop repeated sexual assaults against her.

Identifican al transexual hallado sin vida en Tierra y Libertad; le decían "La Garcia"
Los primeros informes referentes al presunto homicidio de un transexual, indican que su nombre era Héctor García y la gente la conocía como “La García”, aparentemente no era nayarita, pero tenía tiempo radicando en esta ciudad, ella se dedicaba a realizar pulseras y las vendía en el Centro Histórico a los paseantes y locales comerciales.

Matan a un transexual hondureño en el sector de Ticamaya
Un transexual fue asesinado la madrugada de este sábado en la carretera que al sector de Ticamaya de Choloma, Cortés, en la zona norte de Honduras.

La titular de la Asociación de Travestis de Santiago se casa, luego de 29 años de convivencia
Luisa Paz contraerá matrimonio con Jose Coria, el albañil al que está unida desde hace casi tres décadas.

segunda-feira, Setembro 15, 2014

Identidade versus sociedade
Dei os meus primeiros passos no activismo trans em 2002. Fazendo parte de uma minoria dentro das minorias, achei sempre que fazia parte e era um imperativo de consciência lutar, apoiar e defender as pessoas, os seus direitos, e tornar as pessoas trans visíveis socialmente. Visíveis como todas as outras pessoas e com os mesmos direitos. 12 anos depois vejo que pouca coisa mudou, a nível social, e que até piorou em muitos aspectos.

No final da noite de ontem, sábado 13 de setembro de 2014, por volta das 23h:00, socorristas do Siate (Sistema Integrado de Atendimento ao Trauma e Emergência) do Corpo de Bombeiros e policiais militares do 14º BPM de Foz do Iguaçu, foram acionados para deslocarem até a Rua Sérgio Gasparetto, esquina com a Rua Pardais, defronte a uma empresa de assessórios no Bairro Portal da Foz, para darem atendimento a uma vítima de disparos de arma de fogo.

Travesti é encontrada morta em estrada rural de São Manuel
Uma travesti de 33 anos foi encontrada morta em uma estrada rural, na manhã deste domingo (14), em São Manuel (71 quilômetros de Bauru). A vítima F.L.S. estava com perfurações e marcas de violência pelo corpo.
São Manuel: Polícia prende homem acusado de matar travesti

Franky Nguyen's painful path toward womanhood
Franky Nguyen went cold at the sight of a body covered in a white sheet being wheeled out of the Thai operating room she'd soon enter on a stretcher.
(Photo credit: Franky Nguyen. Designer Franky Nguyen after over ten gender reassignment procedures.)

San Francisco supervisor backs drag queens over Facebook ‘stage name’ bans
A San Francisco supervisor has called on Facebook to meet with drag artists who are protesting the website’s ban on stage names.

Radio hosts fired for calling trans people ‘nut jobs’ return to airwaves
A pair of radio hosts who were fired for making transphobic comments have been given a new show just four months later.

domingo, Setembro 14, 2014

Travestis relatam ameaça e cobrança de 'diária' para fazer programa sexual
Grupo que trabalha no Centro de Piracicaba (SP) fez boletim de ocorrência.
Homem ameaçou matar as vítimas caso não recebesse R$ 40 de cada uma.

X in Passports and New Trans Law Work
We have learned from Danish trans people that the reformed gender recognition procedure actually works also in practice. In addition to the much-celebrated removal of any medical requirements in gender recognition, the already previously existent possibility of a gender marker X in the passport is now also available upon application, without approval from the Gender Clinic.

PRESS RELEASE: “Gender identity is included in the new Anti-Racist Law
Greek Transgender Support Association (G.T.S.A.) a recognized NGO that supports the rights of the trans community, is stating its satisfaction for the adoption of the so-called “anti-racism” law in the Greek Legal System which includes gender identity in the definition of violence or hatred instigated crimes.

Calcutta high court drops rape charge against intersex Indian athlete Pinki Pramanik
The Asian Games gold medalist was accused by her live-in partner of rape and impersonating a man in 2012

India government asks Supreme Court to clarify pro-trans ruling
The government says transgender rights should not be extended to gay people
Why Modi Govt objects to SC ruling on Transgender rights: Explained

Transgender Raped by Police Seeks Justice, Community Upset with Modi Government
The transgender community, which has been seeking justice for a rape victim, has expressed disappointment at Narendra Modi-led NDA government's move demanding clarification from Supreme Court on its decision to give third gender recognition to transgenders.
Transgender raped by cops fights for justice

Fallon Fox to fight Tamika Brents Saturday night
Fallon Fox, the history-making trans MMA fighter who came out last year, takes to the ring this Saturday, Sept. 13, in a Capital City Cage Wars match. She will be fighting against Tamika Brents, who has had a thing or two to say about Fox in the past.

Hollywood homophobia: Study finds that LGBTI actors still face discrimination
Both gay and non-gay actors report hearing homophobia on set and think that the entertainment industry still has a problem casting gay actors in straight roles

Facebook is under fire from gay and transgender users who are being forced to use real names
There have been multiple reports that Facebook is forcing gay and transgender users to use their legal names instead of their online personas or chosen names, as part of a crackdown on pseudonyms, despite the danger this poses to some users
SF Supervisor Calls For Facebook To Meet With Drag Queens Over Profile Restrictions
Facebook Cracking Down On Fake Names On User Profiles

Transgender Homecoming Princess crowned at Sand Creek High
A historic homecoming vote. Sand Creek High School students voted in possibly the first transgender Homecoming royalty in Southern Colorado.
Transgender girl wins bid for homecoming princess at Colorado Springs high school amid concerns

Discrimination in health care industry common for transgender people
Jamy Rae Zubich-Hanson wrote her graduate-school paper about developing clinical competency for mental health professionals who want the expertise to serve transgender patients.

Adelie Bergstrom: She still models, as woman now
Successful Australian male model Andrej Pejic publicly announced a name change in July.
Pejic became a transgender woman named Andreja after gender reassignment surgery.
Pejic now plans to model only female clothes and has already increased her advocacy on behalf of other transgender individuals.
Former Rochester resident Adelie Bergstrom, 31, of Duluth, also used to model as a man.

Gay men in Suriname accuse police of assault and mistreatment
Police Commissioner Humphrey Tjin has ordered an investigation into media reports that a number of gay prostitutes were assaulted by police officers earlier this week.
The bi-weekly De Ware Tijd newspaper reported that two gay men, reportedly from Guyana, were assaulted by three police officers close to a police station in the city.
The story in the newspaper is accompanied by a full face picture of a heavy made up man dressed in female clothing and wearing a wig.

sexta-feira, Setembro 12, 2014

Scottish leaders outline position on LGBT equality ahead of independence vote
The leaders of the main political parties in Scotland have outlined their party’s commitments to advancing LGBT rights regarding each potential outcome of the independence referendum.
Scottish Labour leader: Independence would diminish equality in Scotland

Government objects to SC empowering third gender
n a precarious position over its stand on the LGBT community, the NDA government has moved the Supreme Court, raising several objections against the historic April 15 judgment that granted constitutional recognition to transgenders as a third gender and gave them the right to have a family.

Survey: Landmark survey finds hundreds of children with gender identity disorder
Most children in Japan between the ages of 6 to 18 who admit to having gender identity disorder receive some sort of special gender support from their schools, a landmark study shows.

WATCH: Toronto School Board Member Tongue-Tied Over Transphobic Tweets
A Toronto School Board member was struck dumb when a local reporter asked him about his tweets claiming he 'reserved the right' to believe that trans people don't exist and may or may not be mentally ill.

STUDY: Voter ID Laws in 10 States May Disenfranchise Transgender Citizens
This November, thousands of trans people in ten Southern and Midwestern U.S. states will face strict photo ID laws that may bar them from voting.

25-Year Sentence For Man Who Beat, Robbed Transgender Prostitute
A 23-year-old man who orchestrated the brutal sexual attack and robbery of a transgender woman was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Following the sentencing, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance said, "Several decades ago, a case like this one may not have gone to trial, but today’s sentencing and the convictions of these defendants represent a significant step towards obtaining justice for all crime victims, regardless of background."

International transgender model visits Vermont for Pride Week
Becoming an acclaimed fashion model is not easy, but for Phillipina model Geena Rocero there were a few extra hurdles along the way. The international model risked her career to reveal a secret on a motivational speaker series called Ted Talks.

Beloit, Janesville schools adopt transgender rules
Last night, Beloit's school district became the latest district in Wisconsin to approve new rights for transgender students. It's a trend sweeping the state.

quinta-feira, Setembro 11, 2014

Homem é preso suspeito de matar travesti em Caçapava, SP
Crime aconteceu na madrugada desta quarta-feira (10) na zona rural.
Segundo a PM, suspeito teria contratado travesti para um programa.
Homem é preso acusado de matar travesti após programa em Caçapava

Epic change endangers U.S. election validity
Barack Obama is well known for attacking voter ID laws, contending they are being pushed “by racist Republicans who want to disenfranchise blacks.”
But now there are allegations claiming secure-ballot advocates are targeting transgenders.
It was the Williams Institute that declared in a statement Tuesday that transgenders may face “possible disenfranchisement.”
New Study: Strict Voter ID Laws Pose Unique Barriers and Possible Disenfranchisement for More than 24,000 Transgender Voters
The Potential Impact of Voter Identification Laws on Transgender Voters in the 2014 General Election

More women’s colleges address transgender applicants
Women’s colleges are revisiting policies around enrolling transgender students as institutions of higher learning – single-sex, coed and those with religious affiliations – demonstrate varying degrees of acceptance for changing norms.

American Medical Association: Trans people shouldn’t need surgery for legal gender recognition
The American Medical Association has called on states to stop requiring trans people to undergo surgery before recognising their legal gender.

Wall Street Journal article says trans people shouldn’t be offered gender reassignment
The Wall Street Journal has published an article calling transgender people confused and “mistaken” about their gender identity.
Published under the Opinion section last week, the article was written by Dr Paul McHugh. Until 2001 McHugh was the director of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, as well as the psychiatrist-in-chief at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

26 percent of transgender voters in Alabama could be shut out by photo ID law, study shows
More than 1,000 transgender Alabamians could have issues at the ballot box due to the state's voter identification laws, a new report shows.

Man Sentenced To 25 Years For Beating, Robbing Transgender Prostitute
A man who beat and robbed a transgender prostitute in a Manhattan hotel room was sentenced Tuesday to 25 years behind bars.

As family pleads for mercy, Harrisburg babysitter gets state prison on child-sex conviction
As Caprice Dennison's family expressed disbelief that the crime had even occurred, a Dauphin County judge sentenced the Harrisburg resident to state prison Tuesday for molesting a 14-year-old boy.

What we know about the Alejandra Leos killing
On Saturday Alejandra Leos, a transgender woman living in North Memphis, was shot at least three times and was left lying on the street outside her home. In the 24 hours following her murder, police originally identified Leos as a man but according to news reports, “family members say Alejandra Leos lived life as a woman.”

A partir de hoy, homofobia, lesbofobia y transfobia son delitos en DF
Entra en vigor reforma a Ley para Prevenir y Eliminar Discriminación capitalina
Amplia facultades a Copred
Las sanciones podrán ser de tipo penal, civil o administrativo

quarta-feira, Setembro 10, 2014

Segredos e mentiras
Ao longo da minha vida fui-me apercebendo, a pouco e pouco, que não deveria ser sincera nem honesta em relação não só ao que pensava, como também ao que sentia, às razões das minhas acções, e por aí fora. Como mulher transexual, que aos 14 anos se assumiu como rapaz homossexual, coloquei-me no fio da navalha em relação a todos aqueles que me rodeavam.

Homossexual é assassinado a facadas em Uruará
Por volta das 23h de sábado, 06, o homossexual, Antônio Pereira de Araújo, 46 anos, mais conhecido pelo apelido de Terezinha, foi assassinado a facadas próximo a um bar da Avenida Pará, centro-leste da cidade de Uruará. De acordo com a polícia civil foi apurado que Antônio chegou ao bar por volta das 22h30min e em seguida saiu na companhia de um homem baixo e magro, ainda não identificado, e pouco tempo depois foi encontrado morto.

Transgender woman called a ‘lady boy’ by staff and says she is afraid to use work toilets
A transgender woman too afraid to use the toilet at work has spoken out about the discrimination she has faced from colleagues.

Genderqueers seek recognition
People who fall under 'genderqueer' category which covers all gender nonconforming identities are still awaiting recognition, considering the fact that there are more than 25 genders falling under this category.

Transgender woman wins damages over golf course membership rejection
A transgender woman has won a lawsuit against the operators of a golf course who denied her membership after she changed her registered sex from male to female.

Transgender ruling includes surprising twist
A recent human rights decision has gained some attention, not only for awarding three transgender people damages but also because the tribunal found the discrimination had harmed a business owner even though she didn’t identify with that category.

Major transgender conference headed to South Florida
Efforts to court lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travelers are paying off for Broward County.

Allentown Trans Woman Sues Former Employer Over Discriminatory Behavior
A transgender woman in Allentown has filed a federal lawsuit against her former employer, Tilden Township sporting goods store Cabela’s, saying that the company discriminated against her when she was transitioning, even going so far as to fire her because of her gender identity.

Local Memphis station gets transgender coverage right
41-year old Alejandra Leos a Latina transgender woman, was murdered a mere few feet from her home in Memphis Tennessee last Friday. Local Memphis affiliate WREG respectfully reported on this crime and the identity of the victim. Her killer was arrested shortly yesterday, also reported by WREG.
Man charged with first-degree murder of transgender woman in Memphis

Felipe Gil, compositor de canciones de Luis Miguel y telenovelas se declara transgénero a sus 74 años
Felipe Gil, Vicepresidente operativo de la Sociedad de Autores y Compositores de México (SACM) el día 3 de septiembre dejó atrás uno de los rumores que corrían en internet desde el mes de abril de este 2014, y que rumoreaba que el ejecutivo en sus tiempos libres gustaba de vestirse como mujer y mostraban una foto de él maquillado, portando aretes y collar. El rumor el día de ayer se convirtió en verdad, pues Gil decidió revelar en el programa Ventaneando que efectivamente es transgénero y que desde los cuatro años le fascinaba ponerse los tacones de su mamá.

terça-feira, Setembro 09, 2014

Trans Pride Brighton defines key year for emerging community
The event, including Europe’s first transgender pride march, focused on celebrating new-found visibility and preparing for challenges ahead
This summer Brighton hosted Europe’s first ever trans pride march as part of its second annual Trans Pride weekend.

Kellie Maloney evicted from Celebrity Big Brother
Kellie Maloney has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Toddler aged 3 assessed for sex change at top London clinic
Three year old child assessed for a sex change at the Portland Clinic in London and is the youngest of 468 minors seen by the centre in the last year

Administrative Court in Stockholm striking out diagnosis in gender recognition (16.05.2014)
Judgement of the Administrative Court in Stockholm on 16 May 2014 on the diagnosis-requirement for gender recognition
The Administrative Court in Stockholm ruled that requiring a mental health diagnosis cannot be mandatory for obtaining legal gender recognition as the relevant law does not have such a requirement.

New Anti-Discrimination Law Could Worsen Situation for Georgia's LGBT Community
Georgia's LGBT community is sceptical that recently-introduced anti-discrimination legislation hailed by some rights groups as a bold step forward for the former Soviet state will improve their lives any time soon.

Gambia Lawmakers Pass Bill to Jail Gays for Life
Gambia's National Assembly has passed a bill imposing life imprisonment for some homosexual acts, officials said Monday, potentially worsening the climate for sexual minorities in a country with one of Africa's most vocal anti-gay leaders.

America’s highest-paid female CEO was born a man
The highest-paid female CEO in America used to be a man.
Martine Rothblatt, 59 — who founded the $5 billion pharmaceutical firm United Therapeutics and also co-founded Sirius — had a sex-change operation in 1994.

Rutgers approves preferred student name policy
Rutgers has approved a student preferred name policy, starting last week. According to the policy, class rosters, Sakai and Rutgers Electronic Grading and Information System will allow students to use preferred names instead of legal names.

Bala Cynwyd doctor helps transgender teen gain her true identity
What would you do if your 10-year-old son told you that God had made a mistake, that he had been born into the wrong body, that he is and always was a girl?

WATCH: Pa. Trans Woman Sues Former Employer
More than seven years after Katie Lynn Blatt says she was fired from her job at sporting goods store Cabela's, she's filing a federal lawsuit alleging antitrans discrimination.

Trans Woman Murdered Outside Her Memphis Home
Last week, Alejandra Leos was found fatally shot several feet from her front door. On Sunday, police arrested Marshall Pegues and charged him with murder.
Alejandra Leos, Transgender Woman, Murdered In Tennessee (UPDATED)
Man arrested for murdering transgender woman
Transgender woman murdered in North Memphis

domingo, Setembro 07, 2014

Denmark’s New Law Makes Legal Gender Recognition A Lot Easier
Gay Star News asks “Is Denmark’s new trans law the best of its kind in the world?” and the short answer is well, no. Not because the new law, which came into effect this week and allows people to change their legal gender without having to fulfill any surgical, psychiatric or medical requirements, isn’t a great step forward for trans rights and self-determination — but because Argentina beat them to the punch two years ago.

On the Skirts of the Ballerina: Trans x Istanbul
In Maria Binder’s Trans X Istanbul, her camera follows trans activist Ebru Kırancı and exposes the struggle for survival of trans individuals in Turkey who face exile, harassment, rape and murder.

Fine for Transphobic Assault against the Reporter of IMC TV
The court has arrived at a decision on the lawsuit brought by the reporter of IMC TV, Michelle Demishevich, because of the verbal and physical assault she suffered. Derya Tüzün who used verbal and physical violence against Demishevich will pay 2.000 Turkish Liras (940 USD) punitive fine. This verdict can be seen as constituting a precedent for other cases.

An anti-gay law is gone; anti-gay trial continues
The trial of a gay man and a transgender woman is scheduled for Sept. 22 in a Ugandan courtroom in a case that threatens them with the potential of life imprisonment for sexual activity “against the order of nature.”

Organization calls for release of trans woman raped in ICE custody
Trans and queer undocumented immigrants from the Arcoiris Liberation Team and the Arizona Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project are demanding that Arizona Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema and the LGBT Equality Caucus to join in calls for the release of a trans woman who was raped more than a month ago while in the custody of the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency.

School district in Paul Ryan's hometown adopts transgender non-discrimination policy
Another Wisconsin school district has adopted a policy allowing transgender students to use the bathroom and locker room of the gender with which they identify if it's OK with their parents and principals.

Man attacked by homophobic mob for ‘wearing lipstick’
Jamaican police have been forced to rescue a gay man, after he was besieged by a homophobic mob for wearing lipstick.

[Costa Rica]
Transgender Costa Ricans fight discrimination over name-change rights
What’s in a name? For many transgender Costa Ricans, a lot. Starting with the fact that in many cases, the names on their government-issued IDs have nothing to do with self-image or identity.

sábado, Setembro 06, 2014

Transgenders not recognized without full sex-change op
In order to be recognized as a woman by the government, a transsexual man must undergo a full sex-change operation, and not just be ''psychologically certain he belongs to the female sex'', a Turin court said Wednesday (17 June).

Kyrgyzstan human rights group passes ‘gay propaganda’ bill
Similar to Russia's own anti-gay laws, the European Union has described it as one of the most sweeping homophobic draft laws in the world

Catholic bishops criticise "gender ideology" and Lajčák’s rights strategy
The Slovak Bishops Conference (KBS) at its session in the mountain resort of Donovaly on June 18 criticised the spreading of gender ideology, and the Nationwide Human Rights Strategy sponsored by Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajčák in particular.

St Petersburg repeals ‘gay propaganda’ law
Gay rights activists suspect ban was repealed is because lawmakers do not want to be 'humiliated' by the European Court of Human Rights

Trans Woman Convicted of Murder For Silicone Injections
Tracey Lynn Garner was sentenced to life in prison after fatally injecting illicit silicone into another woman, illuminating a troubling trend.

Transwoman sues in federal court
Kate Lynn Blatt, a transwoman who alleges pervasive anti-LGBT bias at her former worksite, is suing in federal court.
Transgender woman files discrimination suit against Cabela's

Two years out, no arrest in Cordova case
Kyra Cordova was murdered on Labor Day 2012. Two more of the holidays have passed, and Cordova’s murder remains unsolved.

Two Spirits in the Venezuelan Jungle
A chance encounter with an anthropologist in Caracas led Álvaro Laiz to Venezuela’s remote eastern edge, where an indigenous people known as the Warao have lived for millenniums.

sexta-feira, Setembro 05, 2014

Le parcours du combattant des transidentitaires
Le débat sur l'identité de genre pourrait être relancé avec la nomination de Najat Belkacem à l'Education nationale et la proposition de loi "visant à protéger l'identité de genre" déposée par la sénatrice Esther Benbassa en décembre. L'Express a enquêté sur le parcours de vie des personnes trans, souvent ponctué de discriminations.

Don't get a sex change, mother tells son
Parents and siblings should be consulted before gender reassignment surgery is authorized, says the mother of a 23-year-old man soon to become a woman.

Miyazaki politician describes child's hardships with gender identity disorder
Seikai Ota recalled brushing off his son’s problem and later facing the prospect of losing him forever.
Now, Ota, a prefectural assembly member from Miyazaki Kenmin Rengo, wants to raise social acceptance of sexual minorities in Japan to allow children with gender identity disorder (GID) “to live the way they want to live.”

[New Zealand]
Beyer gets warm Gay Ski Week reception
Georgina Beyer has been given a rapturous welcome at Gay Ski Week, where she spoke at last night’s cabaret event during her campaign tour of the electorate she hopes to represent.

Daily Caller Defends Racist, Transphobic Writer Against "Politically Correct Hysteria"
The Daily Caller defended a commentator who used the words "fag" and "trannies" in a post assailing the transgender community, blaming "politically correct" mobs for allegedly getting the post censored.

Local Cross-Dresser Running for Congress
10News spoke with an 88-year-old cross-dresser who plans to run for Congress against Juan Vargas.

WATCH: Mt. Holyoke Becomes First 'Seven Sisters' School to Admit Trans Women
We must acknowledge that gender identity is not reducible to the body,' say Mt. Holyoke College officials of their historic decision to welcome applications from all trans students.

No Eyeliner Allowed in Driver's License Photo
The South Carolina DMV unconstitutionally demands that a 16-year-old boy remove his "everyday" foundation, mascara, eye shadow and lip gloss before it takes his driver's license photo, the boy's mom claims in court.
Gender-Nonconforming Teen Sues DMV That Denied License Photo

Wisconsin city adopts ordinance banning bias based on gender identity
Cudahy on Sept. 2 became the fourth city in Wisconsin to adopt a fully-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance that bans bias based on gender identity and expression.

Scagliola: “Las trans son el grupo social más vulnerado”
El director nacional de Políticas Sociales del Mides, Andrés Scagliola, señaló que la población trans (transgénero, travesti y transexual) es el grupo social más vulnerado del país y exhortó a visibilizar las discriminaciones que estas personas sufren a diario en ámbitos educativos para “cambiar el mundo”.

quinta-feira, Setembro 04, 2014

U.S. Embassy in Budapest Supports 5th European Transgender Council Meeting
As part of the Department’s overall strategy to support the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons, Charge d'Affaires a.i. of the U.S. Embassy in Budapest, M. Andre Goodfriend, delivered opening remarks at the 5th European Transgender Council Meeting, a gathering of 200 transgender activists, allies, researchers, and funders, in Budapest, Hungary – the first such conference to take place in Central and Eastern Europe. Goodfriend was joined by Deputy Chief of Mission of the Budapest Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Bert van der Lingen.
Summary 5th European Transgender Council “Trans*: Safe & Equal!” (May 01 - 04 2014, Budapest)

Should Denmark’s Trans Law Be a Model for the Rest of the World?
ven in countries that are nominally supportive of transgender people, sterilization—whether by surgery or hormones—is often the price a trans individual must pay in order to receive legal recognition of his or her transition. It’s a paradigm that the World Health Organization has called "counter to respect for bodily integrity, self-determination and human dignity," and it’s one that doesn’t acknowledge the fact that for many trans people, transition is not necessarily tied to invasive physical changes.

"I didn't choose to be transgender any more than I choose to be right handed"
18-year-old Marlee’s family went to court to ensure their son got the testosterone treatments he needed to go through “the right puberty.”

Trans woman, others allege bias at Lakeview diner
A transgender woman posted a video to Facebook over Labor Day weekend, saying that she and her friends were unfairly denied entrance to Clarke's Diner, 930 W. Belmont Ave., because they were trans and gay. Other individuals responded to the posting, saying that they too had not been let in to the late-night diner for any legitimate reason.

Un intersexual y un transmasculino piden cambio de nombre en su cédula
Adrián lleva casi ocho meses de lucha. Ha visitado las oficinas del Registro Civil de Guayaquil, despachos de abogados, salas de audiencias en juzgados… Todo en medio de un cambio de vida que no ha resultado fácil.

Lanús: programa de protección social para la población Trans
El intendente Darío Díaz Pérez realizó el anuncio del mismo consistente en la asignación de 700 pesos mensuales y la inclusión de mejoras en los accesos a la salud, la educación, la inserción laboral y la vivienda.

quarta-feira, Setembro 03, 2014

Video: Stonewall holds historic first meeting with trans activists
LGB rights charity Stonewall held a historic first meeting with people from the transgender community last weekend.

"Tranny" insult lands Milton teen in court
A Ross-Shire teenager who insulted a transvestite has been ordered to be of good behaviour.
Seventeen-year-old Connor Scobbie, 30 Old Mill Road, Milton, shouted and swore at the man, who habitually cross-dresses, referring to him as a "tranny".

Kellie Maloney is ‘much nicer’ after coming out as trans, says her daughter
Famed boxing promoter Kellie Maloney is “much nicer” following her coming out, her daughter has said, commending her bravery.

Landmark gender recognition law comes into effect
A Danish law that makes it easier for transgender people to have their gender legally recognised has come into effect, but has caused controversy among trans activists.
Is Denmark's new trans law the best of its kind in the world?

Govt forms panel to frame policy on transgender welfare
The state government Monday formed a high-level committee headed by Chief Secretary to frame a policy to help transgender community lead a decent life and bring them in the mainstream of society.

Transgender unemployment is a result of discrimination, advocate says
Melissa Hudson says 30 years of experience in the Toronto business world hasn't been enough to land her a job, despite numerous call-backs on her resume for first-round interviews.

Suit filed on behalf of teen forced by DMW to remove makeup
A lawsuit will be filed Tuesday on behalf of an Upstate teen who was forced to take off his makeup for a driver’s license pictures, despite the fact he lives in girl’s clothing and makeup every day.
Gender non-conforming teen to sue DMV after being told to ‘look like a boy’ for license photo
Gender Non-Conforming Teen to File Federal Lawsuit against South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles after Being Forced to Remove Makeup for Driver's License Photo
Transgender Advocates to Sue SC Over License Photo

More scholarships up for grabs to attend ANZPATH conference
An anonymous donor has offered up a further $10,000 to assist transgender people in participating in ANZPATH, a Transgender health conference that will be held in Adelaide next month.

terça-feira, Setembro 02, 2014

Identidades trans despatologizadas
Ontem, 01 de Setembro de 2014, a lei de reconhecimento de género dinamarquesa - a primeira na Europa despatologizante baseada na autodeterminação do indivíduo - entrou em vigor.
Europe's terrible trans rights record: will Denmark's new law spark change?

Russians have less dislike for nudists than for transsexuals - poll
Russians don't like either nudists or transsexuals but have less dislike for the former than the latter, a poll suggests.

Transgender ad campaign
India’s government will come out with its first ever television and newspaper advertisements on the rights and problems of transgenders, who endemically face bias and taunts in the country.

In a first, 17 transgenders with no documents apply for voter I-card
In what is being seen as a significant achievement for the transgenders (Trityapanthis), 17 of them with no or insufficient documents have been able to finally apply for a voter’s identity card in Pune. Of them, 13 have applied under the ‘Other’ category, while four have applied under the ‘Male’ category.

Transgender health in spotlight at Adelaide conference
Transgender health will be the focus of an international conference in Adelaide next month.
The international conference from October 4-6 will bring together transgender people as well as health and legal professionals at the University of Adelaide.
WATCH: 7:30 Report interviews transgender health professionals ahead of ANZPATH

State Government replaces policy to support transgender students with guidelines for principals
The State Government has backed away from a statewide policy to support transgender, gay and lesbian students, with supporting materials “for principals’ consideration” set to be provided instead.

segunda-feira, Setembro 01, 2014

What happened at Stonewall's first meeting with the trans community?
Britain's LGB campaigning charity could be about to finally welcome the T in their work
[Blog/Commentary] TransStonewall – the first meeting

Sex change op calls increasing
A Bahraini lawyer, who is believed to be the only Arab legal practitioner in the Gulf specialising in transsexualism, claims to have been inundated with calls from prospective clients who want to have a sex change.

Four unsolved murders of transgender women test Baltimore police outreach
The day after Mia Henderson’s body was found in a Baltimore alley, Police Commissioner Anthony Batts invited members of the city’s LGBT community to a meeting. “We are listening. We are paying attention,” he told them. “We are responding, and we are taking this very seriously.”

Sin salida
Un gerente que decide que no quiere travestis en el ámbito laboral. Una empresa que despide sin justificación. Una persona que se queda sin trabajo y sin obra social en el medio de su tratamiento de reasignación de sexo. Tantas veces se repite “qué difícil es ser trans”. ¿No será hora de preguntarse quién lo hace difícil?

domingo, Agosto 31, 2014

New Report Details Ireland's Problem of Transphobic Violence
A new report from a transgender rights organisation in Ireland documents the widespread violence, abuse, and harassment transgender Irish face in their daily lives. The stories it shares will surprise no one familiar with transgender narratives.

Russians would prefer to see nudists in public than trans people
hocking polls have previously revealed that Russians are overwhelmingly in favor of the 'gay propaganda' law, with 5% even saying LGBT people should be 'exterminated'

‘Lady Valor’ Kristin Beck, a transgender retired Navy SEAL, is the anti-Barbie
Kristin Beck worries about the safety of other transgender women, not so much for herself.

Man arrested in Palmer Park shooting death
Police have arrested a man who allegedly shot a man, burned down a house to hide the evidence, and then shot two transgender women near Palmer Park.

Closing arguments under way in Mississippi's fatal buttocks injection trial
Closing arguments are being presented Friday in the trial of a woman accused of killing a Georgia woman in 2012 through illicit silicone buttocks injections.
Mississippi jury finds woman guilty in fatal buttocks injection trial

CIDH felicita a Suprema Corte de México por adopción de protocolo para casos que involucren orientación sexual o identidad de género
La Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) felicita a la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación (SCJN) de México por la adopción de un protocolo de actuación para quienes imparten justicia en casos que involucren la orientación sexual y la identidad de género, de conformidad con normas vinculantes e internacionalmente reconocidas en materia de derechos humanos. La CIDH desea reconocer también el importante papel del Presidente de la SCJN, Juan N. Silva Meza, en esta importante iniciativa.

Vanessa Champagne Paris Returns to Court
Nineteen-year-old Perfilio Rodriguez, a transgendered woman also known as “Vanessa Champagne Paris” was before the court today. It was the first appearance since being granted bail for allegedly assaulting Golda Orosco, the sibling of UNIBAM’s executive director Caleb Orozco.

Población transexual padece segundo ataque en Chile en menos de un mes
La nueva agresión a una joven en Iquique, propinada por un cabo de la Fach, se suma a la que quitó la vida a Zaconi Orellana el pasado 4 de agosto. Aunque la nueva víctima no está en riesgo vital, deberá pasar por diversas cirugías. El caso es asesorado por diversos órganos gubernamentales, así como por Fadise, Diversidades Creando y el Movilh.

El mundo under despidió a Hija de Perra con característico funeral
Durante esta semana se dio a conocer la muerte de una de las máximas exponentes de la cultura underground chilena, Hija de Perra, artista, actriz, experta en enfermedades venéreas y musa que inspiró diversas obras.

sábado, Agosto 30, 2014

Travesti é esfaqueada no bairro de Sete Portas
O estado de saúde dela é considerado grave, Jaqueline foi esfaqueada no tórax , internada no centro cirúrgico do HGE.

Norway’s health minister promises to improve gender recognition laws
Norway’s Minister for Health, Bent Høie, has promised to improve transgender rights by changing the country’s outdated system of gender recognition.
Høie promises to reform sex change law

Denmark OKs legal gender change on demand
Europe’s largest homosexual activist organization, ILGA Europe, has praised Denmark’s Parliament for allowing citizens to change their sex on identification documents on request.

Gender re-assignment bill reaches commenting round
Finland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health wants to eliminate clauses in current draft legislation which would force gender re-assignment candidates to undergo compulsory sterilisation, prove their infertility and dissolve existing marriages. The draft bill may not be approved in time for the next election since changes were not discussed during government formation talks during the spring.

Halil Kandok on Figen’s death: “Alert alert, another trans committed suicide”
Is this a suicide, or a hate murder committed with a secret weapon, a weapon of hatred? To remain silent in the face of discrimination is a weapon that kills gay and trans people.

Iranian lesbian: Authorities tried to ‘fix’ my sexuality by forcing me to have gender reassignment surgery
An Iranian lesbian has said the country’s authorities tried to force her into having gender reassignment surgery to “fix” her sexuality.
Iran pressures lesbians, gays to have sex change operations – report

Homophobia in the workplace? Fear of transgender people is even worse
Around two-thirds of transgender people say they suffer discrimination, whether on the job, looking for work or in seeking promotions.

Russian Court Orders Local Authorities to Recognize Transsexual’s New Gender
A Chelyabinsk court has ruled in favor of a transsexual who took the local civil registry office to court over its refusal to recognize his newly acquired gender, Rossiiskaya Gazeta reported Thursday.
Russian court takes transsexual’s side in gender dispute - report

CeCe McDonald Talks About the Bullying That Pushed Her Out of School
Around fourth grade, CeCe McDonald realized that she was trans. “There was this fierce little diva inside me and she wanted to be free,” McDonald recently told a crowd at the Gay-Straight Alliance Network’s (GSA) national gathering.

California’s Respect After Death Act Passes, Awaits Governor’s Signature
Today, California’s Respect After Death Act (AB 1577) was sent to Governor Brown for his signature, having now passed in both the Assembly and Senate. The bill will provide guidance to help ensure that transgender people have their gender identity reflected on their death certificates. It was authored by Speaker of the Assembly Toni Atkins and sponsored by Equality California and Transgender Law Center.

Federal agency to meet with judge on transgender settlement issues
A case that began over what bathroom a transgender state employee can use has taken another legal twist, this time with a federal agency being asked meet with a judge.

D.A. still hasn't produced any Morris records
The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office last week stopped short of denying it has key dispatch records in the Nizah Morris case, but the agency hasn’t yet provided any records in response to PGN’s request for them.

Vanessa Champagne Was Robbed; Robber Shot By Police
Vanessa Champagne Paris - she's become a national figure, the first transgender person to be thrust into the public spotlight. But, the news tonight is that she continues to be the victim of crime. This one went un-reported but on June 10th she was robbed in Belmopan. It happened right on the walkway through the center of the capital where Vanessa was walking late at night. Luckily police have been deployed to the crime hotspot and responded immediately:

sexta-feira, Agosto 29, 2014

Transgender Pride Flag Designer Applauds Smithsonian LGBT Artifacts Collection
Earlier this month, the Smithsonian Institute announced it had introduced a number of LGBT artifacts into its collection, including scripts and props from Will & Grace, a tennis racket owned by Renée Richards, and the original transgender pride flag. Monica Helms, who designed the flag, told ThinkProgress that the Smithsonian’s acceptance of the flag is a “huge step” for transgender people.

Women’s College Opens Doors To Transgender Students
On Wednesday, Mills College, based in Oakland, California, becomes the first all-women’s college in the U.S. to openly welcome transgender and gender non-conforming students. No other single-sex college has such a policy, which has prompted controversy and protest on some campuses.

Zoey Tur, Transgender News Helicopter Pilot, Granted Restraining Order
Zoey Tur, who used to be news helicopter pilot Bob Tur before gender reassignment surgery, was granted a restraining order, RumorFix has confirmed.

Global trans* group holds fundraiser
Members of WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) met at the J.W Marriott, 151 W. Adams St., on Aug. 24.

'These Murders Are A Steady Drumbeat': A Year After Trans NYC Murder, Community On Edge
It's been a year since Dolores Nettles rushed to the hospital and listened to her daughter's heart beat for the last time. Since then, she has been waiting for the results of an investigation into her daughter's death. Police say they're on the case, but Nettles is skeptical. "What's taking so long?" she asked. "I'm not really understanding what's really going on."

Attorney makes case for self-defense in Sacramento light-rail killing
The lawyer for Lynnsey Evakarla Braun argued at a preliminary hearing Tuesday that her client fired out of self-defense in the Jan. 23 killing of a man on a light-rail train in downtown Sacramento.

Defense: No evidence in silicone injection death
Defense attorneys for a woman accused of killing a Georgia woman in 2012 through illicit silicone buttocks injections tried Wednesday to undermine the testimony of the lead investigator, who acknowledged under cross-examination that investigators have not matched silicone seized from the defendant's house to that found in the victim's body.

Health Department Reaching Out To Transgender Community To Improve Health, Safety
The Transgender Tipping Point"- it was the focus of a recent "Time" magazine cover, calling it America's next civil rights frontier.

Transgender candidate misses history-making moment by 22 votes
Brittany Novotny was a bundle of nerves as she waited for her computer to reboot so she could get the first returns of the evening.
Transgender Oklahoma House candidate concedes defeat

Medicaid Expands Coverage For Transgender Oregonians
Alex Paige, a trans woman from Portland, describes the gender dysphoria she experienced as “a supreme unhappiness with the way my body looked, the way it felt, the way other people interacted with me.” Thanks to an Aug. 14 vote by the Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC), treatments for gender dysphoria will be covered under the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) beginning January 2015.

Transgender Man Attacked in Montrose Wants Hate Crime Charges
A transgender Houston man who was allegedly attacked by teenagers in Montrose wants to know why they aren’t charged with a hate crime. The victim says authorities aren’t taking the attack seriously enough.

quinta-feira, Agosto 28, 2014

Travesti esfaqueada na saída do Axé Brasil pode ter sido morta por causa de peruca
Cleibe Gonçalves, de 30 anos, conhecido como Samanta, foi golpeado três vezes no peito
A briga que terminou com uma travesti morta, há cerca de duas semanas, pode ter sido causada por um motivo banal. Cleibe Gonçalves Júnior, de 30 anos, conhecido como Samanta, foi assassinado a facadas por causa de uma peruca.

Condenado por matar travesti no ponto ficará 6 anos preso
Thiago Henrique Lemos de Andrade foi condenado a seis anos e nove meses de prisão anteontem, pelo assassinato de Sérgio Ricardo Farias, 41 anos, a travesti "Joana", em 7 de outubro de 2011. Thiago havia sido preso em abril do ano seguinte, mas conseguiu sair da cadeia em menos de quatro meses e respondia em liberdade.

Meet the former navy officer turned champion pole-dancer: Transgender woman tells of her happiness after winning bronze in international competition
Natasha Payne, 51, took bronze in the World Pole-Dancing Championships
She began life as a man named David and came out as transgender in 2008
Has never been happier and wants pole-dancing to become Olympic sport

Motion to introduce gender neutral passports gains cross party support
A motion which calls on the Government to issue gender neutral passports to those who identify as non-gender, bi-gender and intersex, has gained support from dozens of MPs.

Trans woman died by suicide, inquest finds
A Dublin trans woman died by suicide, an inquest has found.
26-year-old Nikita Keane was found dead in her home on July 16 last year.
Assault victim (26) undergoing transgender treatment died by suicide - inquest finds
Trans woman hangs herself in Dublin

Trans activist Figen commits suicide
Trans activist had been tortured by the police on a Mersin street in the recent past.

Laverne Cox Distances Herself From Controversial Trans Inmate
After releasing a video in which she read an inmate's letter from prison, Laverne Cox has distanced herself from the project after learning of the gruesome details of the prisoner's past.

1 year after transgender woman fatally beaten in Harlem, still no charges
There are new calls for justice from the mother of a transgender woman who was fatally beaten one year ago.

Murió “Hija de Perra”, Drag Queen y exponente chilena del “Marginal Style”
Conocida por su labor como activista social por los derechos de las mujeres y la diversidad sexual, instructora de enfermedades venéreas dictó charlas en diferentes universidades del país y fue habitualmente invitada a encuentros de diversidad y sexualidad tanto a nivel nacional e internacional.

quarta-feira, Agosto 27, 2014

Proposta da OMS: identidades trans não são doença
As ONG’s GATE (Global Action for Trans Equality) e STP, International Campaign Stop Trans Pathologization bem como a Transgender Europe (TGEU) informaram que a Organização Mundial da Saúde (OMS) publicou on-line as suas mais recentes propostas sobre saúde trans numa versão beta do CID-11 (CID-11 Beta Draft)

TGEU presents Europe-wide Gender Recognition Campaign at EU Agency
On Aug 27, Transgender Europe will hold a public event "Being Trans* in Europe" at the premises of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) in Vilnius, Lithuania. The Europe-wide Campaign Access All Areas! Gender Recognition Opens Doors. will be presented, followed by a panel discussion with distinguished international and local human rights experts.

Corpo é achado sem os olhos em terreno baldio
Polícia tenta identificar o cadáver que foi encontrado no Jardim Ipê, em Itaquaquecetuba; a vítima, um homem, vestia roupas íntimas femininas
Um mistério intriga a Polícia Civil em Itaquaquecetuba. O corpo de um homem branco, com cerca de 1,70 metro, de cabelos castanhos escuros, magro e que usava roupas íntimas femininas foi encontrado sem os olhos, na tarde do último domingo, em um terreno baldio da rua José Carlos Ferreira, no Jardim Ipê.

People of Ağrı React to Posters of Transvestite Woman
Billboard advertisements in Ağrı for Asya Elmas, presented in recent local elections as the People’s Democratic Party (HDP)’s Kadıköy Municipal Council candidate to promote the HDP’s Presidential campaign propaganda, have drawn public reaction.

The Pentagon can easily drop its ban on transgender troops, study finds
The Defense Department repealed its controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy banning gay people from openly serving in the military three years ago in September. Some senior officers questioned the decision, fearing it could cost lives, but Pentagon officials said the repeal has not hurt military readiness or cohesion.

Detroit local media misgenders, stereotypes three transgender victims of violence
According to local news outlets in Detroit, police are investigating three recent shootings in the Palmer Park area as possible hate crimes. One of the victims was killed, and the two other victims were injured in separate incidents. All three victims are transgender women.

Islan Nettles' Family and Friends Still Seek Justice 1 Year After Murder
One year after Islan Nettles' death, a group of advocates and supporters gathered at the site where the transgender woman was beaten to death — in a bid to keep the case in the public eye.
One year later, family, friends seek justice for transgender woman’s murder

City to offer transgender surgery benefits
Medically necessary "transgender" procedures will be covered under the City of Cincinnati's health insurance starting next year.

segunda-feira, Agosto 25, 2014

Trans activist ended her life in Turkey
A trans activist who experienced police violence ended her life in the southern city of Mersin.
A member or Mersin 7 Colors LGBT Association, trans activist Figen, committed suicide by jumping into the sea last night.
Executive board member of Pink Life Association for a period of time, Figen lost her life in the evening today (August 24).
Figen was one of the trans women who experienced the police torture on July 21. Three activists from Kaos GL and Pink Life associations set off to Mersin in order to claim the funeral.

Transvestites, cross-dressers held at Doha chalet wild party
Securitymen raided a chalet in Doha area where they apprehended nine transvestites and cross-dressers who were dancing and serving alcohol. According to security sources, when the Director of General Department for Criminal Evidences Major General Mahmoud Al-Tabakh received information about a group of transvestites and cross dressers holding an illegal party in a chalet, he immediately dispatched securitymen to the location for investigations.

Transgender woman seeks legal recognition
Mamun Molla alias Tanisha Yasmin Chaity has been seeking legal recognition as a hijra for nearly a decade. Although born male, she does not identify herself as a male.

Remembering Islan Nettles
Today marks the one year anniversary of the tragic passing of Islan Nettles. The 21-year old was walking in her own neighborhood in New York City when she was beaten to death by a man for no reason other than because she was transgender. That man, fueled by ignorance and transphobia, walks free today. He has not been charged. Local and state law enforcement has not prioritized this case. Justice has not prevailed.
A Year Later, Still No Justice for Islan Nettles

Transgender Candidate Could Mean Historic Oklahoma House Race
The weekend campaign push is on before Tuesday's runoff election and there are several key races across the state, including one that could prove historic with a transgender candidate.

[Republica Dominicana]
TRANSSA denuncia agresión a activista trans LGTB por parte de agentes de la PN
El director de la entidad manifestó que la joven fue lanzada al suelo, torturada y agredida verbalmente por un oficial apellido Morillo.

Conductor ebrio daña columna de la Catedral Metropolitana
En horas de la madrugada de ayer, Denis Armando Ramírez, de 33 años, conocido como Johana Ramírez, y dirigente de la organización Otrans Reinas de la Noche, chocó el vehículo que conducía contra las columnas del atrio de la Catedral Metropolitana y destruyó una.